What Is a Rhinoplasty? A Quick Guide

Friday 24th Sep 2021 |

Do you feel awkward or embarrassed about the shape of your nose? If so, you’re far from alone. Recent research from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that nose reshaping procedures were among the top five surgeries performed in 2020, with over 350,000 procedures in total!

Given the popularity of these surgeries, you’ve probably heard the term “rhinoplasty” before as a possible solution to your problems. But what is a rhinoplasty, anyway, and how can it help? Let’s take a look at this in-demand surgery to see whether it’s right for you.

What Is a Rhinoplasty?

Nicknamed a “nose job,” a rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that changes the shape of your nose. It involves modifying the bone, cartilage, and skin on and around the nose.

This surgery can also adjust the overall size, angle, or proportions of your nose. In addition, rhinoplasty can help narrow the nostrils of the nose, reshape the tip, and more.

Why Do People Get Rhinoplasty Surgery?

People opt for rhinoplasty procedures for a number of reasons.

Many people wish to change the shape or structure of their nose, giving this facial feature a more desirable appearance. Others may undergo this type of surgery to improve their breathing, especially when the bone or cartilage in the nose makes it difficult for air to pass through.

In addition, some people undergo rhinoplasty after suffering from an injury or to correct a birth defect. With the help of an expert surgeon, patients can correct deformities in the nose and regain their breathing abilities.

Who Opts for Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Good candidates for rhinoplasty include anyone whose nasal bone growth is complete. Girls tend to reach this stage by age 15, though boys may take longer. In addition, candidates should be nonsmokers and in sound physical health.

Women have historically been more likely to opt for cosmetic surgery, but in recent years, the male nose job is on the rise as well. Any patient who chooses to get a rhinoplasty will need to meet with a surgeon to determine whether the procedure will work for you, as well as whether your expectations are realistic.

What Happens During a Rhinoplasty Consultation

If you’re considering this type of cosmetic surgery, your consultation will involve a physical exam to analyze your health and facial features.

In addition, you’ll need to discuss your goals with your surgeon, who may take photos of your nose or use medical software to manipulate these photos, giving you an idea of what you will look like after surgery. Your surgeon can help you understand what kinds of results to expect.

Reach Out to a Medical Professional for Support

At the end of the day, the only way to know whether you’re a good candidate for a nose job—and whether it would make you feel more comfortable in your skin—is to reach out to a doctor. Now that you’ve stopped wondering, “What is a rhinoplasty, anyway?” it’s time to schedule a consultation with a local cosmetic surgeon! Make sure to be open with your medical team about your goals to put your best face forward.

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