Staycation Season; Tips for the sassy solo traveller

Saturday 22nd May 2021 |

Whilst some of us will want to book that big group getaway, for others the liberation of a solo staycation will be front of mind.

Whether you’re escaping from flat mates, or simply want to get out of town and meet some new people, the experts at Point A Hotels have prepared some tips for the solo traveller to help you make the most of your adventure.

Tips for the solo traveller – Tick-off the things you want to do –

A solo staycation is the perfect moment to try something you’ve always wanted to do which your fellow holidaymakers have not been so keen on. Whether it’s trying out yoga classes for the first time or taking the plunge with some wild swimming, make sure to seize the opportunity and try something new. 

Tips for the solo traveller – Embrace personal growth –

Don’t feel pressured to ‘find yourself’, but being a solo vacationer does give you more scope than a regular holiday to genuinely learn something new about yourself. Remove yourself from the distractions and commitments of everyday life and allow yourself time at the end of your trip to really reflect and see if there are any experiences that appear more important to you than before.

Tips for the solo traveller – Celebrate being in your own company –

If you’ve got a packed itinerary try and give yourself some down-time at the end of each day to unwind. Try and appreciate the luxury of not having to worry about WFH – or simply enjoy the liberation from lockdown with flatmates or family. Doing so will mean you return from your break well rested, rather than exhausted.

Tips for the solo traveller – Scope out the best social spots –

Solo staycations are a great way to meet new people, something loads of us will be keen to do post-lockdown. Checking out the local pub or hitting a few nearby bars allows you to interact with other people and develop meaningful relationships in a friendly environment. You can also ask staff at your hotel, or your host if you’re staying in private accommodation, where they’d recommend for the best places to hangout closeby . 

Tips for the solo traveller – Stay on top of your bills –

As you don’t have any fellow adventurers to split the bills with on a solo staycation, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re not leaving yourself at the mercy of any Covid cancellations. If you’re making bookings in advance, make sure they have a flexible refund policy in place. Some companies, like us at Point A Hotels, are offering staycation guarantees, but it’s always worth checking in advance to avoid disappointment.