Beat the January Blues with these pick-me-up products

Sunday 13th Dec 2020 |

The January Blues are a thing, it’s official. Gloomy weather, short days and the after effects of over indulgence all reek havoc with our wellbeing.

Rather than setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic goals and resolutions, take it a little easier on yourself and try these pick-me-up products to give yourself a little lift each day

Beat the January Blues
Natures Plus BioAdvanced Stress Support (£23.95 at

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A natural stress remedy for today’s ‘always on’ culture. This advanced practitioner developed formula supports normal psychological and nervous system function whilst reducing oxidative stress to help you through tough times.

Vitamin B12, Niacin, B6 and magnesium contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue as well as healthy metabolism and blood cell formation. Other tried-and-true nutrients such as Holy Basil, Lemon Balm, CoQ10, Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, Choline and Ginseng are also included for their proven efficacy.

Beat the January Blues – Urgent-C Everyday Immune Support from Pro-Ven Probiotics

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Designed to give our immune system the support it needs, whilst also maintaining gut health with 5 billion of the extensively studied Lab4 friendly bacteria, which form a natural part of the human intestinal microbiome. It also contains 1000mg of vitamin C, along with vitamin D, zinc, selenium and beta glucans – which all contribute to the normal function of the immune system. 

Dr Wendy Denning, who has been named 3 years in a row, in Tatler’s top 150 private doctors, comments: “If you are looking for a supplement that has all of this then look at the new range of Urgent C range from Proven Probiotics. Not only do they offer one of the best probiotics on the market, but all the other ingredients are there in good doses, in a readily accessible form that your body can use, with all of this at a very affordable price and with an agreeable taste. In terms of immune protection at an affordable price, this is hard to beat.”

Beat the January Blues – Balance Mineral Drink, £6.99 (7 x 5.5g sachets) 

Little sachets of joy to bring a spring to your step! Mixed with water, the strawberry flavoured instant drink contains mineral salts, natural vitamin D3 and Zinc. Magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and potassium work together to help normal energy release, bone maintenance and muscle function. Zinc also helps normal acid-base metabolism. 

Beat the January Blues – Geranium & Lime Revitalising Body Oil

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Feeling a bit sluggish in the morning? Need a quick ‘pick-me-up’? The stimulating effects of Geranium & Lime Revitalising Body Oil will give you some get-up-and-go! Lime, a key botanical active ingredient effectively refreshes the nervous system, banishes lethargy, and helps to uplift feelings of anxiety and depression. While geranium helps to restore mental and emotional balance, and reduce stress.

100ml £28.00

Beat the January Blues – Grapefruit & Lime Revitalising Skin Mist

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This is an energising blend with zingy lime, balancing geranium, and invigorating rosemary. Grapefruit, a key active ingredient, has an overall uplifting and reviving effect, and is helpful for easing stress. Formulated to support you whenever you need a bit of vibrancy in your life, this fragrance can help to feel refreshed and ready to go. Spritz over your skin, hair, clothing, car seat, or wherever you require the effects.

100ml £25.00

Beat the January Blues – Orange & Ylang-Ylang Uplifting Bath Salts

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This is an uplifting blend to brighten your skin and your mind. The scent of Sweet Orange, a key botanical active ingredient shines a ray of sunshine on gloomy thoughts, while effectively eliminating toxic congestion from the skin. And the scent of Ylang-Ylang is wonderful for relaxing the nervous system and helping to instil a feeling of happiness.

235g £16.00

Beat the January Blues – Orange & Neroli Uplifting Skin Mist

january blues

This is an uplifting blend of sunny orange, sweet ylang-ylang, and hypnotic neroli. The scent of Neroli, a key active ingredient, is said to give you feelings of euphoria (and who wouldn’t want that?!), and can be helpful in relieving anxiety, depression and stress. Formulated for those times you need to shine sunlight on gloomy thoughts, this fragrance helps you to feel optimistic, outgoing and confident. Spritz over your skin, hair, clothing, car seat, or wherever you require the effects.

100ml £25.00


january blues

Immunium, has been specially formulated to contribute to a strong immune system. It contains 100% natural ingredients such as Vitamin D which helps the body to absorb calcium, phosphorus and Selenium, protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Beat the January Blues – Lily & Loaf 5 HTP with L-Tryptophan (90 Vegan Capsules), £17.45

A capsule a day can keep your bad mood at bay. It contributes to raising your serotonin levels which can lead to an increased feeling of happiness, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. Our sleep schedule is vital for our health and wellbeing as the body needs rest to keep its performance on point. These capsules can aid restful sleep so you can seize the day, every day.

