Where to Midsommer Like the Nordics with Urtekram

Sunday 23rd Jun 2024 |

Midsummer (or Midsommar) is an ancient pagan festival celebrating the midpoint of summer taking place on, or near the date of the summer solstice.

In the northern reaches of Scandinavia and the Nordics, Midsummer is one of the most widely celebrated holidays, where the Nord’s take time away from work, slow down and go back to nature.

By the middle of June, the midnight sun is shining, fields are blooming, so many people travel to the countryside to celebrate Midsummer with family and friends.

How to experience that Midsummer feeling?

Leading Danish beauty band Urtekram is detailing exactly how the Scandi people celebrate this popular holiday, and the best, authentic products they take with them, to get that natural, organic, and fresh feeling for the hair and skin. Urtekram was originally created from a small herb store in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1972. An urtekræmmer is an ancient Danish title for a sales person (kraemmer) working door to door selling locally grown and produced herbs (urter).  In Danish a ‘kram’ is a hug, something that perfectly describes the company’s love for nature and feeling it intends for customers to experience when using its products.

Where to celebrate Midsummer with Urtekram:

Copenhagen, Denmark

Midsummer traditions in Norway and Denmark are tied to the feast of Saint John the Baptist, known in Denmark as Sankt Hans. This holiday centres around bonfires and burning away bad spirits. The story goes when the witch is burnt, she flies to Bloksbjerg, Germany, where a witch-gathering was believed to be held.

Starting where Utekram began, Denmark’s capital, central Copenhagen is a great place to enjoy the festivities, if a countryside retreat is not possible. The Tivoli Gardens, legendary amusement park is a great place to experience Sankthansaften. There are live theatre performances for smaller children throughout the day, a pantomime in the evening and a magical light show by the lake.

Scent to fit the mood: Rise and Shine Range, Spicy range Blossom

Ignited with warm spices, the Rise and Shine range, exposes the allure of the exotic with the Spicy Orange Blossom scent. The combination of zesty orange and subtle spice creates a captivating fragrance that stimulates the mind and awakens memories of sun-kissed orchards.

Nourishing and caring ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid help to moisturise and hydrate the skin, leaving it pampered and soft.

Body Wash (£7.40), Hand Soap (£6.99) Hand Cream (£5.50), Body Lotion (£7.60), Ultimate Repair Shampoo (£6.75), Ultimate Repair Conditioner (£6.35) 

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Dalarna county, Sweden

Traditionally, Swedes celebrate the holiday in the countryside by wearing flower crowns, dancing around maypoles, and enjoying a picnic of Swedish delicacies. Swedes from all over the country embrace heritage and tradition through games, food, social fun and that all-too-inevitable late-night skinny dip! Sweden’s most famous midsummer celebrations are held in Dalarna, centred around Lake Siljan.

Those looking for the full experience, including traditional Swedish folk costumes, music and dancing, parades with the garlands, maypole raising and perhaps even a church boat race, Dalarna is the place to be.

Scent to fit the mood: Tune In: Soothing Lavender

With stunning green hills, picturesque flower meadows and traditional red cottages with white trimmed frames, Dalarna is the perfect example of beautiful Swedish countryside, so a traditional, floral scent is a perfect fit.

One of beauty’s most nostalgic, and timeless scents is the wild flower of Lavender. Loved by all ages, and always coming back in popularity, Lavender is calming, and subtle, evoking peace and tranquillity. Acknowledging how this simple plant can exude such feelings of calm and tranquillity, is the essence of Lagom.  Known for its calming properties, this scent is a journey through fields of lavender in full bloom, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Moisturising ingredients like aloe vera, together with soothing willow bark extract and hyaluronic acid, help condition and hydrate the skin.

Body Wash (£7.40), Hand Soap (£6.99), Body Lotion (£7.60), Maximum Shine Shampoo (£6.75), Maximum Shine Conditioner (£6.35) 

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Bohuslän coast, Sweden

Another top spot to celebrate midsummer in Sweden is around the Bohuslän coast, an archipelago of 3,000 or so islands. Here, connection to water is important, with activities like an island-hopping boat trip, sea fishing and kayaking are must-dos. Smögen is one of Sweden’s most popular places to visit in the summer.

Scent to fit the moodBlown Away – Wild Lemongrass Range

Ideal for those brisk and fresh days out at sea, whether its sailing or swimming. The Blown Away Wild Lemongrass collection channels natural wild lemongrass and citrus to bring a fresh Nordic experience to both body and mind.

Infused with caring and replenishing ingredients, the range includes nourishing aloe vera, hydrating shea butter and provides a moisture surge with hyaluronic acid. The collection also contains organic essential oils including lemongrass, sweet orange, olive, jojoba, apricot and almond for their uplifting and mood-boosting properties.

Body Wash (£7.40), Hand Soap (£6.99) Hand Cream (£5.50), Body Lotion (£7.60), Moisture Surge Shampoo (£6.75), Moisture Surge Conditioner (£6.35) 

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Riksgränsen, Swedish Lapland

What could be better than celebrating Midsummer in the northernmost part of Sweden where the sun never sets at this time of year? Despite being summer, there are still opportunities to see snow in the most northern parts of the country. Head on up to Riksgränsen ski resort, where the Swedish and Norwegian borders meet, and get the rare opportunity to ski under the Midnight Sun and dance around the maypole in your ski boots!

Scent to fit the mood: Start Over Range, Sweet Ginger Flower

The scent is refreshing flowery Sweet Ginger Flower, a crispy sweet scent full of life and freshness. The Sweet Ginger Flower combines the warmth of ginger with delicate floral notes, creating a fragrance that invigorates the senses and leaves a lasting imprint on the memory.

Experience that smooth and soft feeling on your skin with Urtekram Nordic Beauty and enjoy conditioning ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter and natural oils.

Body Wash (£7.40), Hand Soap (£6.99), Body Lotion (£7.60), Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (£6.75), Anti-Dandruff Conditioner (£6.35) 

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Lakelands, Finland

In Finland, Midsummer is celebrated similarly, however they call it Johannus after St. John. Many Finns head to the Lakelands and spend the weekend relaxing in a sauna in their summer homes or lighting large bonfires. Finn’s believe this time of year was once popular for casting love and fertility spells. In Finnish folk legend, midnight marks the time when unmarried Finnish try their hand at spotting their future husbands. One belief is that if a girl stands naked over a lake at precisely midnight she will be able to see her future husband. Some of the folk magic must work as Juhannus is the most popular weekend to get married.

Scent to fit the moodDate to Dream: Soft Wild Rose

Traditionally known as the scent of love, the timeless elegance of wild roses evokes memories of serene garden strolls and romantic sunsets. This scent is a testament to the power of human connection, and creating lasting and meaningful memories.

Get that silky-soft feeling with beauty care and pamper skin with conditioning ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter and protect coloured hair with blue seakale.

Body Wash (£7.40), Hand Soap (£6.99) Hand Cream (£5.50), Body Lotion (£7.60), Colour Preserve Shampoo (£6.75), Colour Preserve Conditioner (£6.35) 

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