Prep your beauty and skin regime for Christmas

Prep your beauty and skin regime for Christmas

Wednesday 03rd Nov 2021 |

Countdown to the festive season is here, which means one thing… it’s time to get ready to primp, pluck and pucker up for the Christmas party – and this year it’s two years’ coming!

Depending on when your big end of year festive blow-out is planned, it’s worth starting your beauty prep as early as possible, especially if you want to look the belle of the ball.

It’s all about the timing. A few ‘tweakments’ or treatments can do wonders for your skin and confidence ahead of a hectic festive party period – and eating one too many nibbles and all those glasses of fizz. To help you look and feel a million dollars over the festivities, we’ve enlisted aesthetics’ expert, Dr Gurnam Virdi to share his tips on how you can look like an angel when you hit the party circuit.

Prep your beauty and skin regime for Christmas – Eight weeks to go:

With eight weeks to go, it’s not only about getting your face ready for everything festive but your body too. There’s a whole host of treatments out there to help make you feel more body confident – so which ones need booking?

If you fancy getting your pins out with pride, come the Christmas do, then Microsclerotherapy might be needed if you’re a sufferer of veins on your legs. It’s a very common issue, with 20–25% of women and 10–15% of men over the age of 15 years being sufferers, especially for those who stand for long durations as part of their job.

Microsclerotherapy is a well-established method for treating leg veins (either varicose or spider) by injection. Tiny needles are used to inject into the thread veins. After treatment, stockings need to be worn day and night for three days and during the day for a full week. Prices start from £250 per treatment and can be found in skin or aesthetics clinic across the country.

By now you must have heard of CBD – it’s been a wellbeing trend for some time. People take CBD for all sorts of reasons, but one it’s most known for is sleep and anxiety. If you want to look more radiant – sleep is essential. Also, stress and anxiety are proven to age you. Well Lab is the new kid on the CBD block and does it slightly differently as its oils have specific combinations of CBD with terpenes and cannabinoids found both in the cannabis plant and other plants. It also has other herbal extracts in its products too, such as turmeric and myrcene. Each of the products comes with a spray and pipette dropper too – making it the perfect fit in any handbag and allows for simple and easy dosing on the go. Prices start from £39.99.

Another way to make sure you glow-up this December is to literally drink yourself healthy! One of the best supplements for youthful skin is the Rejuvenated collagen shots. Packed with marine extract collagen, antioxidant acai berry, hyaluronic acid and vitamins B and C. Drink every day for plump, sprightly skin. Not only does it reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but it can strengthen hair and nails too! It has visible and clinically proven results. Pick up at pack online at Serenity (£43.95 and password is SERENITY)

When it comes to your face, eight weeks out to any event gives time to get your routine spic and span and your skin glowing. Getting a routine nailed down with decent skin care and a few facial treatments thrown in, will work wonders. You will go through at least one skin cycle, giving you and your face the utmost chance of looking its best.

One of the hottest autumn skin treatments promising to give skin a new lease of life is Skin Hydrators. A cosmetic treatment designed to deliver deep-skin hydration.

Less permanent than other types of injection-based treatments, Skin Hydrators do as they say on the tin, hydrate the skin from the inside out, giving the skin a fresher, smoother appearance. At this eight-week stage this is when you need to have your first treatment – followed by a further one four weeks later and one two weeks before your event.

If you’re open to ‘tweakments’ then it’s also prime time to get your deeper dermal fillers underway. Ironing out any wrinkles and fine lines now will make your skin look refreshed come party time. There’s a new dermal filler available that experts and patients alike are raving about due to its ingenious make-up and lack of nasties, it’s cleverly called UTH.

This year it’s also on trend to not just stick to your face when it comes to non-surgical injection-based treatments. Experts are seeing a real rise in individuals also focusing on their necks, as it can be a real age giveaway area. You can get dermal filler and or Botox in and around your neck to help with signs of ageing. You can also opt for a lighter injection-based treatment with the previously mentioned Skin Hydrators – working equally as well on the decolletage.

Dermal filler treatments start from about £250 per area and it’s advised you always do you research when looking for an aesthetics practitioner. Seeking someone who is medically trained and has a wealth of experience in that specific treatment is best and is preferably a member of an organisation such as ACE Group, JCCP, BACN or BCAM.

Prep your beauty and skin regime for Christmas – Six weeks:

Your skin is going to take one for the team as you indulge in drinking and eating too much and slacking on sleep. To help prepare your skin and delay the effects of dark circles and dullness it’s a perfect time to now book in some skin peels.

There’s many a beautiful thing about peels: They can essentially address any and every complexion concern. Stressing over spots? A peel can help even your skin tone. Worried about wrinkles? Some peels have anti-aging benefits. Waging a battle against blemishes? Clear up pimples with a peel. Peels can sound aggressive but if you’re in the right hands they can perform miracles. Prices normally start around £60 per treatment, with a course often the best option. Your clinician can guide you to which one is best for your skin type and issues.

