Spicy Orange Blossom range from Urtekram ; We’re in love

Saturday 10th Apr 2021 |

Introducing refreshing organic Nordic beauty care without compromise – Plus mindful cleansing and beauty tips from the Nordic countries

Transforming morning rituals into an uplifting Nordic wellbeing experience, Urtekram, organic and ecologically certified Nordic beauty brand, is encouraging everyone to Rise and Shine with its new body care collection.

The Spicy Orange Blossom range comprises of Ultimate Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, Body Wash, Body Lotion, Hand Wash and Hand Cream all infused with the uplifting spicy aroma. With a blend of moisturising and caring ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter in combination with anti-ageing hyaluronic acid to help the skin become soft and hydrated, the range also contains natural oils for their nourishing properties. Each product is infused with uplifting Sweet Orange Oil, healing Jojoba Oil, moisturising Almond Oil, nourishing Olive Oil and many more.

The perfect range for a natural and mindful consumer, the Urkekram product range is proudly vegan, 99-100% natural and certified organic by Ecocert according to the guidelines of the COSMOS Organic Standard. The collection is packaged in predominately sustainable materials made from plant-based sugar cane to help reduce to the amount of CO2 used. 

The Rise and Shine Collection:

Spicy Orange Blossom Ultimate Repair Shampoo, RRP £5.99

Suited towards damaged and dry hair, Urtekram’s Ultimate Repair shampoo helps to transform hair back to its original state. Containing conditioning and nourishing jojoba oil to help the hair regain its natural strength, softness and shine, the formula is also infused with shea butter for its moisturising effect.

Tip: Create a strong foam before application by rubbing the shampoo together in hands. Allow the shampoo to rest in the hair for a minute for the orange aroma to soak deeper into the hair. Wash thoroughly and repeat.

Spicy Orange Blossom Ultimate Repair Conditioner, RRP £5.99

Spicy Orange Blossom

Suited for damaged and dry hair, the Ultimate Repair conditioner helps to condition and nourish hair. With a blend of nourishing shea butter and jojoba oil, this helps the hair to regain its strength, softness and shine, making it easier to brush. The refreshing orange blossom will leave hair feeling revived and uplifted.

Tip: For a beachy, tousled look for longer hair, bring a hairbrush into the shower and comb hair while it’s wet and the conditioner is soaking into hair. Simply rinse the conditioner out in the shower and dry hair without any further brushing. 

Spicy Orange Blossom Body Wash, RRP £6.49

Spicy Orange Blossom

Urtekram’s cleansing and softening body wash contains the alluring scent of orange blossoms perfectly balanced by warm spices to provide an uplifting experience. With the combination of aloe vera and other caring ingredients such as shea butter, almond oil to help hydrate and moisturise the skin to leave it feeling pampered.

Tip: Rub hands together with the wash before use and take a moment to breathe in the orange aroma. 90% of all energy comes from inhalation and 70% of all toxins in the body are released through exhalations so make sure to take deep breaths. 

Spicy Orange Blossom Body Lotion, RRP £6.99

Spicy Orange Blossom

Leaving behind the subtle aroma of orange blossoms mixed with warm spices, Urtekram’s Body Lotion contains nourishing ingredients to leave skin with a long-lasting silky soft feeling. With a blend of replenishing natural oils, aloe vera and shea butter to hydrate and moisturise the skin, the lotion is best used after the body wash for the ultimate self-care ritual.

The Spicy Orange Lotion can also be used as a leave-in conditioner on dry hair tips to leave hair feeling soft and smelling nice.

Tip: Use varying massage techniques depending on when the lotion is used. In the morning, use a more dynamic flow massage to increase the energy in the body by using upwards moving strokes towards the heart and when a joint is reached, use circular motions around it to create flow. In the evening, use pressure points to relax and calm the body.

Spicy Orange Blossom Hand Wash, RRP £6.99

Spicy Orange Blossom

Frequent handwashing can often leave hands feeling dry and cracked but with Urtekram’s Orange Blossom Hand Wash hands will be left feeling their best. With replenishing natural oils and aloe vera as part of the many nourishing ingredients, skin will be left feeling hydrated and moisturised.

The natural scent of orange blossoms mixed with warm spices will linger on hands after wash for an uplifting aroma.

Tip: When washing hands, remember to take a few deep breaths. Taking 5 deep breaths has a positive effect on the nervous system for up to 4-6 hours afterwards.

Spicy Orange Blossom Hand Cream, RRP £4.99

Spicy Orange Blossom

A rich and nourishing formula, Urtekram’s hand cream is easily absorbed by the skin, making it ideal for on-the-go. Containing natural ingredients such as hydrating aloe vera, moisturising shea butter and natural oils, hands will be protected throughout the day with bursts of the refreshing spicy orange scent.

Tip: After application, stretch fingers backwards to open the meridians and create flow in the body. This will help open the chakras, blood and heart energy.

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