The Clean Market; Sustainable beauty products

Thursday 26th Aug 2021 |

Pollution fills the air in our cities, plastic floods the oceans and rubbish is buried in landfills – but Mother Nature has had enough, and is giving us signs that we must change our lifestyle towards a more sustainable way of living.

The Clean Market is here to help you do this. The Clean Market is an eco-friendly brand with a mission to find alternative sustainable products and to reduce daily waste to zero. 

Sustainable living is about changing your daily habits and having a lower impact on the environment; and The Clean Market wants to make this easier for its customers. 

This eco-friendly brand offers solutions to help people live a more sustainable lifestyle, with a vision to make the planet cleaner, greener, and more sustainable for us and future generations.   

Their products have been carefully selected to play a major role in a sustainable life.  This includes beauty care for him and for her, household products, on-the-go products, gift sets, custom boxes, zero-waste products and more. 

All products are organic, natural, sustainable, zero waste, vegan, and even handmade.                      

The Clean Market works closely with small and independent businesses that share its values and visions. 

All packaging is sustainable, and the brand tries its best to offer products that come in plastic-free and eco-friendly packaging, 

The best-selling products are Easy Swaps, which includes vegan soaps, natural toothpaste, natural deodorants, reusable water bottles, bamboo sponges, reusable straws, and stainless steel lunch boxes. 

Just last year, The Clean Market carried out what they called ‘Soaps for Live’ – an initiative to donate hundreds of natural vegan soaps to the most vulnerable during lockdown. They asked their community to tell them of anyone they knew who could be vulnerable during the pandemic, so that they could send them a vegan soap.

This brilliant initiative helped the vulnerable and elderly in different ways. Soap has been proven to be the most effective way to remove the virus from the skin, and, in addition, some people couldn’t get their hands on sanitisers due to excess demand for having to self-isolate. 

The brand is incredibly proud of this initiative, and, as a small business, thinks it’s so important to raise awareness about the huge impact small businesses can have, with small resources.  

Alongside all of the brilliant work The Clean Market is doing, they have also teamed up with ONE TREE PLANTED, a non-profit organisation which does an amazing job of planting trees all over the walk. With every box purchased, the brand donates one tree.

Their goal is simple: more trees, less pollution, and cleaner water making our planet happier.
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