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Thursday 18th Jan 2024 |

Manage your hair in between workouts with hairdresser approved FUL haircare

For those who lead an active lifestyle, managing hair in between workouts can be a challenge.  Elevate your haircare routine with FUL Purifying Shampoo and Charcoal Hair Mask, the ultimate power duo for effortless hair management between workouts.  Designed to keep hair fresh and healthy, these activated charcoal-based products will take your post workout haircare routine to the next level.

Expert stylist at Live True London, Stèphane Ferraira, explains why working activated charcoal into your hair routine is a must, especially if you’re a regular gym-goer: “Just like the skin on the rest of our body, our scalp is regularly fighting off external aggressors from UV rays and pollution, to dust, dirt and excess oil which can impact the hair follicles, leaving hair dry and brittle.”

“Introducing a weekly treatment with Activated Charcoal, such as FUL’s Charcoal Hair Mask, helps to naturally exfoliate the scalp, penetrate the hair and remove excess dirt, ensuring your hair feels thorough cleansed. As Activated Charcoal has deep cleansing properties, it’s important to strike the balance by re-hydrating the hair which is why it’s best to get a multi-purpose treatment with conditioning agents like Glycerine that can help soften the hair cuticle in tandem” explains Stèphane.

FUL Purifying Shampoo – £22.00 (250ml)

A game changer for fitness aficionados on the go.  Packed with the purifying power of activated charcoal, this shampoo is formulated to tackle the build-up of oil, dirt, sweat and styling products that often accompany intense workout sessions.  The activated charcoal works to detoxify your hair, providing a thorough cleanse while maintaining a delicate balance.


How this works:

  • Activated Charcoal helps to remove product build up, excess oil and daily pollutants
  • Panthenol helps to add shine and softness back into hair
  • Glycerin helps to nourish and condition the hair for soft, smooth locks
  • Vitamin E supports the balance of oil production and adds shine

FUL Charcoal Hair Mask – £32.00 (300ml)

A luxurious hair mask designed to be used as a weekly treatment to condition your hair and extend the life of your washes between workouts.  The activated charcoal in the mask continues its detoxifying mission, leaving hair feeling cleansed, healthy and refreshed and ready for your next work out.

FUL Hair

How this works:

  • Deep cleansing properties of Activated Charcoal remove excess oil and pollutants
  • Formulated with Phytolastin Yeast Extract to add a layer of defence against environmental damage
  • Glycerine moisturises and nourishes the scalp and hair, making it soft and smooth

Ideal for all hair types including coloured or damaged hair.

Available at www.fullondon.com and Boots

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