Miller Harris; Head into Spring with these uplifting scents

Tuesday 02nd Mar 2021 |

With the arrival of Spring comes the hope of blossoming florals, blue skies, and a sign of brighter days to come. Heading into a new season is the perfect time to switch up your fragrance.

Changes in temperature have an impact on our own natural scent, meaning our go-to perfume will develop a different scent as it mixes with our natural odour.

Equally, spring and summer lend themselves to lighter, more floral scents. Miller Harris has you covered with a selection of fresh and uplifting fragrances to see you through the warmer months.

NEW La Feuille Eau de Parfum – £160 (100ml) (from the NEW Miller Harris Private Collection)

The bright essence of greenhouse, in a scented essay to the seasonal journey of the leaf and a love of British nature.  A medley of sun dappled green leaves, ivy, oak and wonderfully aromatic tomato mingle with ripe red berries and juicy blackcurrants to produce a gloriously uplifting and unusual fragrance. Our founders love of nature from an early age inspired La Feuille as a scented essay on the leaf. The circular nature of the leaf’s journey is explored here from the ripe spring to the forest floor in Autumn. 

Wander Through The Parks Eau de Parfum – £140 (100ml)

Instantly evocative of a stroll through London’s parks, this sparkling, green scent is inspired by the fresh nettles that appear as if from nowhere. Before flowering, their spikey greens are smoothed, while the sappy earthiness of the stems blends with zesty fruit. A joyful unisex fragrance, fresh notes of pine grapefruit and juicy mandarin balance the distinctive fragrance of the nettle.

Tea Tonique Eau de Parfum – £110 (100ml)

Instantly uplifting, Tea Tonique is inspired by a trip to a tea plantation. The scent immediately evokes the early morning mist rolling over rows of shrubs, bringing with it a sparkling and refreshing zest from the crisp leaves. This fragrance captivates the senses with its infusion of Italian bergamot and floral earl grey. The earthy intensity of mate and smokey facets of birch anchor the cooling spice of nutmeg, which provides a surprising contrast to this delicate perfume

Secret Gardenia Eau de Parfum – £115 (100ml)

Inspired by the beauty of London’s secret gardens, this fragrance embodies the hidden lustre of gardenia in a clear, bright and sensual ode to the purest of white flowers. Cool and fresh, it opens to pillowy scents of gardenia petals, zesty yuzu and nashi pear. Sensual jasmine and ylang-ylang warm the heart, while a base of creamy sandalwood and delicate musks anchor this spring-like scent.

Rose Silence Eau de Parfum – £110 (100ml)

A contemporary take on the classic rose fragrance, Rose Silence captures the pure blossom of blushing ivory petals and evokes a moment of calm and serenity. The delicate sensation of cashmere merges with fresh petals that caress bare skin. A sweet resonance of blackcurrant and mandarin lift the floral notes whilst sandalwood and musk evoke the warming scent of sun-kissed skin.

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