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The Best Time to Book Your Flights Online for 2024

Tuesday 02nd Jan 2024 |

Timing is everything: use these tips and tricks to score a deal on your 2024 flights

As soon as the holiday season is over, people start planning their summer vacations. We’re sure you’re keen to snap up bargains and save as much money as possible, so we spoke to Jason Higgs, the Senior Deals Strategist at Bountii, who advised us  on the optimal time to book flights for a 2024 getaway.


Flights tend to be cheaper in the middle of the week, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. Weekend bookings usually cost more due to higher demand, so try to avoid Saturday and Sunday flights if you can 

Monitoring the price trends for your proposed break will help you identify the best day to book. Because mid-week bookings often have more availability, you may also be able to access more flexible travel options.

3-6 Months in Advance

Booking three to six months in advance can help you catch early bird discounts and promotional offers. If you set up alerts on travel and airline websites, you can be informed about price drops or special deals, and if you’re flexible with your travel dates, you can capitalise on unexpected discounts that won’t be available later on. This is what makes immediately after Christmas a great time to book, especially if you’re targeting a May or June departure.

At the Last Minute

Airlines often reduce prices on unsold seats close to the departure date to ensure maximum occupancy. However, relying on last-minute deals can be risky, especially during peak travel seasons or for destinations where availability is limited. If you’re not careful you might find yourself staying somewhere subpar, or in a bad location – or in the worst case scenario, not being able to fly to your chosen destination at all!

Looking for last-minute deals tends to work best when you’re flexible about where and when you’re going on vacation. Booking very close to your travel date is always a gamble, but if you get lucky, you could score an amazing deal!

Target Off-Peak Seasons

Avoiding major holidays, school breaks, and peak tourist seasons can yield much cheaper fares. For instance, flying in January or February when travel demand is lower often results in much cheaper prices than flying in August when demand is at its peak. 

Additionally, flying on the actual holiday – like Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day – can also be more economical.

Use Flight Comparison Tools

Flight comparison tools allow you to make broad comparisons across different airlines, dates, and routes, helping you see who’s offering the best combination for the vacation you’re planning. Prices on these platforms can change rapidly though, so regular checks might be required to catch a good deal. 

These tools often offer features like price alerts, which notify you when prices drop for your preferred route, making it easier to book at the right moment.

Jason says, ‘The key is to be strategic with your research and to sign up for notifications. If you get the timing right, you’ll have more money to spend on your vacation.’ That’s what all of us want to hear! Keep these tips in mind while you’re dreaming of your next summer vacation, and we’re sure you’ll have the time of your life – without breaking the bank!

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