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Wednesday 12th May 2021 |

Perfect for alfresco dining with loved ones, Coombe Farm Organic is launching a new range of organic BBQ meat boxes and a classic summer BBQ collection.

Whether you love the sizzle of a sumptuous steak, skewering kebabs and koftas, layering the ultimate burger, or relish the slow cooking a classic brisket, the team at independent Coombe Farm Organic in Somerset has carefully selected the choicest cuts to make your barbecue sensational.

The organic meat from Coombe Farm Organic is blast frozen at the point of butchery locking in all the freshness, flavour and nutritional value. Delivered frozen in perfect portion sizes, the organic meat can be bought ahead giving ultimate convenience – no need to worry about the weather! To make life easier, you can also add organic condiments, burger buns and seasoning spice rubs.

Coombe Farm Organic

Lee Hughes, Head of Butchery at Coombe Farm Organic comments, “We’re Soil Association accredited so you can be confident that every process from farm to fork, is carefully managed with rigorous standards. Our fields are not spread or sprayed with weedkillers or fertilizers and all our animals are ethically reared, living active, free-range lives on sustainable farms. Our butchery team minimise any potential waste by making the most of every carcass and we only add the finest organic herbs and spices to enhance the taste of the slow grown meat in our sausages and burgers. Whether you’re after classic crowd-pleasers or want to show off your grill skills to the max, because our organic meat is packed full of more flavour than conventionally farmed meat, you can look forward to savouring every mouthful.”

Highlights of the new organic BBQ range include:

Organic Barbecue Boxes The Coombe Farm Organic team have curated a selection of organic meat and essentials for your barbecue for the complete alfresco dining experience. As the meat is delivered frozen, ordering a box is perfect to help with planning ahead or versatile for spontaneous gatherings. There is a 10% saving built into the price of each box.

The Small Organic Barbecue Box – £45 includes: 

  • Organic Beef Sirloin Steak 225g x 2
  • Organic Chicken Drumsticks 480g
  • Organic Diced Lamb for Kebabs 250g
  • Organic Diced Steak for Kebabs 250g
  • Organic Pork Sausages 66g x 6
  • Organic Beef Burgers 140g x 2
  • Organic Tomato Ketchup 270ml x 1
Coombe Farm Organic

The Large Organic Barbecue Box – £94 includes:

  • Organic Chicken Legs 250g x 8
  • Organic Chicken Drum Sticks 480g
  • Organic Chicken Wings 1kg
  • Organic Pork Spare Ribs 500g
  • Organic Beef Burgers 140g x 4
  • Organic Chicken Burgers 140g x 4
  • Organic Pork Sausages 66g x 6
  • Organic Diced Lamb for Kebabs 250g
  • Organic Diced Steak for Kebabs 250g
  • Organic Tomato Ketchup 270ml
  • Organic Dijon Mustard 270ml
  • Organic White Rolls x 8

The Organic Barbecue Staples Box – £17.50, includes: 

  • Organic Beef Burgers 140g x 4
  • Organic Pork Sausages 66g x 6
  • Organic White Rolls x 4
  • Organic Tomato Ketchup 270ml

Organic Ribs & Wings

Organic Duck Wings – Serves 2, 575g (pack of 4), £4.99. Grown slowly in a free-range system following Soil Association regulations, our ducks live natural and active lives grazing, flapping and dabbling at will. This helps them develop robust skeletons and powerful muscles resulting in flavour and hearty texture. The dark yet sweet meat works beautifully with spicy or fruity flavours and there’s a surprisingly rewarding amount of meat to pick off our duck wings.

Organic Pork Ribs – Serves 2, 500g, £6.95. Well known as a deep-south barbecue staple or a sticky-fingered Chinese classic, organic spare ribs are versatile and juicy. We supply our ribs in sheets so you can choose to cook them as a joint or chop them up into individual bones. 

Organic Beef Short Ribs – Serves 3, 2 x 350g, £10.50. Cut from between the flank and brisket on the lower side of the beef carcass, beef short ribs are meaty and hearty, perfectly layered with thick marbled meat and soft melting fat. They’ll happily absorb strong or spicy flavours so try marinating them overnight to maximise complex flavours.

