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How to store your hair extensions if you don’t have a ‘hair room’ like Khloe Kardashian

Monday 15th Jun 2020 |

With hair and beauty salons closed since mid-March, many of us have had to embrace the au natural look. 

As we wait for them to reopen, use this time to look after your beauty essentials – in particular your hair extensions. The aftercare routine will play a vital role in the longevity of your hair extensions. 

That’s why Milk + Blush has shared its helpful tips on protecting your hair extensions, so they’re in top condition, ready for when lockdown is lifted.

Why do I need to store them properly?

It’s important to understand not only how to look after your hair extensions correctly but also why. Without knowing why you need to look after them properly, you’re more likely to fall into bad habits.

Storing them incorrectly can mean more work for you when you’re wanting to wear them. You’ll end up having to spend time washing and detangling them again; in a lot of cases, it can lead to them becoming unwearable.

Simply stuffing them away in the wrong place can lead to brittleness, breakages and potentially build-up of mould and nasty bacteria.

Hang them up

Using extension hangers can help hold the style if put away correctly and are particularly good for clip-in extensions. If you don’t have access to these, regular hangers with clamps are a good alternative. But, be wary of clamping down too hard on the delicate metal clips as this could loosen their grip.

Storage bags

Storing them in a breathable bag is another way to ensure the upkeep of your hair. It protects them from dust and dirt build up and also prevent frizzing. Before putting them in the bag, gently brush the hair to detangle any knots or twists without pulling on them.

Avoid vacuum sealing your extensions in place as it can cause clumping of the hair. It’s far better to use breathable mesh bags or a soft cotton material to wrap them in.

DIY storage

Protecting your extensions doesn’t mean you have to invest in a whole new set of hangers, bags and storage containers to keep them safe.

Lining the bottom of a draw with soft cotton materials, like a t-shirt for example and gently brushing and folding your extensions into ‘bundles’ should help protect their shape and keep them from damage.

If you don’t have a suitable area to store your hair, you can often keep them in the packaging they come in. The packaging Milk + Blush hair extensions are delivered in is a suitable option to store the hair when not in use. 

As long as the hair is stored neatly in the hair net provided, and the box is kept in a cool place out of direct sunlight, it will give the hair the added protection they need until they’re ready to be worn.

Whether you’re storing them in your draws or a separate box, try to keep that space reserved specifically for your extensions.

Salvaging old extensions

It’s happened to all of us. When a special occasion pops up and you reach for your extensions, only to find them looking matted, dry, and lifeless.

Before you look to the bin, there are many steps you can do to revive your unkempt extensions.

It’s possible to rejuvenate wefts and bring shine and life back to them. A gentle sulphate-free shampoo soak followed by an argan oil deep-condition can help regenerate a seemingly unusable set of extensions.

As you’re washing them, gently brush with a wide-toothed comb or a tangle teaser to help separate stubborn knots.

As the wefts are drying, give them a quick spritz of silicone leave-in conditioner. This just gives it that extra boost of moisture and helps lock in the nutrients.

When it’s dry you can then restyle – just make sure you treat it with a heat protectant before curling or straightening.

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