MasterChef’s Anurag Aggarwal Hosts Supper Club at Yaatra

Tuesday 16th Jan 2024 |

Westminster’s celebrated modern Indian restaurant, Yaatra, announces an exclusive “Foodie Supper Club,” featuring MasterChef UK 2023 Finalist Anurag Aggarwal. Joining forces with Yaatra’s Executive Chef Amit Bagyal, this one-off event on Thursday 8th February, will offer an intimate exploration of the chefs’ culinary stories. 

Guests will be treated to a specially crafted seven-course tasting menu, each dish reflecting the chefs’ innovative spirit and the journeys that have shaped them. Priced at £95 per person, the menu promises to be a vibrant showcase of their combined culinary expertise. 

Ring The Bell

The evening will start with Yaatra’s signature cocktail, the Fire Station “Ring the Bell,” accompanied by a selection of canapés. The menu features exquisitely prepared dishes such as pan-fried lobster on a soft semolina cake, aromatic spiced chicken dum, perfectly cooked Herwick lamb rump and an indulgent chocolate banana bread with salted caramel, amongst others. 

A thoughtfully curated vegetarian menu will also be available, with standout dishes like roasted cauliflower, jackfruit dum, and smoky tandoori grilled aubergine bharta, ensuring a full spectrum of tastes for all preferences. Both dining options will be accompanied by sides of richly flavoured black smoked dal and garlic naan. 

A specially designed vegetarian menu will also be available with roasted cauliflower, jackfruit dum, and tandoori grilled aubergine bharta, ensuring a memorable experience for all diners.  Both menus will be complemented by sides of smoked black dal and aromatic garlic naan for the table. 

Chef Amit is acclaimed for his innovative approach to modern Indian cuisine, drawing inspiration from his extensive travels across India’s diverse landscapes. His commitment to using premium ingredients has established Yaatra as a coveted dining destination in the heart of London. Chef Anurag, fresh from his MasterChef UK 2023 journey, brings an infusion of bold and lively flavours to the table. 

Yaatra Cuisine

Chef Amit says: “This collaboration with Anurag is a celebration of our combined culinary heritage. We’re excited to present a menu that intertwines Anurag’s fresh perspective from his MasterChef UK journey with my passion for India’s, rich, yet unexplored, culinary landscapes.” 

Chef Anurag says: “Being a MasterChef UK 2023 finalist has been an incredible chapter in my culinary story. I am thrilled to bring this experience to the guests at Yaatra, where every course is a page turned in the book of my food journey.” 

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