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One in six Brits to enjoy a Euros garden party: Expert’s tips for a goal-worthy garden  

Friday 21st Jun 2024 |

With the Euros set to kick off on the 14th of June, a new survey by Ronseal has revealed that many Brits are planning to watch from their gardens. The nationwide survey found that over three-quarters of Brits (78%) are planning to watch the Euros this summer, and a further one in six (16%) plan to host or attend a Euros garden party. 

Jimmy Englezos, Senior Brand Manager from Ronseal, has shared seven essential tips for creating the ultimate Euros garden party setup.

1. Add some colour

You can bring some team spirit into your garden with Ronseal’s Garden Paint. If you’re rooting for England, ‘Moroccan Red’ makes the perfect shade for injecting red into your garden. For Scotland supporters, try the shade ‘Cornflower’ to bring a touch of Scottish pride to your outdoor space.

Suitable for use on wood, brick, terracotta, and metal, a couple of quick coats can drastically improve a garden’s tired and weathered appearance.  Be sure to clean and sand your surfaces before painting – allow at least four hours for the paint to dry before the big game kicks off.

2. Refresh your decking

Decking can become damaged by rain and sun, as well as by general wear and tear. Bring your decking back to life with Ultimate Protection Deck Paint, protecting it from scuffs and stains as you enjoy the match with friends and family.

Simply pour some decking reviver straight onto the deck and clean with a stiff brush before rinsing thoroughly. This will help your paint to adhere better, last longer and ensure the surface is clean too. Once the decking is completely dry, apply two coats of your chosen decking paint. Work in small sections and allow four hours between each coat. Your decking will be furniture-ready after 48 hours.

3. Give your lawn some TLC

A lush lawn can transform your garden, so it’s important to de-weed and mow your lawn before hosting guests. Treat any brown spots or bare patches with lawn seed and use a garden fork to aerate the ground and promote healthy grass growth. Make sure to keep on top of your lawn with regular mowing, watering, and weeding.

You can even go a step further to bring the stadium home by mowing stripes or checkerboard patterns onto the lawn. This can easily be achieved at home with a conventional lawnmower.

4. Restore your fences

The sun can damage fences over time, so they need to be protected adequately with Fence Life Plus. If using a paintbrush, apply a thick coat and brush in any drips that may form. If using a sprayer, use long, sweeping arm movements to coat the fence making sure to overlap each section by 50% to ensure an even coat. This will protect your fence from weather damage, as well as providing a fresh and attractive finish ready for the garden party.

5. Get BBQ-ready

Freshly grilled food never fails to impress guests at a garden party, so it’s important to prepare your BBQ properly if you plan to serve food. Ensure the BBQ area is clean and safe, taking into consideration whether there will be children present at the garden party. If you haven’t used the BBQ in a long time, it will need a deep clean with a dedicated grill cleaner.

6. Clean your garden furniture

Use a garden furniture cleaner to get rid of grease, dirt, and algae that may have built up over the last few months. Brush your furniture down to remove loose dirt, and then spray the cleaner and scrub it into the wood with a wire brush. Leave the cleaner to work for 10 minutes, then rinse and repeat.

To keep your wooden furniture looking its best, treat it with an oil or stain.

7. Revive the shed

If your garden features a pub shed or outdoor bar, stocking up on drinks isn’t the only preparation required ahead of a Euros garden party. Make sure the shed is clean and tidy, and check for any damage, such as cracked or rotting wood.

All sheds will likely need a new coat of shed paint after being exposed to the elements throughout 2024. Applying new paint will protect your shed against all weather damage including the sun and UV for up to five years.

For more ideas on how to spruce up your garden, head over to the Ronseal site: 

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