Wednesday 19th Aug 2020 |

NEW to the UK and a must-have for sauce lovers everywhere, Dr Trouble is launching two new products to give Brits the very best of Africa, in a sauce. 

Handmade in small batches on an isolated farm in Northern Zimbabwe, using local ingredients sourced by rural villagers – the Oak Smoked Chilli and the African Lemon Chilli sauces are made using a natural recipe, which has been in the co-founder’s family for 125 years. 

Priced at £7.95 (125ml) and £10.95 (250ml) and made with the finest ingredients including fiery home-grown chilies – a blend of African Bird’s Eye, Cayenne and Serrano – the recipe also uses wild and naturally grown lemons supplied and harvested by Zimbabwe village chiefs and their communities. 

Dr Trouble

While the salt from the Makgadikgadi Salt Flats in Botswana is also used in large chunks to bring earthy undertones, the lengthy 100-day fermentation process gives the sauce its unique flavour with the ingredients mellowing, deepening and infusing together over time, in custom-blown glass sun flagons which bask in the African sun.

The African Lemon Chilli is medium heat with a clean lemon flavour and notes of ginger, mango masala and a touch of garlic. While the Oak Smoked Chilli sauce is mild with a full-bodied oak smoke, ideal for red meats and other barbeque dishes.  

Both sauces are vegan friendly and gluten free, with no additives or preservatives. 

Rob Fletcher, co-founder of Dr Trouble said: “My great-grandfather created the original recipe 125 years ago and when I found it scrawled in the back of a book two decades ago, I knew this could be something special. Even with slight modifications from the original recipe, the sauces’ ingredients are still completely wild and natural, showcasing the very best of Africa from that year.

“We create and bottle the sauce on my farm in the heart of the upper Zambezi valley in Zimbabwe, employing 30 locals at the height of production. We’re surrounded by thick bush, spectacular wildlife and several rural communities, who each possess a few lemon trees and by purchasing underused lemons and chilies locally, not only does it give us delicious, fresh ingredients – it benefits the communities who would otherwise struggle to survive.”  

When you buy any bottle of Dr Trouble sauce, it supports the Little Peppers Project which Rob has been running for two years – providing school fees and essential supplies for 150 local village children, which the partners hope to increase as the business expands. 

Dr Trouble

As well as helping the human community, Dr Trouble supports wildlife conservation in the surrounding area to the farm. Rob’s anti-poaching team patrol the farm and surrounding villages to prevent any harm to wild animals, as well as educating and compensating villagers whose crops have been damaged by wildlife.  

Partner in the business Albert Oberholzer said: “Dr Trouble is a truly unique, organic and special product for food lovers, it’s a privilege to bring these sauces to the UK market.  

“It is clear the British public is becoming increasingly educated about what they consume, but also conscious of the brands they invest in and spend their hard-earned money on. With our authentic and natural recipe from the heart of the African bush, its beauty is in its simplicity – not only do they taste amazing and are so versatile, but we’re able to make a real difference to local communities and animal wildlife. It’s a dash of sauce on your meal, but in Zimbabwe it’s someone’s life and livelihood.” 

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