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How to Get Your Sleep Schedule Back on Track 

Thursday 14th Jul 2022 |

Research shows that about 70 million people worldwide suffer from sleep issues. Adequate sleep is essential and will improve your general health.

If you are among the people who suffer from sleeplessness, consider finding a lasting solution to your issue. Do thorough research on how you can align your circadian rhythm. If you make a few changes to your lifestyle, you will succeed in attaining peaceful, calm, and adequate sleep.  

Tips for Getting Back Your Sleep Schedule 

Below are some essential tips that will ensure you get your sleeping patterns back on track easily: 

Set Your Bedtime 

Having a consistent sleeping time will align your circadian rhythm. Do not keep interfering with your bedtime since it will affect your sleep schedule. You will always get enough sleep if you set up a regular bedtime. If you were used to sleeping at midnight, it would be a challenging task to reschedule to maybe 9:00 pm. However, you can begin reducing the sleeping time from 11:00 pm to 10:00 pm up to the desired time. 

Dim the Lights at Night 

The bright light from the electronics in your room will greatly affect your sleep. The devices have been scientifically-verified to boost wakefulness. To get adequate sleep, it is important to dim the lights. A dark environment signals the brain that it’s time to sleep. Avoid light devices if you want to get back to your sleeping schedule urgently. 

Lower the Temperature of Your Room 

Sleeping in an overheated bedroom is troublesome and very disturbing. You will keep on sweating and lack sleep. However, the body temperature becomes low if the room is cool. Therefore, the brain is signalled to sleep. You can consider regulating your thermostat from 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, a portable fan will offer a calming white noise that will ensure you sleep soundly.  

Control Intake of Caffeine 

Caffeine keeps the mind very active and makes it hard to sleep. It doesn’t mean that you completely avoid using caffeine. Rather you can take caffeine earlier than six hours before you sleep. Caffeine is also good during the day, especially when you feel sleepy. However, if you can control your caffeine intake, the chances are that you will get the deep and restorative sleep that will ensure you have a productive day. 

Create a Peaceful Sleep Environment  

Experts suggest that if you have a comfortable bed, you will get a peaceful and calm sleep. Suppose you have been sleeping on old mattresses and pillows which are out of order. It’s high time to adjust. Buy bamboo bedding especially if you wake up having pains and aches. If you have a tv in the bedroom, switch it off during bedtime. It will keep the bedroom cool and more comfortable, giving you deep and healthy sleep. Additionally, you could have a weighted blanket to give you warmth to sleep faster. 

Get Outside During the Day 

Light is essential in ensuring people get back their circadian rhythms on track. Therefore, you need bright light in the morning or even during the day. The sun is essential to your health and plays a major role in how well you sleep. Consider getting adequate exposure to light during the day since it will give you adequate sleep at night. 

Avoid Stress 

Stress and anxiety will cause insomnia. Before bed, ensure you have a clear mind and are stress-free. You can eliminate your fears by writing down your concerns and the next day’s activities on paper. Also, avoid stressful media close to your sleeping time. If possible, you can stay away from a computer and avoid opening email an hour before sleeping. Resting your mind before you sleep is essential to regain your sleeping schedule. 

How quickly you get back to your sleeping schedule will depend on your consistency. It would help if you considered sticking to the plan the whole time. It is important to note that getting back your sleep schedule doesn’t happen instantaneously. You will need to put effort into following your sleeping schedule. Consider clearing your mind, follow a regular sleeping time, and have a peaceful environment if you wish to get back to your sleeping pattern. This article will provide the key tips to ensure you have adequate and sound sleep. 

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