The Perfect Serve; Pre mixed cocktails to enjoy at home

Monday 10th May 2021 |

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have no clue how to mix up anything more than a vodka and orange, so creating cocktails at home is a challenge.

I’d like to treat friends to something more than a glass of Prosecco in the garden this summer so I’m faking it until I make it as a super mixo with these pre mixed cocktails

Pre mixed cocktails – Two Days Vodka Sodas

Two Days is a range of light and sessionable Vodka Sodas, inspired by ethos of enjoying drinks today, and still making the most of tomorrow. Crafted with a single-measure of five-times distilled British vodka, lightly sparkling water and a squeeze of fruit extract that delivers a crisp and refreshing serve. Two Days is gluten-free, vegan and keto friendly, as well as having zero sugars or sweeteners.

Pre mixed cocktails – High Water Hard Seltzer

Inspired and passionate about the water’s edge and Great British Outdoors, making it the perfect hard seltzer to accompany you across waterside locations, and the perfect drink in hand for upcoming staycations. Made in the UK with only the finest natural flavours, triple distilled Vodka and Cotswolds spring water, High Water is a gently effervescent hard seltzer with an emphasis on great flavour.Under 100 calories per can, all natural ingredients and no artificial nasties, it is designed for those who want to get the most out of life. With percentage of all profits going to charities that look after the oceans we love.

Pre mixed cocktails – Liberation Cocktails

Ready-to-drink cocktail connoisseurs Liberation Cocktails have al fresco fun covered this season. Whether it’s a picnic with the gang, backyard barbecues or garden parties, Liberation Cocktails lets you take it outside without compromising on taste or quality.  All of Liberation’s cocktails are expertly blended and use overproof craft spirits and fresh ingredients, with no additives or artificial ingredients. Choose from the Espresso Martini, a Strawberry Daiquiri, the refreshing Gin Garden, a smooth Pisco Sour made or the classic Pornstar Martini. Liberate yourself with Liberation Cocktails for that perfect cocktail moment.

Pre mixed cocktails – Long Shot Hard Seltzer

” In 2019, we noticed something brewing in the drinks world. Unlike a sugary cocktail or an uninspiring gin in a tin, hard seltzers were light, refreshing and full of flavour. Just the thing we’d been looking to drink. But most were packed with artificial ingredients and fake flavours, which made no sense to us. Fuelled by a rebellious spirit, a thirst for adventure and a healthy dose of blind optimism, we decided to quit our 9-5 corporate jobs and create our very own hard seltzer. One we’d make the right way, with the right ingredients. After some careful crafting, a bit of experimenting and a long night or two, we got there. A fruit-infused hard seltzer that’s low calorie, has all-natural ingredients and tastes great.”

Pre mixed cocktails – Naughty Water

Treat your friends to a newly launched Naughty Water boozy seltzer this summer. Not everyone wants a sugar laden pre-mixed cocktail, Naughty Water is just 72 calories per can, vegan, gluten free and keto friendly which comes in a fully recyclable RTD can.  The vodka is seven times distilled and only contains natural ingredients with added vitamin C. Available in 3 exotic flavours including sparkling cranberry, Mango & passionfruit and Blood Orange. available nationwide from Drinks & Treats 4 x 250ml cans @ £8.99 

Pre mixed cocktails

White Claw Hard Seltzer is Hard Seltzer. Using only sparkling water blended with triple distilled alcohol and a hint of natural fruit flavour, White Claw offers pure refreshment with no artificial sweeteners and low calories, making it the go-to choice for drinking occasions anywhere, anytime, especially for all festivals.                             

White Claw is gluten-free, has an ABV of 4.5% and is just 95 calories per 330ml can. Served cold and straight from the can.

Pre mixed cocktails – EMPIRICAL CANS 01 AND 02

Copenhagen based and self-proclaimed ‘flavour company’ Empirical Spirits’s canned cocktail offering showcases the company’s flavour first ethos.  The two different expressions, CAN 01 and CAN 02 use uniquely selected ingredients for refreshing and delicious cocktails that you can imbibe anywhere

CAN 01: Whole milk oolong tea, toasted birch and green gooseberry thing and CAN 02; A fun cherry, black currant bus, young pine cone and walnut wood taste sensation.

Pre mixed cocktails – POCKET NEGRONI

Aberdeen based distillery, Porter’s Gin,  which launched its letterbox gift delivery service, Send A Negroni last year is now offering its popular Negroni recipe is perfectly portioned and transportable small cans that fits in your pocket.  The renowned Negroni recipe from Send A Negroni is available pre-batched into individual servings ready to be enjoyed in your garden as well as perfect for summer picnics and parties, once lockdown restrictions are lifted. 

Pre mixed cocktails – Porter’s Hippy Fizz

Porter’s, the light and refreshing modern classic gin has canned one of its most-loved recipes for at-home delivery.   The Hippy Fizz cocktail has been expertly pre-batched into individual servings ready to be enjoyed at home.

