Small Lifestyle Changes to Consider To Make Your Life Greener 

Friday 19th Nov 2021 |

Nowadays, we’re much more aware of the rapidly changing situation of our planet, and we’re educated more on the causes and how to prevent them. Daily, we all try our best to minimise the impact of our carbon footprint, whether this is by commuting to work via bike or reducing our energy usage at home.

No matter how tiny, we’ve all implemented lifestyle changes to our daily living to try and preserve our planet and make the world a better place for future generations. Although, for some of us, this may not be enough, and you might be thinking, what else can I do? In this article, we’ve made a list of small lifestyle changes that you could consider implementing should you wish to make your life greener from your home, food, and car. 

Make Your Life Greener  – Consider Changing Your Vehicle  

Another small lifestyle change to consider if you’re looking to become more eco-conscious is changing your vehicle. If you haven’t already made the switch, an electric car is superior to most when it comes to its ecological impact. As well as boasting aesthetic features, electric cars are not only stylish but affordable too. Unlike petrol and diesel engines, paying for fuel is redundant. Plus, an electric motor is built-up of smaller parts, unlike traditional engines, so the likelihood of you having to take it for repairs minimises, saving you future garage and running costs while dramatically reducing your carbon footprint. Take this quiz to see if you’d benefit from making the switch to electric today! 

Make Your Life Greener  – Focus on Your Food 

 Become greener by making a few small changes to where you source your produce from, how you dispose of the waste, and picking your own if at all possible. Start by attempting to shop less and often, opposed to buying a massive weekly shop, and instead of going to a supermarket, buy your produce locally. We also recommend meal planning for the week ahead before you go shopping, as this will reduce any unnecessary purchases. Next, consider how you dispose of your food. Could you implement composting? Or freeze any of your leftovers for another meal? Considering any of these suggestions will help you cut down on the wastage from your kitchen and help you to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Make Your Life Greener  – Strive To Never Buy New 

 When it comes to making your home more ecologically friendly, always strive never to buy new when faced with making a purchase. Instead of rushing out to furniture shops when your sofa starts looking like it’s seen better days, look on online marketplaces like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. You might find something suitable for half the price it would have been had you purchased it brand new. Failing this, you could have a look in your local charity shop or attend local auction houses. You might find a second-hand item that’s perfect the way it is, or you can think creatively and put new life into old furniture by upcycling it. 

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