Beat the January Blues – Mindful Extracts 5% CBD Oil, £36.99

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A brand new CBD supplement like no other on the market today to help to balance your body, calm your mind and be present in the moment to live life to the fullest. Mindful Extracts provide optimal benefits with a community to show you how to combine CBD with mindful practices into your everyday routine such as yoga and meditation. The range consist of 3 different strengths for individual needs including 5%, 10% and 20% sustainably sourced from soil to oil.

Beat the January Blues – The Art of Creativity

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Prominent writer, mentor and coach, Susie Pearl is proud to launch The Art of Creativity for those wanting to access more positivity creativity and flow in their daily lives. This inspiring new book explains to the reader how to adopt 7 powerful habits that will unlock your full creative potential and keep you positive. It has practical exercises and guides on how to nourish the soul, overcome fears, boosting brainwave states and self-care. Susie’s unique and extraordinary approach makes for an accessible, positive read that will result in a more fulfilled and happier life.

Beat the January Blues – ColdZyme

ColdZyme is a mouth spray product designed to help shorten the life of a cold and help prevent the common cold and viruses. ColdZyme® Mouth Spray is an easy-to-use oral spray for common colds that forms a protective active enzyme barrier on the mucous membrane in your throat.ColdZyme® (20ml £17.50) (7ml one cold application £9.89) is available from Amazon, independent pharmacies and Boots stores nationwide. 

Beat the January Blues – The ULTIMATE Defence for your Body This Winter

IMMUNE 52 POWER BOOST is ideal for anyone looking after their health and immunity this winter. Exclusive new potent vegan formula that includes 52 vitamins, minerals, adaptogens and amino acids, includes full suite of B vitamins, protein, and calcium.

Beat the January Blues – Forage Botanicals Hot Chocolate

Don’t give up on the cosey hot chocolates just because you’re detoxing this January. This herbal hot chocolate from Forage Botanicals is 100% raw cacao with nourishing raspberry and nettle, but no added sweeteners for the true chocolate lovers to enjoy without guilt! 

Beat the January Blues – Adaptogenic Herbal Latte

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Shake off 2020 with this adaptogenic herbal latte. Made with hawthorn, ashwagandha and chai spices you can either sprinkle it on porridge or add to your favourite milk to help you thrive in times of stress. 

The Bio-cellulose Mask

These premium aloe bio cellulose face masks are infused with Aloe Vera and a host of other skin loving ingredients. Through a special process that is unique to Forever Living, aloe vera gel is naturally fermented with seagrass and is fused into the bio-cellulose to moisturise, soothe, and condition skin. In addition, a serum enriched with glycerine, green tea, and horse chestnut helps  to hydrate and rejuvenate dull skin, reduce the appearance of redness, and helps to fight free radicals to combat the signs of ageing. 

 Bio-cellulose is a natural fibre, a thousand times thinner than a human hair; these porous fibres can be can be ‘pre-loaded’ with ingredients and because they are so fine they mould completely to the face helping with the absorption of skin boosting nutrients.

 The mask is eco-friendly and biodegradable; a welcome alternative to masks made with fibre produced through commercial manufacturing processes.

Lashilé Beauty GOOD DIET

Helps stop sugar cravings and snacking in a natural and tasty way. Lashilé Beauty GOOD DIET gummies have been specially designed to reduce appetite and limit cravings.

Each natural fruit flavoured, star shaped gummy includes Carob, L-Tyrosine and Chromium to help reduce sugar cravings and regulate your blood sugar levels, stopping you from reaching for the biscuit tin come 3pm.

  • Reduces appetite to help you lose weight naturally, when taken as part of a calorie-controlled diet
  • Limits cravings
  • Calms sugar cravings
  • Regulates blood sugar levels 
  • Suitable for men and women

Delicious, easy to digest and high in active ingredients, GOOD DIET gummies will help you stop the snacking for good.

Lashilé Beauty GOOD DIET is 100% vegan, gluten free, dairy free and not tested on animals. 

Five calories per gummy.

Lashilé Beauty GOOD SLIM

Lashilé Beauty GOOD SLIM gummies have been specially formulated to help you lose weight and stimulate your metabolism.

