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The Art of Jewelry: Unique Pieces and Exquisite Gems

Friday 10th Nov 2023 |

From types and styles to unique gems, learn all you need to know about the art of jewelry.

Jewelry is a lot more than just a way to add an extra layer to an outfit, it’s also a form of artistic expression, a way to show your taste and status, also can be used as a sign of love and can bring joy to people’s lives.

Not only that, but it can be incredibly versatile and use a ton of different materials to craft unique pieces, like Why Not Gems, where you can find diamonds combined with different gemstones and several other products.

Some jewelry pieces are simple yet elegant or timeless and classic, while many others are elaborate and more extravagant or trendy and modern. In today’s article, we are going to explore the art of jewelry, its history, styles, and different materials.

The history and evolution of jewelry design

Jewelry has a large and rich history that can be found across different regions, civilizations, and periods. Some of the earliest examples of jewelry come from Europe, more than 110,000 years ago, by the Neanderthal people. Since then, it has been spotted across several cultures, like Ancient Egypt, when people learned how to work with metals like gold and discovered how to cut and polish gemstones like diamonds.

Not only that, but jewelry has been influenced by various artistic movements and styles we can find throughout history, as well as religion, status, and political affiliation. From jewelry inspired by nature, mythology, and geometry found in Ancient Greece, to medieval Europe where jewelry was influenced by religion and gothic art.

The materials of jewelry-making

Making jewelry involves using a wide range of materials as well as different techniques to create different effects and results.

Some of the common materials and techniques of jewelry making are:


Metals are the most widely used materials in jewelry, mostly because of how malleable they are. They can be shaped into various sizes and different forms, also, metals can be alloyed with other metals to create different outcomes.

Some of the common metals used for making jewelry:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminum


Gemstones changed the jewelry game completely. From ancient times to modern days, people have been using different kinds of gemstones to craft unique pieces of art. While they can vary in rarity, colors, and price, most of them are polished or cut into a particular form to create beautiful and colorful jewelry.

Some of the common gemstones used for making jewelry are:

  • Diamond: Diamonds are one of the hardest and most brilliant gemstones, they have been popular and a staple sign of wealth for a long time now. You can find them in various colors, and nowadays, diamonds are even growing in labs. Diamonds are the most popular and valuable gemstones for making fine jewelry.
  • Rubies: Sometimes, rubies tend to be one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones for making fine jewelry. They can range in different colors, from light red, and pink to blood-red, and have been used across history as valuable items.
  • Emeralds: Emeralds are green gemstones and can vary from light to dark green, they are one of the most fragile and delicate gemstones for making accessories, and they have been used for ages.