The rich, herbaceous highball has a tropical base thanks to a combination of pineapple shrub and malted passionfruit which blends seamlessly with the elevated citrus of Porter’s Gin and a herbal note of patchouli. Once chilled, the cocktail is ready to drink – either straight from the can or, for a perfect serve, over ice in a highball glass.

Pre mixed cocktails – El Sueno Margarita & Paloma

El Sueño is a Tequila for the 21st century, specifically crafted to go perfectly in long drinks and cocktails such as margaritas. El Sueño is a premium Mixto like no other. The launch of its ready-to-drink cans makes it easier to enjoy the refreshing Tequila cocktails, Margarita & Paloma on the go in the garden and park. 

Crave Natural Energy Drink

Crave Natural Energy drink is a perfect blend of natural and functional ingredients expertly blended to help health-conscious consumers stay energised whilst supporting their immune system and a great tasting mocktail. All products contain zero sugar, zero artificial flavourings or sweeteners, are gluten free and vegan friendly, and only contain 10 calories per 250ml can! 

DRTY Raspberry Rosé Hard Seltzer, 250ml, 4% ABV

Sweet. Fruity. Tastes like going out out. This is DRTY Hard Seltzer Raspberry Rosé. A blend of fermented fruits and sparkling water with Raspberries, Rose Water and Hibiscus for flavour. 4% ABV, zero carbs and 90 kcal per can. Unit weight of 250ml.

Thomas Tipple Passionfruit Mimosa, pre-mixed cocktail, 5% ABV

Tropical passionfruit and fizzy bubbles make this the perfect drink for picnics, garden parties, or Sunday brunch. Our expertly canned cocktails contain no artificial flavours or sweeteners, and are 100% gluten-free. Each serving has less than 8 grams of sugar and only 99 calories. Chill and serve over ice or with slices of fresh fruit.

Classic pre-mixed Bloody Mary, pre-mixed cocktail, 6.3% ABV

A bells and whistles Bloody Mary made with nothing but cocktail bar quality ingredients, including: vodka, Amontillado sherry, pickle juice, fresh lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, a dash of soy for extra umami, all the seasoning you’d expect, and of course the real deal Tabasco for just the right amount of heat.

World of Zing

World of Zing, the pioneers of craft bottled cocktails, have launched their Cocktail Party Pouches for you and your fellow merry makers to enjoy this summer. Whether at a picnic, barbeque or drinks in the park, World of Zing has got your pre-made cocktails at the ready. Leave the bottle openers and glasses at home, as the pouches are easily transportable in robust outdoor friendly packaging. For al fresco action in the park, look no further, as World of Zing also supply a pack including compostable plastic glasses. The  cocktails come in a range of 7 flavours, ready to drink in either a 250ml pouch with 2-3 serves or 1.5l Magnum pouch, ideal for larger events.

  • Passionfruit Margarita
  • Pornstar Martini
  • Bordeaux Negroni
  • Persian Lime Margarita
  • Rhubarb Cosmo
  • Manhattan Whiskey Sour
  • Salted Caramel Espresso Martini 

East London Liquor RTD Collection | 5% – 0.5% | bundle x3 25ml cans £5.95 | x1 25ml can £2.25

A trio of delicious long drinks from East London Liquor Company. Including two fruity, refreshing pre-made cocktails from East London Liquor Company, one made with East London dry gin and grapefruit-infused tonic, and the other with a combination of ginger beer, East London rum and a hint of chilli. Also, a low ABV fruity, refreshing pre-made cocktail with East London dry gin and grapefruit-infused tonic. 

I know you’re actually just looking to include cocktails in a can for this piece but these are excellent canned alcoholic drinks to keep on your radar for future pieces perhaps?

AA Badanhorst Curator Wine Cans | bundle 3x packs of 4 25ml cans £41.96 | pack of 4 25ml £14.95 | available in whiterose and red

AA Badenhorst is one of South Africa’s top producers. Their white wine is very drinkable. Ripe orchard fruits, with hints of pear and baked apple and a touch of yellow flowers. The rose is just far too quaffable – with notes of rhubarb and custard candies, strawberry compote and a pink grapefruit and the red pairs well with dried meats and cheeses. Definitely made for long summer day picnics in the park.

Two Brooks Hard Seltzer Collection | 4% | bundle x3 25ml cans £6.95 | x1 25ml can £2.45

Try the Two Brooks range of hard seltzers with this collection. Inside is a 25cl can each of the cool and refreshing Lime Cooler, fruity Mango Hi-Ball, and tropical Passion Star. Ideal to enjoy at BBQs and picnics.

Tom Savano

Tom Savano are the number one choice for discerning cocktail Drinkers. Full of big personalities, strong opinions and unconventional recipes, each masterfully balanced cocktail will take you on a journey through the world of craft spirits, and beautiful travel moments. Using only artisan spirits from independent distillers, Tom Savano have achieved an adult depth and complexity not seen anywhere else in the premixed market. These are the drink of choice for the traveller who isn’t afraid to lose sight of shore. Just pop the cork and come on a journey with us. Because life is too short for bad cocktails.

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