Personalised Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Cherish

Saturday 16th Oct 2021 |

Grandparents deserve to receive gifts that express and convey just how much they are loved, valued, and appreciated by their family. If you’re a parent to their precious grandchildren, and are shopping for a special gift on your kids’ behalf, it can be daunting trying to find the perfect present to get the message across.

But, if you shop around you’ll easily find a great selection of gift ideas that include decorative personalised photo calendars in a chic modern design, romantic glassware, and practical everyday use items.

Whether you’re buying grandparents a gift for Christmas, an anniversary or their birthdays, show grandparents how much you care by spoiling them.

Gifts That Keeps On Giving

Grandparents typically provided the invaluable backup support that all parents need when they’re growing a family. Doting grandparents love nothing more than spending time with your offspring, and cherishing the bond that builds special memories. It’s therefore a lovely idea to gift them personalised photo calendars every year.

Rectangular wall mounted and desk top square calendars, that are decorated with a selection of your favourite and most stunning photos of the grandchildren, will definitely warm the cockles of their hearts. They’ll be delighted to gaze at the photographic memories you have captured and preserved, every day. You can feature a single photograph per month, or include multiple prints of happy children getting up to mischief. You can also choose the format and customise with dates and text.

As grandparents are the origins of your family and heritage, they may also appreciate the gift of an Ancestry DNA genetic testing kit that allows them to trace the roots of your family tree.

Practical Gifts For Everyday Use

Many people love to buy gifts that are versatile and practical because they feel that the recipient will get real value for the money spent. If everyday use practical gifts are your thing, treat the grandparents to beautiful personalised photo upload and message mugs. You can feature the best photo of grandchildren on one side of the mug, and a customised message on the reverse.

Complement your mug gift with a chic, glossy and scratchproof photo upload coaster to match. Grandparents will have plenty of opportunities to admire the fabulous photos of your clan and the treasured fond memories that decorate the mug and coaster, every time that they sit down to enjoy a brew.

Stylish Sentimental Gifts

If you love the idea of displaying an array of your favourite family photos in personalised photo calendars, but you prefer gifts that are a little more sentimental and traditional, you can select a wall or desk photo frame to suit your taste.

An engraved photo collage frame is a great gift option for grandparents who have a large number of grandchildren. Choose a stylish and elegant photo frame in a tarnish resistant finish that is hand polished, and complements all styles of interior décor.  The multiple apertures allow you to select and arrange an assortment of your favourite snaps of your brood. To make the sentimental wall-mounted gift even more precious, you can have it laser engraved with a special message and/or date.

Alternatively, celebrate a special occasion like your grandparent’s golden wedding anniversary with a beautiful gift of a pair of fine lead-free crystal wine glasses. The happy couple can toast their loving family with high quality glasses that are filled with an excellent vintage wine or champagne. To make your gift stand out, choose stylish wine glasses that are embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystals and decorated with swirling engraving, and displayed in a satin lined presentation box.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

To get young children involved in the gift selection process for their grandparents, it’s a good idea to encourage them to make unique DIY gifts that are inexpensive. A loving grandparent will adore any gift that has been commissioned by you and handmade by their grandchildren.

Young children can show of their artistic skills by decorating homemade printed tea towels with colourful handprints, or making customised clay ornaments that can be hung on pretty ribbon and suspended from a branch of the Christmas tree. An art display, presented in a modern box style frame, with accompanying photo of the artist is another neat idea.

Older kids will have fun taking snaps of each other to display on a homemade picture sign of the family. The wooden pegs that hold the photos in place can be painted and decorated with cut out motifs for an artistic finish. Painted ceramics that are customised with the names of their grandparents, will also appeal to children who love to express their creativity.

Teenagers can get involved in a homemade gift project by sifting through your extensive collection photos of Christmases past, and picking out the best images to present in a special journal style photo album. Arrange the snaps on the pages of a large scrapbook, and write comments and anecdotes about each one. Leave a space for grandparents to record their favourite memories and to add their own words.

To complement the stylish personalised photo calendars that you have designed to gift as main Christmas presents from the grandchildren this year, you can also give grandma and grandpa an additional treat. It’s cheap and easy to make a variety of photo magnets that can be displayed on any metallic surface. Every time that the grandparents go to the fridge they’ll be greeted by the smiling faces of your offspring.

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