Each natural fruit flavoured gummy contains essential active ingredients known for their slimming properties, including L-Carnitine, Elderberry, Chicory and Vitamins C and B6.

  • Promotes weight loss, when taken as part of a calorie controlled diet
  • Helps prevent water retention and reduce cellulite
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Reduces the feeling of hunger
  • Boosts norepinephrine, the anti-fat hormone

Delicious, easy to digest and high in active ingredients, GOOD SLIM gummies are your secret weapon in helping you to lose weight, when taken as part of a calorie controlled diet. 

Lashilé Beauty GOOD SLIM is 100% vegan, gluten free, dairy free and not tested on animals. 

Five calories per gummy.

Wicked Gummy Co.

Wicked Gummy Co. have concocted a range of 9 delicious vitamin gummies including Peaceful Zzzzz, Apple Cider Vinegar and Happy Tummy- supplements which are perfect for those into health and fitness! These gummies are a tasty solution for anyone wanting to turn their mundane supplementation into a sweet treat without compromising on the nutrition. The best part? The whole range are registered with the Vegan Society as well as being allergen-freecruelty-free and gluten-free!

Those into their health and fitness value the importance of a good night’s sleep for recovery and energy. Luckily, Wicked Co has developed a delicious passion fruit gummy that is packed with 5-HTP, an amino acid that your body uses to produce serotonin. Fight against a multitude of health issues such as weight gain and stress with increased serotonin levelsthanks to Wicked!

Wicked’s Happy Tummy Gummy packs in 2 billion live cultures per serving to restore the natural balance of your digestive system. Furthermore, Apple Cider Vinegar supplements have been long used to assist digestion and reduce bloating. Wicked’s Apple Cider Vinegar gummy also contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolismaiding weight loss and will help you achieve your 2021 fitness goals in no time!

Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate

January is notorious of signing up to a new gym but it is important to look support a healthy musculoskeletal system whilst being active. Supplementing your diet with collagen provides a multitude of health benefits for your bonescartilagejoints and muscles to keep you active!

A serving of Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate contains 11g of unflavoured, odourless protein and comes in sachets to take out with you. Repairing, renewing, and maintaining your collagen stores is as simple as mixing two scoops into your favourite hot or cold drinks, smoothies and recipes.

Regular Girl

Regular Girl is a blend of prebiotic fibre and probiotics that addresses constipation and bloating by maintaining digestive balance. Regular Girl uses the unique Sunfiber® which helps the friendly bacteria in your gut thrive. One serving contains eight billion clinically proven probiotics which not only help us keep our tummy happy but also our immune healthmood and other bodily functions.

Vegan Collagen

Vegan Collagen is the UK’s much loved 100% natural skin formula that firms and smooths skin as well as boosting overall wellness and energy. Harnessing the power of nature, this superfood combines powerful anti-ageing antioxidants from the whole-food matrix and supports wellness at the cellular level with pure plant-based ingredients. Containing a blend of pure plant-based ingredients including pink pitaya revered for its skin firming properties, camu camu berries to help restore radiance and baobab fruit which is rich in antioxidants. British made and vegan friendly. Cruelty-free. RRP: £34.95 for 30 day supply or Subscribe & save

Westlab MINDFUL Bathing Salts

Encouraging its users to step into a moment of peace and tranquillity, the MINDFUL salts create a fragrant, mineral-infused bath to induce deep relaxation. Containing magnesium-rich Epsom and Himalayan Salts to relax the mind and body, frankincense and bergamot essential oils to achieve clarity of the mind and CBD (cannabidiol) to promote further tranquillity, a bath in the MINDFUL bathing salts will leave bathers feeling centred, calm and relaxed. 

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hand Hygiene Spray 

Providing a health and wellbeing boost, the hygiene spray kills up to 99.9% of germs within seconds and uses only certified organic ingredients and is paraben-free. Users should simply spritz the spray on hands, fitness equipment, phones to stop colds in their tracks. The delicate lavender scented spray can also be used as a relaxing pillow spray to ensure a deep, restorative nights sleep. Handy for on-the-go, the 60ml bottle is the perfect handbag size. 

Rise and Energise from Vitl

This daily supplement costs £9.95 for a single purchase or £8.95 for a monthly subscription and helps to support energy levels throughout the day. It contains a full B vitamin complex, with vitamin C to support normal energy-yielding metabolism, as well as reduce tiredness and fatigue. It also contains plant extracts and antioxidants like Siberian Ginseng, which has been shown to help reduce fatigue and support energy levels and minerals like iron, choline, magnesium and iodine which also help to support your energy yielding metabolism. The supplement is vegan, highlight absorbable and contains no bulking or anti-caking agents.  

