Wave Garden Spa, Snowdonia

Friday 27th Aug 2021 |

Due to its natural healing properties, water has various effects on the body but generally speaking it can relieve discomfort and promote wellbeing. The below offerings at the Wave Garden Spa all use water to naturally benefit the body: 

Wave Garden Spa – Heart of the Ocean (from £95 per person)

With a different marine ritual for each skin type, this personalised, signature facial begins with a Discovery of the Sea welcome massage and is followed by a facial cleanse and exfoliation. Recreating the rhythmic motions of the sea in order to relax the facial muscles and relieve tension in the arms, shoulders and neck, this calming facial harnesses the power of the ocean. With a skin-specific mask and moisturiser to correct any concerns (oily, dry or dehydrated skin), the Heart of the Ocean facial leaves complexion restored to its natural beauty and is perfect for all skin types. 

Wave Garden Spa – Marine Wellbeing Massage (from £95 per person)

Inspired by the power and flow of the sea, this massage incorporates shiatsu techniques and Swedish massage rhythms, combined with ocean-reflecting movements. Beginning the journey with a welcome, full-body massage followed by energising pressures on the face, guests will feel both their body and mind float away into relaxation.

Both of these treatments are by marine beauty brand Thalgo, which complements the spas natural water springs and ethos of water therapy. Inspired by the gentle yet energising French Riviera, Thalgo evokes sensory pleasure associated with the sea, while the fragrances convey the freshness and luminosity of sun-kissed water – providing the feeling of being transported to a sunny beach.  

Young woman relaxing in the water

Wave Garden Spa – Generic Spa Access: Your Thermal Journey (£20-£25 for two hours or £35-£45 for four hours)

Slowly raising the body temperature with a thermal journey through the spa’s indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy pools, generic access to the spa will help guests reach a whole new level of relaxation. As they travel from the steam room to the Himalayan salt sauna to the barrel sauna, they will develop feelings of calmness and serenity while feeling restored and re-energised. The therapeutic benefits of water and warmth together include pain relief, a boost of metabolism and toxins flushing the body.

For those after a more hands on water-based activity, Wave Garden Spa shares its home with the award-winning Adventure Parc Snowdonia; so instead, they can ride waves in the inland surf lagoon, stand-up paddleboard or try open water swimming, which is proven to reduce anxiety, elevate happy hormones and improve mental wellbeing.


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