Makeup Removal And Cleansing

The Importance Of Daily Makeup Removal And Cleansing For Healthy Skin

Monday 08th Jan 2024 |

Maintaining healthy skin through daily makeup removal is crucial for a radiant complexion. Cleansing not only eliminates makeup residues, but also removes dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants that accumulate throughout the day. Failure to cleanse can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and dullness. Additionally, regular cleansing allows the skin to breathe and regenerate overnight. By prioritizing this simple yet essential step in our skincare routine, we can ensure a healthier and more vibrant complexion in the long run.

Effective makeup removal involves key steps to ensure a thorough cleansing routine. Start by using a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type. Massage it onto your face in circular motions to dissolve makeup and impurities. Pay extra attention to areas like the T-zone and along the hairline. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Finally, tone your skin to remove any remaining residue and restore its pH balance.

Daily cleansing is crucial for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. By removing dirt, oil, and impurities accumulated throughout the day, cleansing prevents clogged pores and breakouts. It also helps to remove dead skin cells, promoting cell turnover and revealing a fresh complexion. Furthermore, regular cleansing allows skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin, maximizing their effectiveness. With consistent daily cleansing, one can achieve healthier and more vibrant skin in the long run.

Check out our roundup of products to help cleanse away the day and leave your with brighter, healthier skin…

RINGANA FRESH Cleansing Milk

The FRESH cleanser’s new formulation removes dirt particles and make-up gently yet thoroughly and it’s also COSMOS-certified as an organic and natural skin care product. 

Sesame oil contains lots of natural antioxidants and has long been used for skin care, e.g. in Ayurveda. Green tea extract cleanses thoroughly, yet is gentle on the skin. A special plant complex used by RINGANA with sweet clover, jojoba and ginkgo stabilises the natural protective acid mantle. Chia seed oil helps the skin to store moisture, while almond kernel oil and grape seed oil pamper the skin.

Apply FRESH cleanser to damp skin, neck and cleavage in the morning and at night, and massage in. Then rinse off with warm water and tone skin with FRESH tonic pure or FRESH tonic calm.

Wild Beauty Cleansing Balm with Wild Berries 

The new Wild Beauty Cleansing Balm with Wild Berries is  rich in Vitamin E, known to reduce the signs of ageing, and contains Rose Otto Essential Oil to moisturise and soothe and antioxidant-rich Wild Berries from the Rhug Estate, to brighten and protect.  A key product to add to your daily skin routine in winter. 

RRP £65 / Available via / / Wolf & Badger /Fortnum & Mason / John Bell & Croyden 

Inspired by the wild beauty of Rhug, the skincare collection is a unique story of organic security and provenance, blended with modern principles of function and sustainability. The Rhug team has harnessed natural, wild foraged and organic ingredients with the benefits of natural actives for the collection. Their chosen ingredients contain essential vitamins and minerals, while fragrances are 100% natural and made using essential oils. Made in the UK with integrity and care for the environment, using recyclable materials. Each element from the ingredients through to the packaging goes through a considered process to ensure it meets the Estate’s long established high sustainability standards before being approved for use.

ESK Calming Cleanser

ESK Calming Cleanser is a creamy, soap-free cleanser for skin that needs a gentle, silky wash.  It’s coconut based with soothing botanicals including Aloe Vera, Lavender, Rose, Soy extract and Orchid that leaves your skin clear and hydrated. It may also be used as a makeup remover.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo’s (RSP £3)

There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a night out, only to find your make-up brushes are coated in a week’s worth of excess product, bacteria, oil, and dirt.

Gentle for kids, adults and even makeup brushes, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo’s (RSP £3) formula works like magic to remove excess product, oil and dirt, so that you can cleanse your brushes for the perfect base!

YOUR gorgeous SKIN 3 in 1 cleansing balm

YOUR gorgeous SKIN 3 in 1 cleansing balm contains up-cycled ethically sourced Papaya Seed Oil that carefully nourishes and resurfaces the skin. Use 3 ways, as a gentle first cleanse, as your second cleanse and to remove waterproof mascara and high pigmented makeup.

Excess sebum, dirt and excessive oils are gently removed to help create a smooth and soft canvas. Olive Oil expertly hydrates the skin, intensely moisturises, and provides repairing and protective qualities for the skin. Jojoba Oil provides antioxidant properties and delicately heals and conditions the skin.

Can be used on both wet or dry skin, as a gentle or double cleanse. Apply a small amount, ensuring to focus on eye and lips if wearing make-up. Remove with water or for a deeper cleanse use a face cloth. 

Slow Ageing Essential Gentle Cleanser, RRP £27

A light, luxurious and ultra-effective cleanser containing naturally nourishing coconut oil to leave every complexion fresh, soft and clear. With a 3-tier active antioxidant essential oils to gently yet thoroughly remove all traces of makeup, sebum, daily grime and pollution. The cleanser rids skin of all impurities for a clear, bright complexion; calms, soothes, balances and rejuvenates; softens, smooths and increases radiance; and nourishes and softens the epidermis.

Athletia Treatment Cleansing Oil, RRP £42

A makeup removing cleanser with natural botanical oils which dissolves waterproof makeup and speedily rinses away. A comforting, thick, melt-on-your-skin texture which can also be used on waterproof makeup.

Contains uplifting scents of juicy grapefruit and lemon, invigorating juniper berry and eucalyptus.

Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Brighten Cleansing Oil, RRP £14

Introducing Super Facialist’s best-selling Skin Renew Cleansing Oil, formulated for all skin types to unlock beautifully clean and radiant skin. Powered by an expert blend of super nourishing oils, skin-brightening Vitamin C and Vitamin E, an effective antioxidant. The unique cleansing oil-to-milk texture breaks down make-up, daily impurities and pollution, for a super-soft, clean, bright complexion.

Evolve Organic Beauty Gentle Cleansing Melt 

This luxurious certified COSMOS Organic cleansing balm contains nourishing organic Baobab oil that soothes and hydrates, whilst effectively cleansing skin and melting away makeup at the end of the day. Natural sugar extracts gently combine with water to turn into a creamy milk that rinses away clean, leaving skin cleansed, calm and hydrated.

Djusie  Liquid Silk Cleansing Oil 

Liquid Silk is a smooth and invigorating cleansing oil. It’s an excellent choice for all skin types and ages – and leaves both oily and dry skin perfectly clean, bright, and balanced. Both functional and luscious, Liquid Silk rinses effortlessly with water and removes waterproof makeup with ease.

The fruity, fresh, and nuanced aroma comes from the essential oils of lime, red grapefruit, jasmine, and geranium. This sophisticated combination has an elevating and refreshing effect on both skin and mood.

 Balmonds Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil

A rosehip and calendula oil-based cleanser that conditions, nourishes and moisturises all in one, Balmonds Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil is a 100% natural alternative to foaming cleansers, perfect for sensitive or eczema-prone skin. Its low-comedogenic, fragrance-free formula which won’t clog pores and is certified by the Vegan Society.

Balmonds Skin Salvation

Balmonds award-winning hero is an all-natural multipurpose hemp and beeswax balm, which can be used in a multitude of ways to look after dry, sore or super sensitive skin. Dermatologist-approved for eczema-prone skin, it works wonders as a makeup remover around the eyes, effectively removing mascara and eyeshadow without irritation.