Your Guide to a Winning Euros Garden Party

Friday 14th Jun 2024 |

With the Euros less than two weeks away, fans will be planning and prepping their month-long celebrations to support their home team and players.

As five billion people are expected to watch the championships, the football experts Live Football Tickets wanted to reveal their top tips to hosting the perfect Euros garden party.

Five tips to hosting the perfect Euro-themed garden party:

  1. Set the scoring scene 

Much like England will be preparing for their first game, ensuring that your home is prepped to host is crucial, especially if you need to relocate inside the house due to weather complications.

Make sure there is enough seating and viewing areas for the day, and always remember that with any event, decor is key to set the tone and get in the spirit. Transform your garden into a football haven with England and Euro-themed bunting, balloons and tableware to create a passionate atmosphere that celebrates the football fever.

Euros Garden Party
  1. Plan half-time games

Waiting for half-time to end can sometimes be a bit of a bore, and is usually when people top up their glasses, take a break from the screen and discuss the events of the game. So why not add some family fun into the mix and get the party buzzing?

Create healthy competition inspired by the popular sport to spice up the break. Let your guests show off their fancy footwork and scoring standards by setting up a mini pitch, creating competitions or for a less active approach, organise footy-themed quizzes. But don’t forget the key part of any competition is giving someone bragging rights by crowning the winners with their own medals and prizes.

  1. Get in some matchday munchies 

No garden event is complete without a BBQ, and whilst drinks are flowing, food will be the next best thing to keep your guests full and happy. 

Create a designated BBQ station where you can have the perfect spread filled with snacks, sauces and sweet-tasting treats. Finger food items such as chicken wings, pizza slices and burgers are perfect for eating whilst cheering your favourite players on. Or to change it up from the regular BBQ experience, why not cater your food to match the country that is playing. If you are watching Spain play, add some tapas to the tables!

  1. Set up multiple viewing options

With the Euros nearly in full swing it is vital to check the game schedule ahead of planning this party and make sure you host the games you do not want to miss. 

However, with the main celebrations supposedly in the garden it is important that all guests have a clear view of the game. Investing in an outdoor projector could help bring this experience to life or encourage people to utilise the entire home with multiple viewing stations to save the expense.

  1. Invite a grand guest list

Whilst it makes sense to have the biggest football fans closest to you involved, it is also important to invite a mix of people – even those who have no interest in the sport.

Euros Garden Party

The day should be about having fun and celebrating the sport, so inviting those who are just happy to have some good food, great company and a little bit of excitement is key for hosting the perfect garden party overall. 

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