Leave-in Conditioner; Our best picks

Saturday 23rd Jan 2021 |

A leave-in conditioner can improve the manageability of your hair, provide extra moisture, protect it from damage, and help to detangle.

If you feel like your hair could use a little extra love, leave-in hair conditioner may be just what your locks are crying out for.

Leave-in conditioners are typically applied after shampoo and conditioning as normal – usually on towel-dried hair before styling, however we also like to use one as a weekly overnight hair mask – just apply liberally all over the hair – I pay special attention to the very ends, and sleep on it!

Looking for the right leave-in conditioner for you? Whatever your hair type, you’ll find there is product for you.

Electric  P*-4 Preparation Spray – £17.50 – cruelty free

Leave-in Conditioner

A multi-functional spray designed to leave hair enhanced and prepared for endless styling. It’s weightless formula is perfect for transforming the condition of hair so that it feels significantly smoother and glossier immediately after application. Perfect for reviving and refreshing hair when it becomes flat, it also enhances natural curls when applied on wet hair – making it the go-to product for any hairstyle. Not only suitable for styling, it acts as a leave-in conditioner and is packed with nourishing oils, advanced detanglers and intelligent UVB and heat protecting ingredients to ensure that the hair is ten times stronger.

Fudge Professional One Shot – £13.00 – available from Fudge Professional salons and online

Helps strengthen and repair for strong and mighty hair. Ideal for coloured, damaged, or over-processed hair. A nourishing and repairing complex of creatine, guarana, wheat and silk proteins condition and smooth the surface of the cuticle, helping to reverse the signs of damage. Enhanced with a silicone complex that forms a shield along the length of the hair to help protect newly-coloured hair from unnecessary moisture so your colour looks fresher for longer.

MONAT Unknot Detangler – £30 – vegan, cruelty free

Leave-in Conditioner

Achieve smooth, manageable locks you crave whilst leaving tangles and knots behind. Infused with REJUVENIQE S™, this multi-tasking leave-in detangler strengths and conditions as it instantly detangles and smooths frizz leaving hair feeling silky and touchably soft. A light weight formula containing a UV absorber to help protect hair against colour fading.

OSMO Wonder 10 Leave In Treatment – £12.90 – vegan, cruelty free

Leave-in Conditioner

Say goodbye to dull, damaged hair, sleek, and more manageable hair is now achievable thanks to this multi-tasking keratin-based, leave in treatment, designed to deliver a combination of 10 wonderous effects all in just one bottle.

 Containing both strengthening, moisturising and protective elements this all-round leave in treatment really is a must have for every styling station and dressing table alike. For home use it will detangle, heat protect, prevent static, create body and movement, seal in your colour and control the dreaded frizz, phew!

Azure Rescue & Repair Revolutionary Leave-In Conditioner 

Leave-in Conditioner

Rescue & Repair Revolutionary Leave-In Conditioner – revive tired and damaged hair with this nourishing leave-in conditioner for all-day hydration. Use regularly to protect your hair, boost shine and health! Filled with natural ingredients.

HASK 5-in-1 Sprays

The HASK 5-in-1 Sprays are the perfect leave in conditioners to get your hair looking healthy and hydrated! They are actually loved by Hollywood hair stylists to keep their celeb clients hair in good condition whilst it undergoes gruelling styling sessions. 

There are three 5-in-1 Sprays to choose from, so that no matter your hair concern, HASK can help you resolve it and leave you for luscious locks post lockdown!

The GENi Hair kit

The GENi Hair kit is the only frizz-eliminating hair treatment kit you will ever need and creates salon results at home.  The Leave-in treatment is Moisturises, strengthens and reinforces the anti-frizz effect. Provides cuticle sealing, conditioning and extends the treatment results. This luxe cream smells delicious and applied to dry and damp hair will also protect your new locks from heat treatments.  

Buy either as part of the at home kit, including the Shampoo, Smoother and Leave-in treatment or you can buy the basic kit which includes the Smoother and Leave-in treatment

Hairstory Hair Balm

Part leave-in conditioner, part curl cream and part frizz-fighter, Hair Balm is what we call magic in a bottle and is made entirely from all natural ingredients as well as being free from silicone. This is particularly note-worthy because it ensures the product’s moisturizing properties can penetrate deep into the hair. A super conditioning formula, Hair Balm can be used on curly hair, straight hair, thin hair, thick hair, dry hair and damp hair. So popular is this product, Hairstory sold over 22k units in 2020 (71k + in total) and achieved 4.5* reviews from almost 1000 customers. £39.00 GBP. 

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