Target All Skin Concerns at Once with Multi-Masking!

Friday 28th Jun 2024 |

Did you know that you can mix and match face masks to target different skin concerns at the same time?

The technique known as ‘multi-masking’ allows for a customised approach to skincare, targeting diverse issues such as dryness, oiliness, and acne, all at once. Multi-masking is particularly beneficial for those who have combination skin as it allows you to select one mask for the drier parts of the face and one for the oilier parts. Research has shown that 65% of people have combination skin, making it the most common skin type*!

Leading Swiss skincare brand Mavala, offers an array of different face masks, targeting different skin types:

Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturizing Sleeping Mask (RRP: £38.50) will restore your skin’s water reserves and replenish cells with moisture. This formula combines highly concentrated mallow flower and pure hyaluronic acids in three different molecular weights to intensify hydration and restore comfort. Lightweight in texture, the mask will also protect your cutaneous barrier to help reduce redness and leave you with a more even and nourished complexion.

Pore Detox Perfecting Purifying Mask (RRP: £23.00) is great for those with uneven skin texture and oily skin. There are many reasons why our natural sebum production can be disrupted, causing dilated pores and overproduction of oil. Mavala’s Purifying Mask hydrates and purifies your skin all while regulating its texture. Active ingredients detoxify cells, while unclogging and tightening pores without drying out your complexion for a fresh and luminous finish.

Skin Vitality “Baby Skin” Radiance Sleeping Mask (RRP: £34.65) detoxifies, unifies and smoothes skin, while providing a healthy glow complexion. Concentrated in vitalizing Swiss Apricot extract which offers toning and antioxidant properties, and in organic acids which provide gentle exfoliating properties, this mask gives an immediate radiant glow to complexion.

These masks are available to buy at and

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