Modern Accessories For Stylish Women

Modern Accessories For Stylish Women

Tuesday 19th Oct 2021 |

Western style has changed fairly dramatically over the past year and has become a smorgasbord of different influences from across the world, as well as time. Inspired by multiple decades from the 50s to the 70s, and with a dash of the 90s and early 00s, fashion today has become almost a parody of the past.

It’s probably fairer to suggest that this is more of a homage than a parody, as people are really starting to rock their sweater vests, flares and low-rise jeans, once again.

As well as this wide array of eras influencing our garment choices, we are being bombarded by style ideas from the East, with places like South Korea inspiring many of our choices in fashion due to becoming a cultural powerhouse across the globe. We’ve listed some of the best accessory ideas for women today, to help you align with today’s trends so read on to find out some of the must haves of 2021. 

Modern Accessories For Stylish Women – Candy Coloured Bags

Handbags of all shapes and styles have become popular this year, but one that has particularly stood out for many is the enticing candy coloured handbag. While not overly new, this style has seen a revival for 2021 and has been combined with our recent love of pastel colours. These vibrant, solid colours are perfect for making a big statement and adding an eye-catching accessory to any outfit. For the autumn and winter period, consider bright and warm colours to match the roaring log-fires and fallen leaves of the colder months. 

Modern Accessories For Stylish Women – Totes And Net Bags

Bags like this started as a great replacement for supermarket carrier bags, in which many of us began utilising to help reduce our over-reliance on a wasteful and damaging product. This eco-friendly tool has become much more than that over the years and has found an undying place in our outfits. Casually slung over a shoulder, tote bags are still just as attractive as ever, and can come in an almost infinite number of styles and colours. One in particular that really stands out from the rest is the humble yet appealing fisherman net bag. In the shape of a tote, this simplistic bag harkens back to 70s Paris, in which locals would carry their groceries in an overtly nonchalant manner. Couple one of these bags with some of the other items for a truly calculated yet chaotic look.  

Modern Accessories For Stylish Women – Stylish Vaping Pens

E-cigarettes and vape kits have become incredibly common over the past decade, and many continue to use them for recreational purposes as well as socially and as a means to kick their smoking habits. For those that are dedicated to preserving their carefully planned style, there is no reason that your vape pen has to break away from that look. Instead, consider checking out Superior Vapour’s e-cig kits to find a stand-out piece to add to your wardrobe. Try to avoid the simple and basic styles, and instead choose a colourful, vibrant vape pen that can match some of your more extravagant pieces, and maybe think about getting a few different pens to choose from for a better chance of matching them to your outfits.  

Modern Accessories For Stylish Women – Power Platforms

For a stronger, independent look, we highly recommend stunning power platform shoes to help you make a huge statement. Platformed footwear have become incredibly popular for every season, especially with platform sandals in nearly every spring and summer collection. Whether you’re searching for some footwear for nights out or for a powerful shoe for the office, these power platforms very loudly proclaim your confidence. Straying far from the daintiness of a 4-inch stiletto with a delicately pointed toe delivers a relatively subtle message compared to the domineering visage of these platforms.  

Modern Accessories For Stylish Women – Gold Statement Piercings

No matter the piercing, it’s quite common for many of us to choose the subtle, more reserved metals and styles. However, fashion today dictates that there is no need for subtly anymore. Instead, try wowing people with some gold statement earrings or other piercings to really turn heads and impress. Hoops continue to remain popular choices when it comes to styles, and chunky, large hoops are a great way to let the world know you mean business. Combine this style with some mesmerising gold and you’ve got yourself a stand-out accessory for almost any occasion.  

Modern Accessories For Stylish Women – 70s Sunglasses

One of the iconic looks from the 70s is large-framed sunglasses that definitely look like they’re being worn to hide a hangover from an incredible night out. There are so many amazing shapes and sizes of these shades, so just take your pick. Coloured lenses combined with gorgeous, patterned frames make for some of the most iconic eyewear around. As well as this, why not try out a pair of sunglasses that boast extraordinary shapes to really showcase your new look. 

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