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And just like that, 2024 is here; and with it comes a brand-new rundown of the beauty trends that will change the way we care for our skin for good.  Chosen by organic beauty favourites Green People, these are the trends to tick off your list, from superhero ceramides to fabulously fermented skincare.

For nearly 30 years, Green People have been at the forefront of organic beauty.  Brand founder Charlotte Vøhtz has been instrumental in the fight for genuine organic standards in the industry, long before it became a buzzword, having first started developing products in 1997 to tackle her daughter’s skin allergies and eczema.  In 1999, Charlotte was invited to join the Soil Association Committee that would write the first standards for organic health and beauty.  Unsurprisingly, Green People was the very first beauty brand in the world to be certified organic in 2002 and now counts over 100 certified organic products in their range.

Beauty trends

Did you know that so-called ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ cosmetics could contain over 99% man-made chemicals? As there is no legal definition, there is nothing stopping brands from claiming their products are natural or organic, even if only a tiny percentage of the ingredients are sourced organically.  With savvy shoppers looking for proof that their products are as pure as they claim, the brand predicts certifications will be even more important in 2024.  To make it even easier to spot what’s organic and what’s not, Green People’s fresh formulations hold COSMOS SA organic certification, an international standard that guarantees products are as responsible, natural and respectful to biodiversity as they claim.

SHOP THE TRENDGentle Cleanse & Make-Up Remover – £27.00 (150ml).

A natural skincare staple for over 25 years, Green People’s pioneering organic cream cleanser is an everyday essential for fresh, clean complexions and is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. Enhanced with prebiotics, the brand’s new and improved formula is now certified COSMOS Organic so you can be sure this cream cleanser is as kind to your skin as it promises.


While fermented foods have long been proven to support gut health, 2024 is the year that fermented skincare will have its moment in the spotlight. A futuristic example of science and nature in balance, these skincare formulas use ingredients fermented by microorganisms. The fermentation process reduces their molecular size and makes it easier to absorb into the skin. 

SHOP THE TREND: Fruitful Nights Night Cream – £25.50 (50ml)

Wake to brighter skin with Fruitful Nights Night Cream. Formulated to restore radiance whilst you rest, moisturising Bacillus Ferment Postbiotics support a stronger skin barrier by increasing skin hydration by 26% in just 1 hour while Inulin Prebiotics promote a healthy and balanced skin microbiome.


As the outermost part of our skin, the function of our skin barrier is to keep moisture in and irritants out. Unfortunately, it’s extremely vulnerable to damage from the likes of hard water, pollutants, detergents and skin-drying ingredients such as ethanol and harsh surfactants. When it becomes damaged and imbalanced, we can experience symptoms such as dryness, eczema, redness and irritation. 

SHOP THE TRENDScent Free 24 Hour Cream – £25.50 (50ml) 

A hero product for sensitive skin, this unscented moisturiser cares naturally for your skin every hour of the day. Completely scent-free, it absorbs with ease to gently soothe away redness and irritation that can occur when our skin barrier is damaged. Ideal for when skin is in a state of stress, it contains protective Prebiotics and moisture-binding Cacay Oil to calm and nurture.


The secret to younger skin? It might just be as simple as applying an SPF every day, regardless of whether the sun shines or not. A study by Australian researchers has shown that a daily application of SPF significantly reduces wrinkles and visible signs of ageing. The four-and-a-half-year study of over 900 people found that adults up to the age of 55 who were instructed to wear sun lotion daily, had 24% less skin ageing compared to those who applied it whenever they chose.

SHOP THE TRENDAge Defy+ Daily SPF30 Moisturiser – £45.00 (30ml)

A facial SPF that keeps skin fresh, firm and effectively protected against the visible signs of sun-induced skin ageing. SPF30 sun filters defend against sun rays while natural antioxidants neutralise free radical activity and help to protect skin cells from premature ageing.

Beauty trends

Human skin is a host to all sorts of microorganisms. Easily accessible and rich in lubricating oils, it’s a feeding and breeding ground for good and bad forms of bacteria and fungi which make up your skin’s microbiome. If it’s imbalanced, we can experience the side effects of too much bad bacteria, such as breakouts and body odour. Along with diet and lifestyle, the strength of your skin barrier and immune system plays a part in keeping bad bacteria suppressed and help good skin flora to flourish.

SHOP THE TRENDScent Free Facial SPF15 Sun Cream – £27.50 (50ml)

A best buy for helping to balance your skin’s natural flora, this prebiotic-enriched facial SPF is designed to soothe, balance and protect sensitive skin. Prebiotics and Jojoba work in tandem to balance the skin’s microbiome, while SPF15 sun filters provide effective broad-spectrum protection.


Industry forecasters have predicted that hormonal-focused skincare will be a top trend in 2024. This essentially means products that support your skin’s needs as they change with hormonal shifts, be that related to your cycle, pregnancy or menopause.  During perimenopause the level of oestrogen that the body produces declines. This hormone change affects both physical and mental health and can also disturb the balance of the skin. Along with itchy, flushed skin, many women also experience perimenopausal acne, especially on and around the chin. While hormone changes may be out of your control, choosing the right products may help to alleviate their effect on your skin.

SHOP THE TREND: Age Defy+ Purifying Balancing Oil Serum – £31.00 (10ml) 

The anti-blemish drops of Age Defy+ Purifying Balancing Oil Serum allow you to personalise your perimenopausal skincare routine to meet your skin’s ever-changing needs. Simply apply a drop neat to spots or blemishes, or mix with your moisturiser to apply to all of your face. It features Jojoba Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil, an ingredient that’s known to fight blemishes, clogged pores and inflammation, while Ginger Stem Cells are included for their mattifying properties.


There has been a 576% increase in global searches for ‘ceramide serum’ in the past five years, and 2024 is set to see the trend skyrocket even further. Ceramides are naturally present in the top layers of our skin and help to seal in hydration. A lack of ceramides can lead to dehydration which puts your skin at risk of irritation and discomfort. Ceramide levels decrease with age, meaning water can be easily lost from the skin’s surface, leading to more cracks, skin dehydration and discomfort.

SHOP THE TREND: Nordic Roots Truffle Night Cream – £32.00 (50ml)

This luxurious, natural ceramide moisturiser features Northern Truffle, a remarkable active found in Finnish forests, which has been clinically tested and shown to inhibit receptors in the skin responsible for inflammation, irritation, and pain. It enhances the tolerance to the many stresses that skin can encounter daily, including heat stress, pollution and irritants.

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