5 Tips for a Worry-Free Holiday Abroad 

Friday 22nd Oct 2021 |

After last holiday season when just about every airline, cruise ship and other mode of transportation was grounded due to an overwhelming surge of Covid-19, it is so exciting to be planning a holiday abroad this year. 

Whether you are going to visit family or you are simply looking forward to some time on the beaches of Majorca, you’ll want every moment to be stress-free and as enjoyable as humanly possible. Here are five tips to help you plan the most worry-free holiday abroad ever! 

Tips for a Worry-Free Holiday Abroad  – Check and Re-Check Travel Restrictions at Your Destination 

Many countries and modes of transportation are requiring Covid passports to prove you’ve been vaccinated but even that isn’t sufficient for some carriers and destinations. Some will also want to be assured that you are not covid-positive and will not be bringing the virus into their country. Before finalising your destination, check into how to get a covid test for travel at clinics like you would find on My Healthcare Clinic website. There you will find all the information you need on how to get a covid test for travel. The results can be in as quickly as just four hours but it is probably not wise that you get your test done too far in advance. It may no longer be valid.   

Tips for a Worry-Free Holiday Abroad  – Covid Transport Guidelines  

You will also want to thoroughly understand the guidelines in place on any public transport you intend to use. Some are only requiring those travel passports, also called digital certificates, and others are requiring a recent covid test. In any event, if you don’t want to be held up at some leg along the way, it is better to research the guidelines thoroughly prior to travelling. 

Tips for a Worry-Free Holiday Abroad  – Plan Your Itinerary Well in Advance 

Although cases are dropping enough so that many travel restrictions are being lifted, there may still be some hotspots to be aware of. Also, there may be some areas where you are not going to be comfortable visiting, so do plan your itinerary well in advance and also be ready to make changes if necessary. The whole idea is to have a worry-free holiday abroad and this is one of the ways you can be assured a safe time away. 

Tips for a Worry-Free Holiday Abroad  – Research Hospitals and Clinics  

This is also a good time to know where the local hospitals and clinics are in the event you or someone in your party is not feeling well. You can never be too safe and if you have any doubts at all, it is always best to get checked before continuing on with your holiday abroad. 

Tips for a Worry-Free Holiday Abroad  – Leave Details and Instructions with a Friend or Family Member 

What would happen if you did come in contact with someone who was covid positive and you were quarantined away from home? Do you have animals that will need tending for a longer period of time than you had planned? It is always best to leave detailed travel information with someone at home who can make any arrangements for animals and your property if you are away for longer than you would have been. 

This year you are finally able to get out and do the travelling you have been putting off. Take the time before embarking on your journey to ensure you’ve thought of everything that could cause a delay. With that said, the only thing left to say is Bon Voyage! 

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