TUI Reveals What We Don’t Get Enough Of

Monday 10th Jan 2022 |

With more than a third of Brits (35 per cent) admitting they aren’t getting enough sunshine, sleep (29 per cent) and me-time (19 per cent), new research shows we really are a nation of ‘never enough’.

TUI commissioned a survey to find out the top 30 things Brits aren’t getting enough off. Over 2,000 Brits were approached to reveal that exercise and fun sit high on the top 30 list of things what we aren’t getting enough of, closely followed by a holiday (33 per cent) and laughter (19 per cent).  The workplace seems to be a saturated place for wanting more, as time off (15 per cent), praise (11 per cent) and hours in the day are also amongst the things Brits don’t feel like they are getting enough of.

In fact, instead of money, nearly three quarters (69 per cent) confess they get more of what they need on holiday. With just under a third (28 per cent) admitting holidays make their lives more enriched, and feel that one a year just isn’t enough (67 percent). As a result of the pandemic, 39 per cent would consider extending their holiday whilst out there and nearly half (46 per cent) are now considering going away to farther flung or more exotic holiday destinations or booking a longer trip. However, nearly four tenths of those surveyed (39 per cent) haven’t had a chance to get away in years.

The research goes on to suggest that this ‘never enough’ mentality is leaving people feeling deflated (24 per cent) and fatigued (23 per cent) – otherwise known as a Vitamin deficiency, a term TUI has created with symptoms including lack of tan, happiness and excitement and that holidays allow us to do all the things we simply don’t get enough of like lay ins and fresh air.

As a result of the research, TUI has teamed up with celebrity radio presenter Mark Wright to give away the ultimate Vitamin H package – offering one lucky Instagram follower three holidays in one year, including an exotic, far flung holiday, a beach stay in the Mediterranean and a short break exploring one of the world’s greatest cities.

Mark Wright said: “Who doesn’t love a holiday? I live for mine, and always count down to the next time I’m going away. Whether it’s watching the sun set in Mallorca, skiing down a mountain in the Alps or lying on a beach in Mexico, I’m all over it and I can’t wait to make up for lost time!”

Katie McAlister, Chief Marketing Officer for TUI UK & Ireland said: “We all have some things we want more of in life – however big or small. A common theme through this ‘never enough’ list is that these activities are enjoyed while on holiday – whether it’s more culture, me-time, sleep or mindfulness.  Evidently holidays are when we feel fulfilled and enriched the most. ‘Vitamin H’ (holiday) deficiency is the latest trend to come out of the pandemic.”

The top 30 things Brits never get enough of:

  1. Sunshine
  2. Holidays
  3. Sleep
  4. Exercise
  5. Money
  6. Going out with friends
  7. Cuddles
  8. Fun
  9. Fresh air
  10. Laughter
  11. Happiness
  12. Me-time
  13. Relaxation
  14. Hours in the day
  15. Lie-ins
  16. Good luck
  17. Fruit/vegetables
  18. Nights out
  19. Confidence
  20. Love
  21. Family-time
  22. Time off
  23. Screen-free time
  24. Freedom
  25. Vitamin C
  26. Water
  27. A bigger home
  28. Mindfulness
  29. Culture
  30. Praise

The results also show that middle aged Brits (aged between 45 and 54) feel they are in need of more holidays, coming in at number one in their top 30 list compared to number five for younger Brits (aged between 25 and 34). Men and women are in sync with their top two as both prioritise sunshine and holidays.  

The research supports is part of TUI’s new brand positioning ‘Live Happy’ which creates the moments that make people’s lives richer. For the chance to win the ultimate Vitamin H package – a long haul holiday, short/mid haul holiday and city break – TUI is encouraging people to go to @TUIUK on Instagram and share their best Vitamin H holiday moments using the Add Yours function on stories.

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