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Trouble Sleeping? 5 Natural Ways to Improve

Thursday 22nd Dec 2022 |

Are you struggling to get that seven hours of relaxing sleep? You are at the right place because we will give you the best options to catch on to that super-calm sleep that makes you fresh, energetic, and motivated the next day.

Don’t be afraid of medication because there are many safe options available online for you to try. There are many solutions to your sleeplessness available at Medambien to choose from. 

Why do We Need to Improve Sleep?

Our lifestyle has brought us too much hustle where sleep is no longer a priority. Instead, we skip our power naps at workplaces and go to bed too late at night. This messed-up routine costs us mental health, energy, motivation, and positivity. Follow these easy, natural, and tested remedies to sleep like a baby. 

  • Organise Yourself

The quality and quantity of sleep depend on your circadian rhythm or body clock. Avoid confusing your system by changing your bedtime every day. Most of us go to bed after having surfed the internet to the full extent daily. Weekends are even messier as we go for late-night movies, parties, gatherings, and fun. Waking up routine also keeps rotating over the week. The result of all this mess is disturbed or poor sleep quality, and you wake up drained after a night of tossing and turning.

Setting a sleep regimen is the solution to this problem. First, fix a time to go to bed and follow it religiously. Your body will take a week to adapt itself to this routine, and you will be amazed to see the difference. Next, change bed sheets frequently, and use a soft pillow that keeps your neck in a comfortable position. Sleeping in a fresh, clean bed is the key to a refreshing sleep. 

  • Do Not Share your bed With the Screen

Your mobile phones, televisions, laptops, and tablet computers emit bright light that tricks your mind to take it as the day, even at bedtime. Moreover, the thrilling games, series, and movies you watch there also create hormones that keep you wide awake instead of helping in sleep. This dual effect impacts your sleep negatively, and you cannot enjoy a refreshing night. 

The best way to overcome this issue is to rule out screens from your bedrooms. When not in access, you will be forced to focus on sleep rather than useless stuff on the screen.

  • Darkness is A Sleep Magnet

Melatonin is the chemical our body needs for sleeping soundly. You need darkness to develop the required amount of melatonin. When there are lights around you, be it fancy bedroom lights or the screen of your bedroom LCD, you can’t get enough amount of them. This includes your mobile phone also. 

Arrange calming, dull, and simple lights for the bedroom. Avoid too bright lights at any cost. If you need bright lights for some official task you have taken home, do it outside your bedroom. This small action will train your brain that entering the bedroom means sleeping. Use curtains when there is bright light outside the windows. 

  • Improve SleepNo Toxicity

Besides junk food and fizzy drinks, there is so much more dangerous stuff people tend to load their bodies with. Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol are examples of such items. Usually, people smoke or take drugs to feel more relaxed, but this intrusion into your natural sleep has disastrous results. You can categorise them as toxins for your body and particularly for your sleep. This is because these chemicals stay inside your body for long periods and keep interfering with your sleep. 

Quit smoking and limit your caffeine intake. Have your coffee and tea before noon so that your body is free of caffeine around your bedtime. 

  • Meditation 

The primary purpose of meditation is to relax your mind and body, which in turn, helps you have a better sleep. Breathing exercises during meditation allow you to relax before bedtime and shut down your brain to unnecessary thoughts. In addition, meditation helps you overcome stress and anxiety and calms your nerves. Consequently, you get better sleep. 

The quality of sleep you get after meditation is better also because it makes your body release all the built-up tension. Breathing exercises combined with various poses and stretches loosen up your limbs and give you relief from aches and pains. 

Moreover, you get your brain trained for falling asleep and waking up at a set time, which automatically improves circadian rhythm. 


Improving the quality of your sleep is not an arduous task. You don’t need to use sedatives to fall asleep unless your doctor advises so. Instead, try natural ways to boost your sleep and feel energetic the next day. Set a sleep schedule and come to your bed for sleeping only. Have a warm bath and wear relaxing clothes to bed for a comfortable sleep. 

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