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Sport Fishing in Florida: The Best Places

Sunday 19th Jun 2022 |

Part of the appeal of visiting the United States is the vast array of regions with natural and geographic diversity. Whether you are interested in mountaineering or trekking, desert landscapes, or crystal clear waters, America can provide visitors with world-class options.  

If the mention of beautiful, serene waters caught your eye, you may be wondering where the best places in the U.S. are for an aquatic adventure. From sailing and surfing to fishing, beaches and waters are teeming with marine life all up and down the eastern and western seaboard.   

Hawai’i is famous for its resorts, and California is well known for its beach culture but Florida is undoubtedly the state that can offer it all. Travelers coming from abroad may be wondering if they are required to hold a visa to visit the Sunshine State.  

Fortunately, since the United States is exactly what its name suggests, i.e. a collection of states, it is one country. This means that acquiring a visa or visa waiver for America grants you access to all 50 states.  

So, what is the visa waiver for the United States?  

The U.S. government introduced a visa waiver program (VWP) that allows eligible passport holders to apply for and receive permission to enter America via an online portal. The VWP grants successful applicants an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).  

Since the program is virtual instead of in-person, there is no doubt that visiting Florida with the ESTA is the simplest and best option.  

All that prospective travelers have to do is visit the online portal. Once there, applicants must provide American travel authorities with their passport details, some other personal information, and a recent passport-sized photograph. After that, they must pay a non-refundable fee via debit or credit card and wait a short time to receive their approved ESTA.  

Big Game Fishing in Florida: Where Should You Go

When perusing a list of the best foods in Florida, one thing sticks out: the numerous options for seafood. That makes sense considering that Florida has the second-largest coastline of any U.S. state.  

Found among those waters are some of the best spots in the world for big-game fishing. Adventurous anglers can find spectacular Floridian fish like marlin, sailfish, tuna, swordfish, wahoo, and more.  

Deciding what type of fish you want to catch will inform your choice about where in Florida you should go.  

Destin, in northwest Florida, is a great place to go if you find yourself in the Panhandle, which is the northern section of the state. While close to the shores, you are more likely to find smaller fish, further out you can find bigger fish like tuna and sailfish.  

If it is sailfish that you are after in particular, then Stuart is the best place for that. Stuart is perhaps the most optimal place in the world to catch these majestic fish. Fortunately, plenty of local companies offer day trips specifically to help people search after them.  

South of Miami, the state’s most iconic city, is a grouping of islands called Islamorada. These six small islands of the Florida Keys are home to channels that play home to diverse marine life that experienced and novice anglers alike can cast out their lines for.  

Fishing in and around Miami: Is It Possible? 

Oftentimes we visit a country hoping to find everything in only one city. Those hopes and expectations rarely lead to positive results as it is not common for cities to be completely emblematic of everything their country, or in this case, their state, can offer.  

Miami, the undisputed king city of Florida, may not be the state’s capital. However, it is the cultural capital and the state’s largest tourism draw. Visitors hoping to see the glitz and glam of the city’s nightlife, eat at the best restaurants, and, of course, hit the famous beaches won’t be disappointed.  

With that said, is it also possible to experience Florida’s world-class fishing from Miami? Or is it necessary to head to calmer, less populous waters for the best chance of snagging a monster on the line? 

Fortunately, Miami is one of the best places for anglers to visit in the United States. Gigantic fish like tarpon populate the shallow waters in the summer months and further out to sea there is plenty of swordfish and even goliath groupers, which are some of the biggest fish in the world.  

The beauty about fishing in Miami, Florida is that you don’t even need to hire a big boat to get a line in the water. There are plenty of places, like Biscayne Bay, where you can fish from the shore, perhaps while enjoying a cold beverage in the warm sun.  

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