Women’s intimate health products you’ll thank us for, period

Saturday 01st May 2021 |

We all know the feeling, bloating, cramping, mood swings not to mention unsightly accidents….period. 

Taking care of your intimate health has never been so easy with so many products on the market promising to sooth away cramps, banish bloating and make every period a pushover.

Intimate health products – Thinx

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Looking for underwear during your time of the month? Enter Thinx. Depending on your flow, Thinx undies can either replace single-use pads and tampons (hello, eco-friendly points) or act as a back-up for that just-in-case protection. With styles that look and feel like regular briefs, made with the brand’s signature four-layer technology – we’re talking super-absorbent fabric and odour-fighting lining – anything for period peace of mind, right?

Intimate health products – Regular Girl

Switching to a Low-Fodmap diet is a way to ease the uncomfortable stomach swelling that is associated with eating certain foods and triggering bloating. Nonetheless, many high-fibre foods are typically high in FODMAPs meaning that ‘low-fodmappers’ often struggle to meet the recommended daily intake of 25-30g of fibre that is essential for gut health and regularity. Luckily, Regular Girl is on hand with a solution! Regular Girl world’s first prebiotic and probiotic fibre to be certified by Monash University as a Low-FODMAP product. Containing the award-winning Sunfiber®, it moves through your system at just the right pace to prevent excess gas and bloating.


Modibodi, the leading leak proof apparel brand, have a range of stylish and comfortable underwear to protect against leaks from periods, light incontinence and pregnancy in 6 absorbency levels, right up to Maxi 24-hrs which holds 10 tampons worth. These clever undies have been designed to support women through leaks, and help to drastically reduce the amount of plastic from disposable products which ends up in landfill, as they can be worn without the need for a pad or tampon. 

Intimate health products – Pure Bliss Soothing Compress Solution

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Pure Bliss Soothing Compress Solution soothes and calms your delicate intimate area after birth, bringing immediate relief to a tender perineum, reducing the feeling of swelling and supporting the tissues to heal. Pure Bliss provides the perfect TLC; soothing and supporting your lady parts to get back to normal whilst calming any soreness in that process. 

Intimate health products – Ovira

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Ovira is a new wearable tech device that instantly relieves period cramps. Using electrotherapy technology, the discreet device works by sending small electrical pulses to overload your nerves, causing them to block pain signals from travelling to the brain. No signals = no pain.

As a result, it provides instant relief with no side effects, so is a highly effective, natural and drug-free solution to combat period pain. It is FDA-approved, CE-approved and clinically tested.

Around 80% of women experience period pain at some stage in their lifetime. It can have a huge impact on quality of life, and affect normal day-to-day activities, leading to time off school or work. It is little talked about, with women often feeling shame around the topic. The founder of Ovira, an endometriosis and painful period sufferer, is setting out to change this and get people talking openly and honestly about a much misunderstood and universal problem.

Intimate health products – Saalt Menstrual Cups

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The reusable soft silicone cup is worn just like a tampon, but it collects your period rather than absorbing it, without leaking because of its multi-seal shape. It can be worn for 12 hours avoiding bathroom trips while relaxing, working or practicing any sport. Natural and safe made with 100% medical-grade silicone, chemical free, non-toxic, and BPA and latex free. They are extremely comfortable, coming in two firmness and three size options(including a Teen Cup) so every body has the perfect fit. In fact, it’s so comfortable that you forget it’s there!
RRP: £25

Intimate health products – NaturesPlus BioAdvanced Monthly Support

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The whole food–based blend of nutrients and botanicals, is tailored to help no matter where you are in your cycle.

  • Formulated with Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Pantothenic Acid to aid hormonal health and promote the synthesis of vitamin D and steroid hormones
  • Follate, Magnesium, Vitamin C, B12, Thiamine, Niacin and Biotin are added to provide psychological support, to help beat the monthly blues, and contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. 
  • Vegan and free of gluten, dairy, soya and yeast

Ontex iD Intime

For women who suffer from incontinence, it can be a minefield trying to work out which product to buy. Fortunately, Ontex iD Intime range has a product for all levels of incontinence and received 4.6/5 in Talk Health Reviews.iD Intime provides maximum protection and the low waist has been designed with discretion as well as comfort in mind, absorbing eight times its own weight, so that women won’t even know they’re wearing it.With advanced odour control and dry-wear technology, iD Intime delivers 10 hours of freshness and a seamless fit with cotton-like fabric so it looks and feels like regular underwear.


UTI infections affect over half of women and many are especially affected during the summer months. As heat and humidity rise, it’s easier for germs to grow, plus it’s also easier to lose fluids, and if you don’t stay hydrated you could have a higher risk of getting a UTI. Add into the mix, higher alcohol consumptions, and more active sex lives – and you’ve got a recipe for disaster! See below for further details…URALIX (£29.90 for 60 capsules) is a recently launched patent pending herbal supplement that goes to the root of the bladder infections – and best of all it provides a solution that is 100% antibiotic free. URALIX contains natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients which remove the bacteria that multiplies in the urinary tract whilst simultaneously addressing the inflammation and helping heal the bladder epithelium.

YES® VM long-lasting vaginal moisturiser

Perfect for regular/daily use, YES® VM is a fast-acting vaginal moisturiser that provides instant relief from vaginal dryness and discomfort. YES®VM is matched to the typical vaginal pH. Matching to vaginal pH may help to protect against bacterial and yeast infections. Each application lasts up to 3 days. Compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms. Made from certified organic ingredients, without silicone, glycerine, hormones or parabens.

YES® CLEANSE ultra-gentle intimate wash

YES® CLEANSE is a luxurious, certified organic plant-based intimate foaming wash,  ultra-gentle and refreshing. pH matched to the vulval tissues, YES  CLEANSE has been sensitively formulated to compliment the intimate environment. Each bottle contains over 200 applications. Available in both unfragranced and delicate rose (fragranced with Rosa Damascena).

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