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Crosstown releases four special dough bite flavours for Valentine’s Day

The season of love has arrived at Crosstown Bakery, with the creation of four limited edition dough bite flavours for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re not based in London, fear not, Crosstown have stores in Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Brighton and Bath, as well as delivery to your door across England, Wales, and lowland Scotland. Everything will be available between 8th and 14th February, with two of the new flavours available exclusively online. Vegan and alcohol-free options also available.


Lychee & Cinnamon (ve) – Crosstown’s signature sourdough, bursting with lychee and cinnamon compote, topped with delicate cinnamon glaze, finished with an entire freeze-dried lychee, peach blush rose petal and a dusting of silver glitter. Available in-store (£3.50 each) and online.

Passion Fruit & Chocolate (ve) – Crafted with vegan cocoa sourdough, filled with a passion fruit and dark chocolate custard, dipped in a passion fruit, caramel, and dark chocolate glaze, then hand-finished with a gold rose petal and sprinkle of gold lustre. Available in-store (£3.50 each) and online.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Ruby Chocolate & Cherry Liqueur – Black cocoa dough is filled with a velvety cherry HEERING liqueur custard, dipped into a ruby chocolate and cherry HEERING liqueur glaze, adorned with freeze-dried cherry pieces and red glitter.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Sauvignon Blanc & Strawberry – A Sauvignon Blanc and strawberry ganache fills this delicate dough, topped with a Sauvignon Blanc and strawberry glaze, complemented with a handmade vegan Sauvignon Blanc jelly, crowned with a red rose petal.

“Our Valentine’s Day offering is set to rival cupid this year” says Howard Ebison, Crosstown CEO. “We’ve curated the ultimate line-up of dough bite flavours, with romance-inspired ingredients and flavours. So, forget the chocolates and roses, and choose doughnuts instead.”

Dough Bite Boxes


Valentine’s 15-pack – A selection of 15 dough bites in three flavours: Ruby Chocolate & Cherry Liqueur, Passion Fruit & Chocolate (ve), and Sauvignon Blanc & Strawberry + the option of adding specialty drinks (from £42.45).

Vegan & alcohol-free Valentine’s 15-pack – A selection of 15 dough bites in two flavours: Chocolate & Passion Fruit and Lychee & Cinnamon + the option of adding specialty drinks (from £39.95).

Valentine’s three-pack – One each of the Ruby Chocolate & Cherry Liqueur, Passion Fruit & Chocolate (ve) and Sauvignon Blanc & Strawberry dough bite flavours + the option of adding specialty drinks (from £10.95).

Vegan & alcohol-free Valentine’s three-pack – A selection of three vegan and alcohol-free dough bite flavours: Chocolate & Passion Fruit and Lychee & Cinnamon + the option of adding specialty drinks (from £9.45).

Pre-order from 23January for delivery and collection between 8 and 14 February – visit

Crosstown Bakery

About Crosstown

Crosstown is a scratch bakery in London specialising in sourdough doughnuts, small batch ice cream, homemade cookies, extraordinary chocolate, and specialty coffee. The company was founded in 2014 by JP Then and Adam Wills, starting as a street food stall. Crosstown has since grown into an omni-channel retailer and currently has 26 sites across, a store in Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Bath, and Bristol, as well as online nationwide ordering, events, catering, and wholesale segments.  

In 2017 the brand launched a range of vegan sourdough doughnuts, made with alternative ingredients such as chia seeds, coconut butter and silken tofu, and were awarded Best Vegan Doughnuts by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in 2018 and ‘The Best Doughnuts’ by Vegans of London in 2019. A selection of vegan flavours is available at all Crosstown locations and online.  

In 2020, the brand extended their offering to include homemade cookies and ice cream. Crosstown Ice Cream is made in small batches, using traditional methods and the finest seasonal ingredients to develop real flavour and a smooth, silky finish. Each flavour can be paired with homemade toppings inspired by the brand’s award-winning doughnuts or served with dairy or oat milk for a refreshing shake.  

Since Crosstown’s inception, they’ve been conscious of their environmental impact, striving to find solutions to better their practices as the brand grows. They’re looking to make lasting positive contributions to the community and the environment, from sourcing sustainably sourced packaging, using seasonal ingredients, offering compostable recycling solutions in-store, developing vegan flavours, to introducing electric fleet of vans to fulfil their deliveries across Greater London.

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