Coombe Farm Organic

Showstopping Joints 

Organic Pork Boston Butt – Serves 8, 2kg, £32.00

Cook low and slow, this is the perfect joint for juicy pulled pork because of its delicious fat marbling to keep the meat moist and tender while cooking. Pair with a classic BBQ sauce and serve in crusty rolls. Add a crunchy slaw and buttered corn for a showstopper for your BBQ feast.

Organic Spatchcock Chicken – Serves 6, 1.9kg, £22.45

Our organic birds are reared in Pembrokeshire and are fully free range and eat a wholly natural diet, free from growth promoters or unnecessary drugs. Let the spatchcock chicken soak up a marinade before cooking – try flavours of olive oil, thyme and lemon or opt for hot chilli with garlic, lemongrass, and sesame oil. It will take about 30 minutes to cook over white hot coals – keep an eye open and move it around to avoid the skin charring.

Organic Butterflied Leg of Lamb – Serves 4, 1kg, £23.00

Our expert butchers have meticulously removed the bones, leaving the various muscles of the leg joined and with a thin layer of superficial fat. It can be cooked flat on the BBQ to give it a crispy skin and pink juicy meat. Marinate the meat overnight in lemon juice, olive oil, fresh mint, oregano and garlic. Season then sizzle over white-hot coals turning once or twice until the skin is crisp and the internal temperature is about 52 degrees centigrade. Wrap the meat in foil and let it rest for about 20 minutes. During this time it will continue to cook in the residual heat. Carve across the grain and serve with a lush tomato salad and mango salsa.

Coombe Farm Organic

Organic Point-End Brisket – Serves 8, 2kg, £26.50

The ultimate crowd-pleaser, point-end brisket comes from the chest area of the cow near the front legs. This is the main muscle that supports the weight of the animal as it stands and moves around, making it a hard-worked muscle with high fat content. Cook low and slow for melt in the mouth delicious meat that is easily shredded with a fork.

Sizzling Steaks All the steaks are cut from organic grass-fed beef reared on the Coombe Farm estate and are matured on the bones to deliver pure, distinctive flavour every time. Choose from organic beef rib-eye, organic sirloin on the bone, organic beef flat iron, organic beef picanha or organic beef hangar steak. Prices start from £6.00 per steak.

Organic Burgers As well as classic organic beef, organic retired dairy beef, organic chilli beef burgers, and organic pork and rosemary burgers, choose from: 

Organic Borough Broth Co. Beef Burgers – Serves 2, 2 x 140g, £5.00

A splash of rich and intensely flavoured beef stock has been added to our organic beef mince resulting in a moist burger full of intense and succulent beefy flavour. Cook on a super-hot griddle or over hot white coals until the outside is golden brown and there is just a blush of pink inside. Add thinly sliced avocado and a crumbling of blue cheese or cut through the beef richness with some sweet pickled red cabbage or a zesty citrus dressed salad.

Organic Lamb and Mint Burgers – Serves 2, 2 x 140g, £5.50

Our sheep are grass fed and we don’t feed them any concentrate or grains. This is because ruminant animals are perfectly adapted to get all the ingredients they need from grass. We finely grind our lamb mince to give a meaty burger with a great texture and they are not bulked out with breads or cereals as filler so they don’t crumble on cooking. Try as an alternative to beef burgers served in a warm pitta with a drizzle of tzatziki and an olive-packed Greek salad or serve with rosemary roasted sweet potato fries and a zesty minted mayo.

Organic Beef Koftas – 4 x 100g, £4.75

Made with a combination of smoked brisket and unsmoked chunk and flank, these koftas pack a punch. Cook them quickly – a couple of minutes on each side is all that is needed and serve in a flatbread with a spicy cabbage slaw or lemon dressed crisp green salad.

Organic Sausages 

Choose from a variety of organic sausages made from organic pork, lamb, beef, venison and chicken. Whether you like to pop your bangers on the barbecue or prefer to oven bake, the delicious sausages will be sensational with their natural tasty flavour enhanced with a little organic herbs and spices.

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