NEW from Faace – the Mini Hero Mask Collection

Saturday 16th Oct 2021 |

The no BS, cult trio of ‘no sheet, sheet masks’ from Faace are now available in travel and purse friendly 30ml tubes.

Designed to be an exact replica of their chic, full size (100ml) counterparts, the minis have been created to provide a grab-and-go option, giving consumers the chance to try any of the hero masks for less than half the price (£10 each), whilst still getting all the bang for their buck with several applications in each tube.

 faaceTired Faace. AKA: parent faace, hungover faace, overworked faace, jetlag faace, break-up faace, don’t-know-why-I’m-not-sleeping faace)

Transform tired complexions into luminous, glossy and glowing. Caffeine to perks you up; aloe vera helps skin retain moisture; vegetable glycerin helps hydrate; vitamin C acts like a lightbulb under the skin to add radiance and fight off free radicals; lactic acid gently exfoliates; frankincense strengthens, and pomegranate and rosehip join forces to provide a helping natural vitamin A (retinol alternative) to keep skin springy. Must we go on?

Period Faace. AKA: PMT faace, stressed faace, blemish faace, dry faace, sad faace, flushed faace, greasy faace)

Get your glow back, step off the seesaw of temperamental hormonal skin and kick potential breakouts to the curb. Hyaluronic acid helps transform skin into a sponge, so it holds onto as much moisture as possible; green tea helps improve the appearance of sun damage; lavender helps balance hormonal skin and smells divine; zinc and clary tag team on the fight against breakouts while white willow provides a dose of salicin, a derivative of salicylic acid that helps minimize pore size and improve skin tone and texture. A potent blend, it can’t stop cramps, but it can help keep skin clean and clear.

Sweaty Faace. AKA: Fitness faace, greasy faace, climate faace, anxious faace, got-a deadline /meeting/job interview/date-I’m-panicking-about faace)

The perfect combo of actives to help you keep a sweaty face clear of blemishes and mattified, whilst still feeling super nourished. Argan oil is the Goldilocks of oils – not too heavy, not too light, but just right for all complexions thanks to its omega fatty acids and vitamin E compounds that moisturise, soothe and keep pores unclogged (the last thing you need when there are already toxins lingering); grapefruit loads the skin with vitamin C and antioxidants; bergamot is a stellar blemish fighter for sensitive skin that has a tendency to overreact with astringent ingredients; antioxidant- rich lavender fights the good fight against damaging external aggressors; galbanum tones, giving overworked skin that much needed refresh, while patchouli adds buoyancy. Essentially, it’s strength training for your skin.

£10 each (30ml), available from

All three minis are also available in a new Hero Mask Collection gift set

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