Seven Spas for Happy Hormones

Wednesday 08th Sep 2021 |

How are your happy hormones feeling today? If they’re balanced, you should be feeling a natural flood of joy, pleasure and positivity.

But if that doesn’t sound familiar and instead you’ve been feeling tired, restless or anxious recently, this is your sign to take back control of your body.

Maybe you need more adrenaline to get you through the days or to simply slow down and take a step back. Whatever the case, the below spa treatments, packages and activities have something for everyone to find their balance… 


Titanic Spa, Yorkshire: Decleor Vanilla and Ylang Ylang Relaxation Body Wrap

Often referred to as the ‘love hormone’, oxytocin promotes intimacy, boosts libido and increases energy levels. If you’re lacking these and need a bit more romance in your life, try this Decleor Vanilla and Ylang Ylang Relaxation Body Wrap at Titanic Spa which is sure to release that much-needed oxytocin in your body. Designed to improve overall emotional wellbeing, this cocooning treatment relieves stress, unloads busy thoughts and reduces tension built up in the body. Widely used as an aphrodisiac, Ylang Ylang encourages people to relax, get out of their own head and tune into their body’s needs. The soothing vanilla and brightening papaya in this warming wrap will also leave the skin feeling satin smooth.

If you prefer to get your romance flowing alongside someone else, Titanic Spa also offer a 25-minute Heat & Ice Experience inspired by ancient Egyptian bathing. Couples can enter the Mud Chamber where they will apply organic mud to each other’s body and face to exfoliate and nourish before heading into the herbal tropical rain shower which opens pores and draws out impurities. With no therapist required, this private experience promotes human touch & sensuality and is sure to send oxytocin levels through the roof. 

Wave Garden Spa, Snowdonia: Couples Mood Enhancing Splash

Quite the alternative date activity, this Couples Mood Enhancing Splash at Wave Garden Spa allows partners to get their happy hormone groove back on track together. What better way to connect deeply with a loved one than an ultra-relaxing day together? Featuring a couples massage, salt splash treatment and spa access, this package encourages couples to seek out a mutual boost of oxytocin in a sensual way. It leaves both feeling clean, smooth and overall euphoric. If you’d prefer to date yourself, this package is available for one. 


The Spa at Carden, Cheshire: Vertigo

Ideal for some thrill-seeking endorphin releasing excitement, this pulse-racing high rope course offers two terrifying levels of white-knuckle adventure for all abilities. Both courses take guests on an exciting two-hour experience, with the promise of 10 mid-air obstacles to challenge every guest. The longer and more difficult course high up on level two ends at the top of a ten-metre tower, where true bravery is tested as guests launch themselves onto a giant stunt pillow. Feeling bold? They can then return to ground level via an exhilarating dual 210m zip line. But those who are brave enough to tackle their way to the top will be sure to forget their fears when they’re rewarded with never-seen-before views over the Carden Park Estate across the on-site Vineyard (plus endorphins they’ve never felt before).


Moddershall Oaks, Staffordshire: MADE wellness centre

Who needs a hit of dopamine? Look no further than Moddershall Oaks’ MADE wellness centre. Their state-of-the-art immersive spin class, Psychoride, is an energetic mix of strength and speed. Intensely sweat inducing, this indoor cycling class helps people to beat stress, boost blood flow and feel all round positive. The dark ambience of the room with colour changing lighting sets the scene while the blasting tunes promote motivation. Alternatively, Get Lit is gentler on the body but effectively does the same thing without pressuring the joints. While HIIT is renowned for burning calories, this HILIT (high intensity low impact training) session gets your heart to a fat burning zone with greater focus on mobility. Expect structured cardio, fat burning exercises and a serious rush of dopamine. And if you can’t get there for your dopamine fix in person, don’t worry. MADE offer online classes too so you can access them from anywhere!


Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa, Lake District: Forest Bathing package

If you’ve been feeling lethargic, generally low or craving more junk food than normal, your serotonin levels might be dipping. With breathwork, being in dirt and natural light all proved to heighten your serotonin, Armathwaite Hall’s Forest Bathing Package is ideal for balancing the body’s hormones. Designed to soothe emotional regulation, guests are invited to slow down and explore nature’s sensory & mindful elements. Led by one of the hotel’s accredited forest bathing guides, Delyth Johnson or Jen Grange, the session sees guests leave their worries behind and return feeling renewed, rejuvenated and deeply relaxed. With vitamin D proven to help soar serotonin levels, this package is even more beneficial when the sun is shining!

Rena Spa at Midland, Manchester: Caudalie City Living

From the sleep chambers and hanging pod cocoons to the relaxing spa treatments, Rena Spa at Midland is ideal for those in search of some serotonin. Helping people to find calm in the chaos, this city spa is surprisingly tranquil. After a busy day, people can calm their mind and body with the Caudalie City Living ritual which helps to soothe the legs and back. Starting with a body cleanse, exfoliation and deep tissue back massage, this treatment also applies a nourishing mask to the back and legs to revitalise muscles and relieve tension. Guaranteed to help them sleep better, guests can put the results to the test with a visit to the spas floating sleep pods and enjoy a deep rest before heading back to normality.

The Spa at Bedford Lodge, Newmarket: Deeply Relaxing Lavender Floatation

An intense treatment to relax both the mind and body, this lavender floatation will help stabilise moods, regulate sleep quality and improve blood circulation. Beginning with a skin softening body exfoliation combined with essential oils, followed by a nourishing, healing lavender body wrap, skin will be left soft and supple while serotonin runs through the body. Guests can simply relax in the warmth of this dry floatation as they gently drift away into a state of tranquillity.
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