Are you ready to face the Great British Outdoors?

Sunday 19th Jul 2020 |

The ultimate guide to a super summer day out – UK style

A summer spent day-tripping around the Great British Outdoors rather than kicking back on a beach in Spain is probably not what the majority of us imagined at the start of 2020. Although international travel is likely to be off the table this summer, there is a glimmer of hope for some gradual freedom to roam in our own country as the lockdown is eased. 

The great news is that the UK is rich in amazing coastal, rural and urban locations, perfect for all the family to enjoy a socially-distanced day out. Perhaps surprisingly, getting prepared for an adventure in the Great British Outdoors is not too different from packing all your foreign holiday essentials.

We’ve compiled the ultimate checklist to ensure that you’re ready for anything on your super summer day out in the UK this year:

All the gear is the right idea: 

Whether you’re heading to Dartmoor National Park, the Peak District or Barafundle Bay, it’s important to be kitted out in the right clothing for the occasion. A sturdy backpack to carry the day’s supplies is an absolute must, along with flat comfy shoes like walking boots or trainers. As the British weather is wonderfully varied, the smart thing to do is prepare for all eventualities – think layers and anoraks as well as sunhats and shorts.  And you’ll never go wrong with a umbrella in this country! 

Great British Outdoors

If you’re off to relax on Brighton beach or to sweat up Box Hill, don’t underestimate the importance of specialist gear! That’s right, it’s time to brave the British sea in our bikinis and stride ahead of other hikers with our walking poles.

Be tactical and practical: 

Unfortunately, slips, trips, insect bites and stings are likely to befall us when out in the wild. So, it’s important to come prepared with a day out survival kit to stop any minor incidents from ruining the fun. 

Pests like mosquitoes, wasps, bees, hornets and horseflies can be just as much of a nuisance in the UK as they are abroad. To soothe any itching, pain or swelling caused by an insect bite or sting, try bite away® – it’s a completely chemical-free treatment, clinically proven to relieve symptoms in just two minutes!  No need for creams, ointments or tablets, the concentrated heat technology triggers a response in the body when applied directly to the skin, providing effective relief from the first application. Pocket-sized and boasting a long battery life, bite away® has you covered all summer.

Your survival kit should also contain SPF30+ sunscreen to avoid the risk of sunburn and heat rash (this can happen in the UK!), as well as first aid supplies to treat any cuts or scrapes that might ensue during the day.

Feeding the 5,000: 

A good dose of fresh air can get appetites racing, so a generous supply of snacks is essential on an action-packed day out, particularly if you’ve got the kids in tow. Be savvy with your picnic by making sure you load up on non-squash, non-melt foods like energy bars, dried fruit, rice cakes, breadsticks, and crisps, as well as plenty of water of course! This way you’ve got lunch covered and can splash out on an ice cream as a late afternoon treat guilt-free.

Spirit of summer: 

Once you’ve got all the practical stuff ticked off, the only thing you need to enjoy your day out is a positive attitude. After such an extended period in lockdown, many of us are discovering a new appreciation for the Great British Outdoors (66% of us according to a new survey commissioned by bite away®) whether that be an increased interest in nature, a way of relaxing and letting go of stress or becoming more fit and active. 

Great British Outdoors

Use these UK summer days to reconnect with your family, explore places you’ve never been before, and feel comforted by our home-grown natural beauty spots that have stood firm and strong through many national crises over the years. 

You can still make some great memories this summer – so don’t forget to bring your camera!

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