Monochrome Kitchen

Guide to Monochrome Kitchen Design

Monday 04th Dec 2023 |

When it comes to interior design, it’s very difficult to go wrong with a monochrome colour palette. By employing shades of grey, you’ll eliminate the likelihood of a colour clash. You can often achieve striking results by leaning into one colour or another – but eliminating colour altogether can often be the boldest choice. 

It’s an aesthetic that’s achieved considerable popularity in recent times, as it exudes a timeless quality that’s easily achieved. In the kitchen, where black, white and grey tiles dominate, the look can be particularly striking and effective. So, how can we make it work in our kitchen?

Minimalist décor

The monochrome aesthetic is at its best when it’s simple and straightforward. Avoid overcrowding the space. Make sure that your decorations are well-chosen, and restrict yourself to just a few of them. You might look at open shelving to showcase what you’ve selected. 

When you go minimalist, the inherent beauty of the space has a better chance of shining through. If you’ve invested in a luxury fitted kitchen, this will surely be a very good thing!


It’s easy for a monochrome space to seem a little flat. If you aren’t going to provide much colour contrast, then you’ll have to resort to other measures. This means thinking about the value (the blackness or whiteness, in colour theory terms), as well as the sizes and shapes you’re working with.

Think about what you’d like the dominant shade to be, and then look to create contrasting layers. Light cabinets might match with black countertops, and vice-versa. Think about where you’d like the focus to be drawn. If you have lots of contrast in small space, then you’ll grab attention. If you have contrast everywhere, then the eye might not be able to settle, which will create a feeling of chaos.

Textures and materials

Your choice of textures will matter, too. Matte finishes can be used alongside glossy ones, helping to create visual interest. For example, you might have shining chrome taps sitting alongside a porcelain sink. Or, you might opt for treated timber worktops and a granite splashback. 

Statement lighting

Without the right lighting, your kitchen isn’t going to live up to its potential. Again, you’ll want a multitude of light sources, to help create visual interest, and fill the space. Modern downlights and under-counter and under-cabinet lights can all make a big difference. You might go for colder white bulbs, as these will help to accentuate the monochrome palette – but many homeowners prefer just a little bit of warmth.