Top spa treatments for your mental health

Wednesday 14th Jul 2021 |

In a recent report by the British Beauty Council, focusing on the effects of personal care services on mental health & wellbeing, it was revealed that touch therapy, along with massages, can have a significant effect on reducing mental health problems by over 10%. 

There is also evidence that these types of treatments can address fatigue, compromise immune issues, pre and post-menopausal problems and improve cancer therapy.

With the pandemic placing touch as a foreign concept, as we slowly emerge from lockdown many will be looking to reconnect through the power of touch and to combat loneliness through these treatments.

Top spa treatments you’ll love – The Hot Wave at NEW Wave Garden Spa, Snowdonia

top spa treatments

The Wave Garden Spa, which will open its doors for the first time on 18th May 2021, is a brand new £1.25m spa development in Snowdonia. Its unique setting amongst the majestic mountains of Snowdonia and within the world’s first inland surf lagoon, makes it one of the most exciting openings on 2021. 

Its exclusive treatment, which can only be booked at Wave Garden Spa, ‘The Hot Wave’ will take massage to new heights. Using its own signature hot melting balm blend, the treatment will truly soothe the mind and body. This intense but gentle deep heat full body massage, which uses the power of eucalyptus and rosemary, paired with hot ceramic pods, promotes a slumber state and profound relaxation. The deep muscle massage techniques helps fatigued muscles and tired minds recover while helping the body to experience an idyllic state of relaxation.

From £75 | 55 minute treatment

Top spa treatments you’ll love – The Enlighten Signature Massage at Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat, Staffordshire

top spa treatments

Soak up entire body bliss at Staffordshire’s finest award-winning spa, Moddershall Oaks with a treatment that can only be experienced there. Included in the spa’s new treatment menu is its bespoke ‘Enlighten Signature Massage’ which has been created with the spa’s guests in mind. It is a full body and scalp massage that is inspired by ancient techniques, taking the body on a journey to rediscover touch and reawaken the soul.

Reported to leave guests is a deeply calming mood, the massage treatment will also soften aching muscles. Using the spa’s unique Butter Balm blend, the treatment embraces fresh, natural and botanical fragrances to nourish the skin and truly enlighten the mind. 

£75 | 50 minute treatment

Top spa treatments you’ll love – The Signature Experience, The Spa at Carden, Cheshire

top spa treatments

Incorporating elements of the stunning Cheshire estate, The Spa at Carden’s signature treatment is a top-to-toe indulgent experience combining the beautiful Elemental Herbology products with fresh ingredients and therapeutic herbs found in the Spa’s extensive and world-class Spa Garden, as well as utilising grape juice from The Vineyard at Carden Park. 

Beginning with a full body massage the therapist combines touch with warm Thai herbal poultices, freshly made with therapeutic herbs to induce deep relaxation. A facial will then feed the skin and provide optimum nutrition, hydration and a multi-vitamin sustenance to boost natural beauty. The experiences finishes with a glass of Carden Park Estate Reserve sparkling wine in one of the three relaxation rooms overlooking the award winning spa garden.

£155 | 105 minute treatment

Top spa treatments you’ll love – Balinese Massage with Hot Stones, The Spa at Bedford Lodge, Newmarket

Located in the picturesque town of Newmarket, the luxurious five-bubble rated, The Spa at Bedford Lodge offers its guests a wellbeing haven to revitalise and restore.

The Balinese Massage with Hot Stonesencourages complete calm and wellbeing through an indulgent experience. The expert therapists will begin with gently heating aromatherapy oils which are poured into the centre of the body and massaged into skin using stretching and sweeping movements for deep relaxation. Hot volcanic stones are then used to tailor the massage pressure to each guests needs and release built-up tension.

£125 | 90 minute treatment

Top spa treatments you’ll love – Titanic Organic NEOM Full Body Massage, Titanic Spa, Huddersfield

The UK’s first eco spa Titanic Spa, nestled in the Yorkshire Pennines focuses on the wellbeing of the environment as well as its guests. With an indulgent treatment menu to choose from, the NEOM Full body massage allows guests to full relax.

This truly luxurious full body massage includes a personalised body treatment to enhance your wellbeing and lift your mood. Using ethnically sourced, sustainable products from British beauty brand NEOM, the personalised fragrances are 100% natural with true wellbeing benefits. Guests can choose their scents to help relieve stress, aid sleep, boost energy or lift their mood.

£89 | 55 minute treatment

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