Tips on Maintaining a Tidy and Uncluttered Home for Seniors 

Friday 09th Feb 2024 |

Any of us can become overwhelmed by clutter during a hectic week. However, even having the time, physical and cognitive changes in seniors can make maintaining daily organization and housekeeping duties challenging. Here are some tips from experts on how to assist seniors in keeping their homes tidy, whether you’re focused on spring cleaning or have observed that your elderly loved one is having trouble keeping up with deep cleaning and organization during your house cleaning in Los Angeles

To start assisting seniors in maintaining a tidy and secure environment, consider the following: 

  1. Eliminate risks. 

Stacks of newspapers, unsecured rugs, and tangled cords are a few things that should be removed or dealt with right away because they can harm elders. To keep cords contained, tuck them under all lamps and electronics during your housekeeping process. 

All rugs should have slip-resistant mats underneath them You should take out rugs that provide a tripping risk and explain why. Tell them that you don’t mind if they have wonderful things, but you need them to be safe, whether it’s a loose corner that won’t stay down or threads that are catching a walker. 

  1. Get rid of any old food in the refrigerator and pantry. 

Examine the expiration dates and any signs of freezer burn on the food you have in the refrigerator and freezer. If your elderly loved ones enjoy bulk purchasing, discuss this with them so they are aware of what they are missing. In addition to preventing illness from consuming outdated food, doing away with it makes deep cleaning the pantry, fridge, and freezer simpler. 

  1. Donate anything that isn’t being used. 

Don’t talk about “throwing out” things to make it easier for seniors to get rid of clutter around the house. Give them a reason why someone else needs it instead of truly assisting them in downsizing. Whether it’s the veteran charity, a children’s hospital, or the church your senior attends, pick a location to donate stuff that has a special connection to them. When we are concerned about the recipient, it is simpler to part with stuff. 

  1. Set specific days aside for certain housekeeping tasks. 

In every part of caregiving life, routines and timetables are essential. By carrying out these tasks on certain days, you can keep track of when they need to be done and ensure that the space for the elderly is generally maintained so that you don’t have to do everything in one day. 

Consider designating Tuesday as trash day so that the garbage bag from the used diaper pail can be emptied, Wednesday as recycling day so that all of the newspapers from the old person’s room can be removed, and Monday as a day for doing the laundry together. You can still apply this advice if your elderly loved one lives alone by making a daily cleaning routine and posting it on the refrigerator. 

How to assist seniors in getting organized: 

  1. All damaged things should be fixed. 

Fixing things that are broken is the best place to start when trying to assist elders to stay organized, whether it’s a leaky dishwasher or a loose cabinet hinge. These minute details indirectly contribute to clutter. To make up for it, add something else or use a different area to complete the task at hand. 

Print a list of plumbers, carpenters, and other maintenance personnel and display it somewhere where it is visible and accessible to assist elders in addressing repairs.  In this manner, repairs can be made right away if something breaks. 

  1. Medications should be organized by user, dose, and schedule. 

People should forgo the medicine cabinet and opt instead for labels and clear boxes when it comes to organizing prescriptions for senior citizens. Your maid service Sacramento can indicate the names of the clear bins separately. Label the medication’s top as well. 

Take at 3 a.m., for instance, may be written on one label. Medication containers should be organized according to schedule, with meds at the front, weekly ones in the back, and so forth. In this manner, seniors will be able to see what they need to take each morning at a glance. 

  1. Hire a housekeeping service.  

Caregivers should look for trustworthy housekeeping or maid services for elderly people who can no longer do all the household chores and cannot downsize to a senior assisted living home. By doing this, you can prevent clutter and make sure that the areas of the house that get the most traffic are cleaned often. 

  1. Label the things in the pantry and laundry room. 

Take the time to name everything in your elderly loved ones’ home, from salt and sugar to bleach and laundry detergent, if you have noticed that their vision is deteriorating. Then, keep goods that might mix up apart from one another. 

Therefore, always remember that the best way to assist elders in maintaining a tidy and orderly house is to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. The greatest thing to do first is to get rid of dangerous and unnecessary objects during your house cleaning in Bellevue. Finally, concentrate on developing organizational systems. Both changes will make the household happier and healthier.