ThinK Wine

ThinK Wine: A Vegan, Organic, Low-Sugar, Low-Carb Healthier Choice Prosecco 

Wednesday 17th Apr 2024 |

ThinK Wine is an award-winning brand of Prosecco and sparkling rosé that offers consumers a healthier alternative to full sugar competitors, without compromising on taste or losing percentage volume. It has been wowing judges in blind taste tests.  

Available to buy from, ThinK Wine has just 75 calories and 0g carbs, 0g fat, with 0.58g of residual sugar per 125ml (this is legally classed as zero sugar by UK standards), while still retaining an ABV of 11%. The product contains no artificial sweeteners or ingredients. 

ThinK Wine has a fresh and revitalising finish, despite the health-conscious benefits.  All of the brand’s wines are 100% vegan/organic and are low in sulphites. The brand currently has two main product lines, with more product development in the pipeline for 2024. 

ThinK Prosecco – Organic Vegan Sparkling Wine – £20.99

Available to buy:

ThinK Prosecco is a vegan and organic sparkling wine with both reduced sugar and calories.  

It is made from the finest Glera grapes from the heart of Treviso, north-east Italy for a Prosecco that is fresh, satisfying and luxurious. Its appearance is fine and persistent perlage, straw yellow colour. On the nose its intense bouquet with light notes of green apple and citrus. The taste is fresh, aromatic and elegant, with light notes of bread crust and green apple. 

ThinK Prosecco is a delicious complement to fried fish, tempura vegetables, tofu and fine meat. 

ThinK Pink – Organic Vegan Sparkling Rosé – £20.99

Available to buy:

ThinK Pink is a Pinot Grigio sparkling rosé. It is a vegan and organic sparkling wine with both reduced sugar and calories. ThinK Pink is made from the finest Pinot Grigio grapes from the heart of Treviso, north-east Italy. Its appearance is fine and persistent perlage with a light pink colour.  

On the nose its refined bouquet is characterised by delicate hints of strawberry, gooseberries and pink grapefruit. The palate is fresh and delicate with a soft mousse. 

ThinK Prosecco pairs nicely with fish, vegetable and tofu dishes with light sauces 

ThinK Wine Founder, Kath Jones

33-year-old Kath Jones from Aigburth, Liverpool, is the female wine entrepreneur behind the brand. Kath’s own struggle to lose a few extra pounds, along with a huge shift in behaviour towards veganism, ketogenic lifestyles and a growing number of people cutting sugar from their diets, prompted her to create ThinK Wine.

Customer feedback highlighted strong demand for an alternative to sugary, calorie-packed alcoholic drinks which use sugar to mask the flavour of low-quality grapes and are often the only option available. 

Kath has been selling direct to customers via the ThinK Wine website with the product available in a number of exclusive bars and restaurants.

Speaking about the reasons why she created the product, founder Kath Jones said:

“I know this concept is a winner,” Kath explains. “I made it for myself, but it’s turning into a hugely popular product. When people try it, they love it! They can’t believe it is a low sugar product.

“People are increasingly health conscious, they are more switched on to things like sugar addiction, additives and sulphites, but they also still want to be able to enjoy a drink now and again. With no palatable alternative available on the market, I felt moved to create something. That’s how ThinK Wine was born, and we’ve been growing ever since.” 

Kath has been on a journey of discovery from the outset of her mission to bring ThinK Wine to fruition. As well as getting her products onto drinks menus is also keen to change people’s perceptions of Prosecco. She continues, 

“Done right, Prosecco is a premium product; it doesn’t have to be filled with sugar, or worse, artificial sweeteners and sugar alternatives. The problem is that much of the cheaper Prosecco that is readily available uses sugar to mask the quality of the grape. It is giving this fabulous drink a bad name; but it doesn’t have to be that way.  

“We’re not using sweeteners or artificial ingredients instead of sugar either, I want to be very clear on that. When you choose a premium quality grape, the natural flavour is all you need. 

 “Unfortunately, at the moment, there just aren’t enough viable healthier choice sparkling wines out there that also deliver on taste. Quality is everything to our team at ThinK Wine. We’re all Prosecco drinkers so that gives us a competitive edge in creating the perfect blend of flavours.” 

Kath is now on a mission to launch her unique brand of premium, award-winning low-sugar, low-carb, vegan, 11% ABV prosecco and sparkling rose to the nation, with the goal of helping facilitate consumers’ healthier lifestyle choices.  

As a business, ThinK Wine operates as sustainably as possible and as of March 2023 ThinK Wine Group has been a certified B-Corporation. 

ThinK Wine Origins

Kath is already the founder/owner of a successful influencer marketing agency. Six years ago, she noticed a gap in the market when she found that attending constant parties and launches through her work took its toll on her waistline. In trying to shift some extra pounds while still navigate the social aspects of her job, she had her lightbulb moment.  

What if there was a Prosecco that you could drink without breaking a low sugar or low-calorie lifestyle and without fear of weight gain and bloating? But crucially, one that tastes great. 

After consulting with her client-base, some of the UK’s biggest online influencers and celebrities, she confirmed that the idea was a winner.  

“I work with a lot of celebrities and influencers in my ‘day job’ and I honestly haven’t found one of them that thinks that having a healthier Prosecco on menus is a bad idea. They have busy schedules attending launches and events in the evenings; they all agree that a less calorific version of their favourite fizz should be an option. But we’re not just reliant on word of mouth, as a brand we’ve conducted extensive market research, and the outcome is always the same. A resounding yes please!”  

“My job now is to bring some positive changes to Prosecco lovers across the country.” 

ThinK Wine is available in a number of bars and restaurants including Pullman Hotel Liverpool, ACC arena Liverpool, Pendergast’s Warrington, Castle Street Townhouse, Chester Townhouse and Hope and Smoke. 

The brand has continually outperformed its full sugar and non-vegan/organic competitors in blind taste tests and has won the following awards: People’s Choice Wine Awards 2022 (silver), London Wine Competition 2022 (bronze), Glass of Bubbly 2022 (silver), The Drinks Business Global Pinot Grigio Masters 2020 (bronze) and Las Vegas Global Wine Awards (silver), as well as gaining a 4.96 rating on Judge Me. 

Sugar free/ Vegan/ Keto – a growing segment with many health benefits 

The global reduced sugar food & beverages market size was valued at USD 46.18 billion in 2021 and is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9% from 2022 to 2030.  

A major factor in the growth of the market is the increasing demand for healthy and low-sugar foods and drinks due to the rising health concerns, such as obesity and diabetes, created by regular consumption of high-fructose food & drinks. 

The Vegetarian Society reports that reports there are just over 3 million vegetarian and vegans (adults and children over the age of 18 months) in the UK.  

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends adults should have no more than six teaspoons of sugar a day. 

A study by WHO found significant harmful associations between sugar consumption and several outcomes, including asthmadiabetesobesityheart diseasedepression and some cancers. 

More than 2.4 million people are at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes in the UK based on blood sugar levels. An estimate 850,000 people are currently living with type 2 diabetes but are yet to be diagnosed.