Personalized Fashion: 7 Stylish Things To Know 

Wednesday 29th Dec 2021 |

William Shakespeare said, “The apparel oft proclaims the man.” Often, fashion is used interchangeably with style as a form of self-expression that showcases one’s individuality.

There is an overlap between these two; fashion is best described as the dominant style at a given time within a culture. On the other hand, style is something that belongs to an individual. It can serve as a tool to boost confidence because it highlights one’s uniqueness. This is where personalized fashion comes in, as it can also refer to as style. 

Nowadays, personalized fashion is changing the tides of consumer fashion. The trends from the top down are crowdsourced from the consumers themselves. This makes way to customizing outfits to make their looks uniquely their own while catering to consumers’ preferences. The key to looking chic isn’t about following the latest fashion trends. Instead, you have to find your style. 

To know your style, here are some tips you can apply now with your wardrobe: 

Start With The Basics 

When you decide to reinvent your style instead of following the trend, you must start with the basics. For instance, in cooking, you must first learn the traditional recipe before adding your unique spin. The same thing with styling begins with building a foundation wardrobe. This includes versatile and timeless pieces, primarily neutral colours, chinos, denim, or dress shirts.  

You can start with mapping your wardrobe and planning what to wear daily. You must ask yourself what you need. If you like pants, you must have five to four pieces under this category. If you want skirts, you must obtain pieces that you like. Then, you can build that up to your tops.  

Of course, the ‘basics’ are different for everyone. It depends on certain factors like your profession, personal preferences, and your gender expression. Choosing essential pieces in your wardrobe can be intimidating and perplexing if you’re still a rookie in styling. You can ask for someone to help you who understands the fit of a particular garment or clothing item. This could be a sales associate in the mall, your trusted friend, or hire a personal stylist if you have money. Once you acquire all the essentials, it’s easier to experiment or try fashion trends. 

Invest In Custom-Made Clothing 

Nothing beats the touch of personalized fashion by having several custom-made pieces of clothing. When people hear the word ‘custom-made,’ the first thought that will come to their head is ‘it’s expensive,’ or ‘it’s only for people who are fashionistas.’ It’s intimidating to delve into this at first, as you don’t know where to begin. To start, you can get more information about shops and companies that offer services to customize clothing. But why should you consider investing in custom-made clothing?  

  • For long-lasting use: Compared to the average, off-the-rack piece, custom-made clothing prioritizes the use of quality materials. Custom-made clothing goes through the hands of professionals that scrutinize every little detail about the dress. The tailors will make adjustments and pinpoint inconsistencies to ensure the stitches makes the fabric durable.  
  • For better fit: The fit of clothing is often overlooked in off-the-rack stores. Anyone who wishes to look good in their clothes values its fit. Fit is essential to show off your body in the most flattering way. Custom-made clothing is well-adjusted to your measurements, so you’ll be comfortable wearing it. This is most especially critical to men who wear suits.  
  • For highlighting your style: Ready-to-buy clothes have limits for personalization. These clothes are mass-produced, so you should expect that some designs are generic. Custom-made garments allow you to bring out your individuality. You can choose from various fabrics, colours, design options, and other features. You can collaborate with your tailor so you can be as creative as your imagination allows you.  
  • For straightforward ‘shopping’: Custom-made clothes eliminate the time and effort wasted in clothes shopping. You don’t have to pick out the best thing in the rack to choose what fits you perfectly. Communicating to your tailor is all you need to get the clothing. For your guaranteed satisfaction, you should be clear about your preferences. 

Alter The Pieces You Already Own 

Personalized fashion unspoken rule is ensuring that your clothes fit well. If you can’t afford to hire a tailor for custom-made clothing, you can alter the ready-to-buy clothes you obtained, but suits and coats should still be left to the professionals.  

Altering the pieces that you already own is not difficult as it seems. You might want to invest in a cheap sewing machine and a spool of thread to start. This will help you create a new seam easily along the seam that needs to be altered. You can watch YouTube videos about changing clothes that mainly use clothes from thrift shops. 

Find Inspiration 

Using your phone or laptop, you can access a wide array of outfit ideas from the internet with just a click. You can use apps like Pinterest to pin, save and bookmark your chosen aesthetic to create a mood board. You can also browse different social media sites like Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube to acquire outfit inspiration.  

Aside from that, you can collect screenshots of stylish characters from movies and television. You can also look for inspiration from old and new magazines and books. You can also gain fashion insights from people around you — from friends, co-workers, or even strangers you see on the street. Also, consider getting inspired by people who have different backgrounds, body types, and even budgets. This way, you’ll be influenced by various styles without getting stuck to just one type.  

From being inspired, try to synthesize, cultivate, and create your spin about what you observe from these influences, then determine what kind of style works for you. 

Learn To Declutter 

Decluttering your wardrobe forces you to assess what style works for you. You can start by taking your clothes all at once so you won’t forget about the pieces hidden in your view. Eliminate the details beyond repair, items too uncomfortable to wear, and clothing that only fit your imagined future self. Of course, you should keep your everyday essentials and pieces that you love to wear.  

The unwanted pieces you isolated from your wardrobe could net you some extra money. You can sell it to thrift shops or resale sites. If you opt for donating them rather than reselling them, find organizations or even recycling facilities to ensure that your clothes won’t end up in a landfill. 

Mix and Match 

A personalized fashion style isn’t about riding the tides of the newest trends, learning styling tricks, or wearing the most expensive brands. You can rock an outfit by experimenting with different pieces that look good when combined. Here are some tips for pulling off a fashionable outfit: 

  • Layering: This tip is perfect, especially during the winter months. You can wear a turtleneck under a dress while also wearing a coat on top. The more layers you put, the less likely any clothing item will make or break your whole outfit. Be creative. 
  • Coordinating coloursYou can pick two or three colours that complement each other. For instance, you can choose an off-white top partnered with mint-green bottoms. These can act as the base of your outfit, then put some accessories or opt for using a bag to add accent to your outfit. Be careful in choosing your colour scheme. Learn your colour wheel. 
  • Mixing textures: You can pile on different fabrics in one look. For instance, you can opt for bold monochrome colours by using different textures like silk, leather, etc., to make the overall look harmonious. 
  • Balancing proportions: You can look stylish using different proportions and inclining to contrast. You can pair a bra top with an oversized quilted jacket as an example, or you can pair tight tops with loose pants. It’s all about the resulting silhouette and the overall look. 
  • Wearing a matching set: One of the easiest ways to look uniquely stylish is to wear a matching set. It will automatically look fashionable if you wear a pantsuit set or even a sweatsuit. 
  • Accessorizing: Accessorizing is like putting a cherry on top of your outfits. Two different people who have the same outfit can still look distinct by styling their outfits with other accessories or changing their footwear. You can make a statement by wearing a hat or sunglasses. 

Find Your Style 

To have a signature fashion style, you should spend some time identifying what kind of aesthetic you’re naturally drawn to. It doesn’t mean you have to wear a specific clothing item to fit a category or wear a clothing item to highlight your best assets or wear what’s trending. Determine what suits your taste and preferences, so you can cultivate a style that’s uniquely yours. 

Final Thoughts 

Fashion helps people to express themselves, to try and experiment different roles in their life. It embraces one’s creativity and confidence, it’s just up to you to delve into it. If you’re a little intimidated about where you will start, consider the following tips above.  

Fashion is not all about trends or any styling tricks. It can represent diversity among people regardless of the culture. It can also showcase one’s mood, or it can serve as a mirror of society. 

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