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Our 10 Favourite Coffee Table Magazines to Add Aesthetic to Any Room 

Monday 04th Dec 2023 |

A well-curated coffee table magazine can do wonders for the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Not only do these magazines offer captivating content, but they also bring a touch of artistry and culture to your home decor.  

If you’re searching for coffee table magazines that effortlessly elevate your room’s ambience, check out the magazine collection available from Magalleria. The website is a treasure trove of stunning periodicals. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favourites, and each one can spice up a room. 

1. RUM

This Danish interior and design magazine showcases the best in contemporary interiors, architecture, and lifestyle. Its sleek aesthetic and compelling content make it a perfect addition to any modern living room. 

2. Lower Block

Lower Block is a photography zine that pays homage to the vibrant football culture, lifestyle, and community that spans the globe. It champions the values of authenticity, showcasing the genuine people and unbridled passion that fuels the beautiful game. 

3. Weird Walk

Weird Walk Magazine takes readers on a journey through the captivating landscapes of the British countryside. With a focus on the prehistoric, historical, folkloric, mythological, pagan, occult, artistic, and various other facets of Britain’s rich heritage, this enchanting fanzine-type publication serves a vital purpose—building a deep and knowledgeable bond with our natural surroundings. 

Coffee Table Magazines

4. Fare

If you have a passion for travel and food, Fare is a must-have. It takes you on a culinary journey around the world, offering a visual and gastronomic treat for your coffee table. 

5. London ’82

London ‘82 is a captivating collection of photographs drawn from the archives of renowned London photographer Sunil Gupta, dating back to the vibrant 1980s. During his time as a student at the Royal College of Art, Gupta was granted access to colour-negative processing facilities, which presented a unique opportunity to document the dynamic tapestry of contemporary gay life within the city. 

6. Lodestars Anthology

Lodestars Anthology is a travel publication that delves deep into specific destinations’ cultural and natural wonders. Its stunning photography and engaging narratives make it an ideal coffee table companion for wanderlust enthusiasts. 

7. Wrap

More than just a magazine, Wrap is a showcase of contemporary illustration and design. It’s a visual delight that adds a pop of colour and creativity to any space. 

8. Yolo

Yolo is an exquisite travel magazine, which is precisely what you’d expect from its Creative Director, Yolanda Edwards. She was previously associated with Condé Nast Traveler. With such a prestigious background, Edwards naturally draws some of the most illustrious figures in the travel industry to contribute to the magazine. 

9. Magneto Magazine

Centred predominantly on classic, high-performance, and luxurious automobiles, this magazine is crafted by individuals with experience in the automotive publishing arena. They possess an admirable depth of knowledge about engineering history, which is strikingly evident in their confident and well-informed approach. Yet, what truly sets this magazine apart is its propensity to explore the subject matter from various intriguing angles. 

10. Apartmento

Apartmento is an intimate look into the lives and spaces of creative individuals. It’s a celebration of art, design, and the spaces we inhabit, making it a perfect conversation piece for your living room. 

These coffee table magazines from Magalleria offer a diverse range of aesthetics and interests, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste and room decor. Whether you’re drawn to minimalist design, travel adventures, culinary delights, or thought-provoking content, these magazines not only adorn your coffee table but also enrich your living space with their unique charm and aesthetic appeal. So, go ahead and pick a few of your favourites to transform your room into a haven of art and culture.