Wild Deodarant

Wild are a sustainable, cruelty-free, natural deodorant brand who have come to the rescue to encourage an eco-conscious swap; with a revolutionary product that’s not only effective but aesthetically pleasing! The product comes in a plastic-free metallic coloured case in colours such as coral, aqua, silver and the refill is made from bamboo pulp, available in enticing unique fragrances such as coconut, mint fresh and orange zest and the newest scent to the group Lavender Haze! 

Wild also work to help reforestation projects to compensate carbon emissions with ‘OnAMission’charity – with every deodorant sold, a contribute percentage of sales helps to support their projects.

Neubria Supplements

Neubria has supplements to improve sleep, boost your mood and help you focus. Most of us could do with a little boost as we head into 2021. 
The supplements, Shine, Edge and Drift are developed by world class pharmacists and neuroscientists. All three supplements are made with natural ingredients and contain 2-in-1 vitamins and minerals to support health and immunity, in addition to being vegan-friendly. 

Natures Plus BioAdvanced Liver Support, £23.95

The liver defends the body against toxins…so defend your bodyguard with BioAdvanced Liver Support, a scientifically researched and wholefood–based blend of nutrients and botanicals tailored to help maintain liver function. This formula includes Choline, Vitamins B and C, selenium and amino acids: glutathionine, methionine, NAC and alpha lipoic acid cofactors. For optimal health and wellbeing, herbs traditionally used for liver detox are also added, including Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Artichoke and Burdock.

HBHM (Healthy Body Healthy Mind)

HBHM (Healthy Body Healthy Mind) produces a range of sustainably packaged CBD oils, containing a concentrate of CBD Isolate (cannabidiol isolate) derived from organically grown hemp plants.  The range includes a natural 1200mg oil, and two naturally flavoured oils which are free from sugar and artificial sweeteners. The range is designed to be seen as a supplementary addition to a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

As a carbon neutral brand, HBHM will focus on its sustainable output at every level, including using only recyclable materials for its product packaging and using packaging made from recycled materials wherever possible.

Peace & Calming Roll-On

It’s easier than ever to “keep calm and carry on”.
Long lines at the supermarket and a car full of screaming children don’t stand a chance against a simple swipe of this soothing blend. Pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil and simple to apply with an included roller ball, this formulation is ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

NingXia Red

NingXia Red is Young Living’s delicious, signature blend that features Young Living’s Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, and Tangerine essential oils along with goji berry, blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices to deliver a whole-body nutrient infusion.

‘Meee in a Minute’ books  

Whether you want to improve your working life, your family life, or just your life in general the series of ‘Meee in a minute’ books from Sid Madge can help.

The books are all pocket-sized and designed to be quick and easy to dip in and out of. Start at page one, or just flick it open at a random page and dive in for 60 seconds. Each tip takes less than a minute to read and finishes with a suggested action.

Wassen Magnesium-B

This January, try introducing Wassen Magnesium-B to your daily routine. It contains Magnesium which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and is needed to release energy in the body. Magnesium B also contains vitamins B6, B12, Riboflavin (B2), Pantothenic Acid (B5) and Folic Acid plus Vitamin C which helps keep your immune system working at its best. 

Celutions 2021 planner

Celutions are a social enterprise founded by assistant psychologist Celine that help young people manage their mental help with daily tips on their Instagram page, in newsletters and mental health workshops. 
The 2021 Celutions planner helps you stay on top of your daily tasks, reducing feelings of anxiety and emotional overwhelm, it also offers users the below

  • A clearer mind
  • Better organisation
  • Higher productivity rate
  • Increased self-awareness
  • A more positive outlook on life
  • Consistent confidence boosts
  • Increased feelings of gratitude
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Better commitment

Vegetology Vitashine 1000iu, £8.95 for 60 tablets

If you want to increase your Vitamin D Levels, reported benefits of Vitamin D3 include the maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscle function, normal function of the immune system and normal blood calcium levels. Conventional Vitamin D3 supplements are made from sheep’s wool grease, also known as lanolin, or animal skin. Vegetology’s exclusive vegan Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is derived from an organic plant source called a Lichen. Lichens are small, unique plant species consisting of a symbiotic association of a fungus with an algae.

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