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miraDry™ – a Cure for Excessive Sweating

Sunday 19th Jul 2020 |

Summer is here, and those bothered by excessive sweating will once again be worried about how to cover it up, but there is now a permanent solution… 

Introducing miraDry™ the permanent solution to excessive sweating

Leading aesthetics practitioner Dr Rosh has seen a rise in demand for procedures to address sweating

miraDry™ produces immediate and lasting results in as little as one 60minute session

It combats hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating by reducing the glands responsible 

With over 600 hours of sunshine calculated by the Met office this spring, the nation has been getting hot under the collar and sweating its way through lockdown. Dr Rosh commented: ‘In this ‘lockdown living’ we can no longer ‘cover up’ the way we used to and people are seeking new alternatives to ease body discomfort.’ 

Although a natural bodily function for all, for the 3% of the UK population who suffer hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating it becomes an all-consuming worry thanks to the fear of wet patches and odour. 

Dr Rosh, an experienced GP, cardiologist and aesthetics practitioner, who has more than 15 years’ working in medicine and is owner of aesthetics clinic KLNIK, explained that he has seen a huge influx in the number of his patients enquiring about how to stop excessive sweating during lockdown.

Dr Rosh explained that the old-fashioned practice of regular Botox injections under the arms is now out of date, inefficient, costly and one that needs a top every 6 months. Instead he is now offering his patients a permanent solution, with a new thermolysis and electromagnetic procedure called miraDry™ which has immediate & lasting results and little downtime. It gets straight to the heart of the problem by destroying the sweat glands. 

Commenting on the efficacy of the treatment and the fact that this procedure could become part of a lifestyle change for many of his patients, Dr Rosh – who is the one of the leading UK practitioners offering the revolutionary treatment – commented:

‘miraDry™ isn’t just a treatment for sufferers of hyperhidrosis, but a treatment for anyone who wants to address their sweat. The quick and remarkable procedure has helped restore my patients’ confidence and improved their overall quality of life. There are benefits physically and psychologically. For some, any sweat is too much sweat, so why not target the issue once and for all? 

Most other procedures that aim to reduce excessive sweating such as Botox injections, sweat ablation and iontophoresis simply do not provide the long lasting benefits of miraDry™.’

How does it work?

miraDry™  treatment has a high patient satisfaction with a 90% all-time “Worth It” rating on RealSelf.com.

The sweat glands in the targeted areas of the body are destroyed, miraDry™ offering a permanent reduction of excess sweat

The technology used by the procedure is thermolysis (decomposition by heat) of the sweat glands.

miraDry™ is the first procedure to use electromagnetic energy, which has traditionally been used in other areas of medicine such as cardiology and urology

Before using miraDry™ the medical practitioner administers a local anaesthetic to the underarm area, then the handheld device delivers the energy across the underarm area, as part of a cycle.

The hand piece has four waveguide antennae and a unique vacuum system which raises the skin into the chamber as heat energy is released, causing the decomposition of the sweat glands.

The next cycle is then the cooling the area using the handpiece. This protects the epidermis and upper dermis from excess heating and also protects deeper than the sweat glands from heat due to the limited penetration depth of microwave energy.

The cooling cycle continues 20 seconds afterwards, preventing damage to the surface & tissue, providing a more comfortable experience for the patient and no downtime. 

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