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Tips and Tricks to look after Curly Hair

Monday 10th Jan 2022 |

Expert comments from Watermans-

1.) Regular Trims

Regular trims keep those split ends at bay and prevent your hair from becoming frizzy. Regular trims are important for the upkeep of your curly hair.

2.) Use a wide-tooth comb

 Using a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle each knot. Never ever use a brush to comb your curly hair. Using a wide-tooth comb, is more gentle for detangling and gentle on your curls. It doesn’t agitate the natural afro curl.

3.) Use a deep conditioner or hair mask.

Hydrating your hair is the perfect way to control frizz. Using a hair mask will deep condition, nourish, repair and restore curls. We recommend Watermans Masque Me. Our unique hair growth mask is great for black hair care. Enrich and grow your hair with Masque Me which is designed to revitalise hair.

4.) Choose the best shampoo.

A good shampoo is essential for curly hair. Watermans recommends a sulphate-free shampoo like GrowMe shampoo, that gets your afro hair clean without stripping natural oils. It is designed to feed the follicle and increase hair density.

5.) Use heat protection

Using a heat protection spray will protect your hair from any heat damage. It is known that afro-hair is prone to breakage. Using a heat protection spray will make sure your hair is protected during blow drying.

6.) Scalp Care is Essential

Use GrowMore Elixir leave on scalp treatment. Our concentrated hair growth Elixir is a  scalp only treatment and is an excellent addition to our Grow Me shampoo. It can be used alongside our products to accelerate growth and strengthen hair.

It is known that black hair is best washed every 1 or 2 weeks, but Watermans Elixir can be applied daily to enhance blood flow to the scalp and feed your follicles. The unique blend of new and Ancient ingredients to strengthen the hair follicles.

Elixir will also push moisture into the hair shaft, encourage growth and increase hair density. It’s also great for fading edges. The Elixir is a no-rinse treatment which is applied directly to the scalp only for ultimate growth results.

7.) Use a satin head scarf.

A satin head scarf is essential for keeping your curls in check. Make sure to use one every night to protect your hair and keep your hair safe from breakage, split ends and keeping your curls more defined.

8.) Comb your hair while wet.

It’s best to comb your hair while it’s wet. We recommend using a deep conditioner while combing to strangle and keep your curls in tack. If you comb while dry, it can cause breakage and split ends.

Products to use:

MasqueMe £25.00

Works well for curly hair, use as a deep conditioner to bring your curls back to life. Vegan and Sulphate-free. Nourishing and hydrating with a blend of essential vitamins this will restore your hair, control frizz and deal with unwanted split ends.

GrowMore Elixir – £25.00

A great leave-in conditioner that would help protect your curls from breakage. Use as an overnight treatment to give your scalp optimal strength and prevent any dandruff.

GrowMe shampoo – £13.95

One bottle is sold once every thirty seconds, our grow me shampoo is great for your curls, use to prevent breakage and keep your curls strong.

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