If you don’t have the cash to go to a professional, then there are many at-home options. It’s also a really good time to focus on your eyes. The under-eye area can lose volume, become hollow and the skin can become thinner as we get older, making the face appear drawn, tired and gaunt. As well as this, some will develop bags and discolouration under the eye too, adding to the aged appearance. If you feel you constantly look tired – then tear trough treatments with dermal filler can work wonders. Tear trough treatments do come with a higher risk factor and is more of a speciality treatment for a practitioner – but it can give dramatic results. Prices start from £350 and again picking an experienced and accredited aesthetics expert is a must.

Hair colour and cut: This needs to be booked ASAP as hairdressers become harder to get into the closer you get to Christmas. Also, when you’re in the chair ask about curling techniques, an updo and any tips on preventing a greasy situ post night out. Hairdressers are a font of hair knowledge above and beyond hair dye and cuts.

Prep your beauty and skin regime for Christmas – Four weeks:

I think you’d be hard pushed to find anyone that hasn’t heard of Botox and it’s wonderous abilities to erase wrinkles over time. A month to go is the best time to be Botox’ed as it takes about two weeks to see the full effect of undergoing this treatment. Botox can be used in multiple areas of the face and neck to achieve a younger-looking smoother complexion. Treatment costs can vary from about £250 – £350 depending on the clinic and the area being treated.

If you want to have a fuller lip ahead of puckering up under the mistletoe this year, then again, a month to go is a great time to undergo lip augmentation treatment. Don’t worry the trend right now when it comes to lips is swaying away from ‘trout pout’ and leaning more towards ‘au natural’ – and any specialist worth their salt won’t over-do the volume. Having your lips filled with dermal filler does comes with risks attached and needs to be a considered purchase, as well as time given to picking the perfect pout practitioner. Costs start from around £250 and swelling / bruising is a common occurrence for a few days post treatment.

Lastly, another age giveaway area can be your hands. Hands are exposed to the elements; we wash them more than any other part of the body and they are often neglected when it comes to skincare and procedures. The aesthetics industry has seen a rise in people opting to use dermal filler to turn back the hands of time, quite literally! Treating the hands is no different to any other area of the face when it comes to dermal filler. Four weeks out gives enough time for any temporary swelling to subside. Prices start from around £250 per hand.

Prep your beauty and skin regime for Christmas – Two weeks:

With only fourteen days until the big bash, it’s time to turn to superficial treatments such as skin polishes, HydraFacial’s and teaching yourself some at-home facial massage techniques.

Skin polishes do what they say on the tin, they polish your skin to leave it glowing. There’s a plethora of options, if you’re unsure head into your nearest skin or beauty clinic and they will often offer a free skin consultation to get you kitted out with the right skin care for you. Prices start at around £30 for a product with some punch.

HydraFacial’s are again an in-salon treatment. It’s one of the most powerful, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments on offer. It combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection. Prices start from around £90 per treatment. Most skin clinics offer this treatment, your skin with thank you for this investment.

You’ll not be able to scroll on Instagram these days without a Reel appearing of someone giving their face a massage. It’s a rising trend and there’s good reason why. Whether you are wanting to do it to promote healthy skin, to relax and unwind, or to treat a specific condition massaging away can reduce puffiness, achieve a brighter skin tone and help prevent wrinkles – it’s being coined ‘the free natural face lift’.

Prep your beauty and skin regime for Christmas – Week of the party:

It’s only seven sleeps to go. So, now is the time to get the last-minute prep done so you’re sure to be the belle of the ball.

Being smooth is always a winner when it comes to party season. Most people feel their best when their areas are in order, waxing offers the best long-term solution (unless you’ve already had laser or IPL) If you think about it now you can get your hairs the right length and then enjoy the two to three weeks of smoothness until the New Year. Prices vary and most local beauticians offers a whole array of waxing services.

Eyebrow tint and shape. Whether you prefer to thread, wax or pluck your brows, tackle those tricky little hairs a few days before to ensure any redness or sensitivity is well and truly gone. Combine it with a tint to define the shape even more, and you’ll find you need less brow product to fill them. Ever tried a HD Brow treatment? If not, why not?! Get you brows on point with this seven-step treatment that won’t break the bank.

Everyone around this time has lost all hope of retaining any summer bronze. So, a spray tan is a must. Party season always calls for a good old bronzing. Even if you can only see an inch of each calf in your Christmas party dress, the long-lasting glow it will add to your face will hide the signs of hangovers to come. Book in two days before a big event, so you can go after work, marinate overnight, and shower it off in the morning. It will only set you back around £30 and is well worth donning the comical throw-away paper thong.

Last but not least, a manicure and pedicure are needed. Coat your nails in long-lasting colour with a gel mani at home or treat yourself to a pamper and book into a salon. If you make this the last bit of your prep, you should be able to get through the season chip-free until the New Year. Manicures cost around £25- £30 depending on the level of pampering you choose.

Curious on the differences between a hard gel manicure vs. acrylic? Each type of nail overlay has its pros and cons. 

Prep your beauty and skin regime for Christmas – Party time:

You’ve finally made it, with all your pampering, tweaking and beautification you’ve arrived at the big night. Here’s just a few top tips to ensure the night, and the morning after are a success:

  • A handbag-size pair of flats – for when the heels just have to come off
  • Deodorant and/or perfume – for a day-to-night refresh – or if your moves make you sweat
  • A red lipstick – for last minute party invites under the mistletoe
  • Makeup remover – in case you don’t make it home


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