Staycation saving tips; We love these penny pinching ideas

Saturday 08th May 2021 |

Brits desperate for a summer holiday are being offered tips on how to save money on a staycation.

The penny-pinching pros over at Net Voucher Codes have collated expert advice on how to keep the cost of UK holidays down.

With most Brits staying put this summer, recommendations include booking trips early to catch the cheapest prices and scouring the internet for discount codes to save some money.

Holiday makers should also stock up on petrol at stations with lower prices and pay for bigger bills with their credit card, to add extra spending security.

A spokesperson for Net Voucher Codes said: “Many people will opt for a staycation in the UK this year due to Coronavirus restrictions and uncertainties.  With the wealth of gorgeous places to visit in the UK once restrictions are lifted, we thought we’d put together a guide on how to make the trip as cost effective as possible. Families can make lots of little savings by shopping smart for petrol and taking their old toiletries with them.”

Staycation saving tips – Discount codes

Many of the big tour operators and caravan parks provide discount codes for their holidays on top of offering free child places and last-minute deals. These codes can help save big bucks on family holidays to destinations all over the UK. To find the most up to date codes, visit Net Voucher Codes before you hit the ‘book holiday now’ button

Staycation saving tips – Pay on a credit card

Choosing to pay with a credit card is the safest way to book a holiday. Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act means the card company become liable if anything goes wrong. For example, if the holiday resort goes bust, the card company can reimburse. But make sure to always pay credit cards off in full by the end of each month to avoid any interest charges.

Staycation saving tips – Stay with friends or family

Those lucky enough to have someone to host them could save a lot of money staycation trips. Consider asking to stay at a friend or family member’s house, or even in their caravan or summer house if they have one. Because a lot of people haven’t enjoyed a trip outside of their city for the best part of a year, a previously mundane trip to see family will be a highlight of the year.

Staycation saving tips – Take your own toiletries

For some reason, us Brits feel the need to buy everything brand new when packing for our holiday. It’s unnecessary, especially for a staycation. An easy way to save money is by packing products from the bathroom that need using up or are about to expire. When it comes to sun cream, there is no need to splash out on expensive brands that do that exact same job as the cheaper counterpart. Some brands claim to offer better protection when in reality they’re the exact same as cheaper alternatives, many of which you could pick up in pound shops or budget supermarkets.

Staycations usually require a dedicated driver, so it is important to take the cost of petrol into account as well. Use loyalty points, if you have them, and keep an eye out for cheap petrol prices on the road; the discrepancy between service stations is surprisingly erratic. Generally, should you need to stop for petrol on the way, try and make it somewhere like a supermarket forecourt, as the prices tend to be lower than they are in motorway service stations. 

Staycation saving tips – Book in advance

This advice may seem on the contrary in these uncertain times, however leaving it late to book could result in holiday makers not being able to get the dates they want or secure the holiday park or place they have been dreaming of. Being organised pays off and booking holidays up to a year in advance can save a fortune – especially if you’re travelling as a family or large group with term time dates to take into consideration!

Staycation saving tips – Self-cater

Spending on meals out, coffees and drinks all adds up at an extraordinary rate. Although many of us are looking forward to enjoying a meal out, an alfresco picnic, barbecue or cooking up a delicious meal in your holiday accommodation can be loads of fun too. Prioritise self-catering accommodation to cook meals in.

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