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Instagram Reels Vs TikTok Videos 

Wednesday 29th Jun 2022 |

How Instagram reels are catching up with TikTok videos and how can you make them go viral while not spending too much money 

Today the video format is the one that’s valued the most: due to the phenomenon of clip thinking people are keener on consuming information from the videos than from the texts and even photos.

This is why TikTok has gained so much popularity lately, but it is not the only platform that has the format of short videos available. Other social media platforms have been trying to catch up as well, and today Instagram is offering reels as a lookalike feature: you can upload short videos and people will have access to them from your profile and from the specialized feed that shows only short videos one by one.  

Why can Instagram be as successful with those as TikTok currently is? It is all thanks to the algorithms which are as smart and as quick as TikTok’s: Insta is analyzing each step on its platform and can clearly say what type of content you are interested in. And it is using that information about you to show you “suitable” advertisements in terms of its inner targeted advertising system and showing you clips that you might feel interested in as well. However, you have to pay for the targeted ads and in some regions, it is not accessible right now, whilst downloading reels are available for everyone all around the world. Using this format is like using targeted ads, but with a little bit less speed and efficiency in your hands.  

To make it as efficient as targeted ads, you can add up some promotion to the process – and you shouldn’t use inner ads, it is not obligatory. Third-party services with paid packages of followers and likes will do just fine. You should only find a company that would give you a chance to buy Instagram likes and followers and other features that you are lacking on your profile right now. No matter what people say, they still are using these metrics to form their opinions about certain types of content. So to make them believe that your content is good enough, it would be smart to add some subs and thumbs up to it. Especially if we’re talking about making reels popular: the more likes those have, the more keen people are on leaving even more likes. And in the end, it is the likes and views that they are going to judge and decide whether they want to follow you or not. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]If you make a decision to buy real Instagram likes, you should keep in mind that the word “real” is key here, you shouldn’t focus on trying to purchase those cheaply and quickly. Thumbs up have to come from actual platform users who will be able to show a positive impact on your account’s statistics. Otherwise, it is just going to be a waste of time and money, and your account’s statistics are going to be totally destroyed by a fake service. Instagram algorithms see not only who is interested in what, they also see the proportion of fake and real profiles that visit certain pages. And if yours is going to be visited by fakes only (or almost only) it is going to hit hard on your “rating” in the eyes of those algorithms. Your content will be risking never getting into recommendations from that moment on, as your page is going to be perceived as fake.  

This is why you have to be very careful with what you are purchasing and who from. And remember, the key to success lies not even in buying quality paid promotional services, but in posting quality content and coming up with decent ideas for reels or following the newest trends. Plus, you should always be there for your audience and for people who are interested in your content. Answer their questions in the comments, and be there if they are sending you messages in direct messages. Attracting people is not that hard, but keeping them in place is way harder. And if you feel like you do not have time for that, make sure to find a person who is going to cover the question of communication for you.  

Keep up with your audience, always work on quality and interesting content, don’t underestimate the power of qualitative promotional services, and don’t try to save too much money on promotion if you are interested in great results.  

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