Peep Club; NEW Moisturising Portable Humidifier

Saturday 23rd Oct 2021 |

Keep your eyes hydrated with NEW Moisturising Portable Humidifier from Peep Club

The perfect addition to your bedside table, home office or back-to-work desk; the Peep Club bottle-shaped humidifier is designed to help keep your eyes hydrated whether they’re open or closed

Dry Eye Syndrome (which affects up to 80% of people) is exacerbated by office environments – and yes, this includes working from home. Air conditioning, central heating, hours spent staring at screens, pollution, all contribute to eyes feeling tired, dry, itchy, and strained. What’s more, as screen time means that you blink 8x less than normal, even children are starting to suffer from the condition.

To add to this, as tears work like your skin barrier, they are the most important means of defence for eyes against allergies, infections, and product sensitivity, so it’s important to keep eyes hydrated.

To combat the condition, this month marks the launch of the latest product from modern eyecare brand, Peep Club. Created by expert optometrists, the new Moisturising Portable Humidifier, has been designed to naturally re-establish a healthier eye environment to replace lost moisture in and around the eyes.The Moisturising Portable Humidifier also aids those who suffer with aqueous deficient dry eye, Sjögrens, or other autoimmune conditions which exacerbate eye dryness and struggle to find solutions.

Moisturising Portable Humidifier – How it works

As with all Peep Club products, the Moisturising Portable Humidifier has dual treatment and treat functions. The gentle mist works to replace moisture in the air around your bed or workspace. This helps eyes to stay hydrated in-between blinks and combats the drying conditions of modern homes and workplaces. Many of us also don’t fully close our eyes especially during sleep, waking up with that dry, gritty, itchy feeling, so the humidifier can help keep the exposed eye surface hydrated overnight. These benefits also extend to your skin, which will be better moisturised, plumped and glowing as a result.

Unlike bulky traditional humidifiers, the 300ml ultrasonic Moisturising Portable Humidifier is as light as a reusable water bottle to be easily moved and used wherever you need it. The discrete shape means you can keep it nearby even in an office setting plus it’s super quiet – the only giveaway is a soft whisper of mist.

Moisturising Portable Humidifier – How to use

Simply fill up the base with water (we recommend purified water if you can) and set it next to you wherever and whenever you find your eyes or skin are at their driest. With one click of the ‘on’ button and you’re all set. The portable humidifier can be charged and be used cable free for up to 12 hours of continuous use so that you can go a full day or night cable-free. The humidifier also has a handy nightlight that can be turned on or off as desired.

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