Whole Foods Trends 2024 Hamper Review: Foodie Treats that Turn up the Heat

Tuesday 07th Nov 2023 |

Priced at £39.99 with a value of around £86, it does seem to offer value for money on paper. So, is their 2024 Trends Hamper worth picking up? In short, yes indeed. I’d barely heard of any of these brands or products and I’ll be repurchasing several of them going forward.

Feel the burn

As a self-confessed heat head, I was pleasantly surprised to discover several spicy products in the hamper. Whole Foods claim that complex heat is continuing to evolve and appear across more and more supermarket aisle and amen to that. 

First up came the Gymkhana Butter Masala Curry Sauce, which is on the pricier side for a jarred sauce at £8 a pop. That said, it’s delicious.I cooked it up with some chicken and it was rich and creamy with an intensity of flavour I’ve not experienced outside of a restaurant. 

As for the Garden of Eva Chilli-Watermelon Jam, don’t be fooled by the rather innocent sounding title. This stuff is pure fire. In a good way. You’ll be hard-pressed to detect the watermelon as your mouth burns, however, this stuff is excellent on a cheeseboard and went down a storm with my family. 

Little treats

Inspired by a TikTok trend for moments of indulgence known as ‘little treat culture’, Whole Foods have included a tasty dark Madagascan chocolate bar from London Chocolate, a Cocoba Punpkin Choc Stirrer, a fancy bath bomb and a truffle hot sauce. 

The winner here, and by far the best item in the hamper in my humble opinion, is the Black Truffle Hot Sauce from Truff. This stuff is seriously addictive. Housed in a stylish bottle that seems too nice to hide away in the fridge, everything from the colour, texture and flavour of this stuff screams luxury. 

Unlike so many other similar products that drown your tastebuds with an overpowering truffle flavour, Truff has given this sauce the perfect amount of richness and heat, creating one of the tastiest and most versatile sauces around. Worth every single penny of its £18.99 price tag. 

Let’s go Mexico

Another trend set for big things is Mexican food that goes beyond the norm and the Tajin Clasico Seasoning does just that. Enriched with lime, this tangy, spiced mix is ideal for sprinkling on chicken or veggies, and has an exceptional flavour that’s quite irresistible. Available for just £3.98 on Amazon (who own the Whole Foods brand), it also offers the best value for money. 

Final verdict

The 2024 Trends Hamper is an excellent selection from Whole Foods and ideal for anyone that likes to try something new. Like most hampers, there are some products which standout more than others, but no real duds here as far as we’re concerned.

The Whole Foods 2024 Trends Hamper has now sold out, however, all items included can be purchased individually in your local Whole Foods store.