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OCTOBER SLUMP: New survey reveals that October is the month Brits feel most sluggish

Tuesday 24th Oct 2023 |

A new survey reveals that Brits feel the most sluggish in October, with 84% losing their energy and get-up-and-go and one-third (33%) citing it always happens each October. 

Research* carried out by SCI-MX, the sports nutrition brand, pointed to dark nights, dark mornings and colder weather impacting energy levels, exercise focus and Brits generally feeling low in mood.  

It further revealed that 30% of Brits agreed that early morning gym sessions are the first thing to go in October, but to turn the tide, 38% did say group exercise is the way forward. 

Matt Durkin, exercise and nutrition expert, said: “These findings reveal how most Brits are feeling, I think we can all relate. As summer leaves us behind and autumn and winter arrive, bringing colder weather and dark, gloomier mornings – a noticeable shift in daily routine and health-conscious choices often occurs. 

“October marks the start of many things – including flu season, so, unsurprisingly, many of us want to remain indoors and slow our pace somewhat. However, even if you don’t feel like it, exercise at this time of the year really can help your mood, overall productivity and wellbeing.”

Among those surveyed, 29% also stated that they particularly felt a challenge with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in and across October. 

Matt continued: “As well as exercise helping with mood levels, diet and nutrition are key. Nutritional support is crucial for overall health, including mental health. Supplements can help fill the gaps in our nutrition, especially when sunlight exposure is limited.

“It’s essential for individuals to explore a comprehensive approach to managing SAD. Combining a balanced diet, regular exercise, ample exposure to natural light, and targeted supplementation can offer a powerful arsenal against its effects. 

“I was pleased to see that people recognised the positivity of coming together with friends, family, colleagues or even strangers to work out. Group exercise can really make a world of difference to how you feel but also ensure that you stick to turning up and getting those endorphins kicking in.”

The statistics from September also showed that nearly one in 10 Brits were turning to pre-workout products to give them a needed energy boost. 

“It’s no surprise that pre-workout products have a rise in sales at this time of year, and Brits are picking them up to reach their peak. All I would advise is checking the ingredients and making sure they contain no nasties and are not full of unnecessary sugar.”

Matt concluded: “As always, I advise consulting a healthcare professional before starting any new supplementation.”