Fodele Beach and Water Park Holiday Resort

Uncover the Wonders of Crete with the Family from Fodele Beach 

Thursday 26th Oct 2023 |

A home away from home, this largest inhabited island in Greece is a must-visit for families looking for a varied getaway with little ones with a spice of adventure and culture, tasty Greek cuisine, and some dose of sunshine in pristine beaches. 

Fodele Beach and Water Park Holiday Resort, is an expert at creating holiday experiences for groups and families with the promise that no two days are the same and there will not be any room for boredom while you stay at the resort. Check out this done-for-you itinerary for an extraordinary Greek escape and an exclusive early bird offer for 2024 bookings while it is still available! 

Experience a “Thrill-cation” with an Adrenaline Pumping Day  

For an adrenaline-filled day of adventure, families can start their day right with a trip to the resort’s waterpark early for a morning cooling splash to enliven your senses. Fodele’s waterpark is second to none, boasting some of the wettest and wildest slides in Crete and rated as one of the best in the world by global search platform Trivago. With exhilarating slides and age-appropriate splash zones, the water park is overflowing with endless adventure for children and adults to enjoy, making for the perfect place to get the heart pumping and kids jumping.  

In the afternoon, go off the grid with a beautiful and easy hike just outside the city of Heraklion. On a sunny day, an afternoon of mountain biking is also a great way to explore the island. Alternatively, stay within the resort for an afternoon of aquatic adventures, including high-impact options like jet ski, wakeboarding and flyboarding, family-friendly banana and sofa rides, or bask in the warm sunshine and open air doing parasailing. 

Under the Sea with a Magical Marine Themed Day  

Life is better down where it’s wetter. Day 2 at Fodele is perfect for a magical marine themed day packed with aquatic fun. Wake up to a spectacular breakfast buffet spread with remarkable  views of Cretan sea shores at Basikilos, the hotel’s main restaurant, offering fresh fruits and classic favourites to brighten up your day. After leaving plates empty and tummies full, the whole family can embark on a visit to the iconic CretAquarium Thalassokosmos. Only a convenient 30-minute car ride away from the resort, the CretAquarium boasts sixty tanks, showcasing the marine life in the Cretan Sea and the Mediterranean. Sharks, stingrays, octopuses and even the famous Nemo Clown anemonefish are all on display here for you to marvel at.  

Head back to the hotel for a late dinner at either Elia, with a curated a-la-carte menu serving Greek delicacies, or Ambrosia, the Italian fine dining restaurant serving a savoury multi-course meal made from seasonal produce and crafted by talented chefs. The choice is yours! 

Go from Aches to Aaahs with a Wellness Themed Day  

Embark on a journey to revitalise the body and soul, with a wellness themed day on Day 3 to reset and recuperate. Start the morning off right with Fodele’s unparalleled range of outdoor sports facilities, various ball courts and even a mini-golf course. Compete with the family and other guests with a match of beach football outside or break a sweat at the fitness center. Parents can leave the children to the company of their peers and go for an uplifting spa treatment at Aegeo Spa, situated at the heart of the resort and bathing in natural light with colourful décor. Among the amazing range of therapies and spa packages, the “Cretan Signature Treatment Collection” will leave you blissfully pampered, featuring Cretan herbal blends infused with honey, pure olive oil and grapes that give off the sweetest aromas. 

Enjoy a Vacation filled with Venture in an Exploration Themed Day  

Moving on to the last day of your Cretan escapade, bond with the family with some joyous meandering and casual beachside strolls along the golden sandy shores at Fodel beach, with powdery sand beneath your toes and the rhythm of waves and gentle sea breeze soothing your senses. Take in breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and soak in the lush surroundings of aromatic gardens and olive groves at the resort. 

Venture out in the afternoon either to the Knossos Palace, where you can unravel the ancient wonder and legends of the mythical King Minos and the Minotaur come to life, or for an enchanting exploration of Rethymno, a town radiant with rich Cretan history and interesting artifacts. The picturesque old town is known for its labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets, Vernerian architecture and a vibrant local atmosphere.  

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